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Sakura Con 2012 Report (part 2)

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Fate/Zero screening of ep 15
Yes, Kariya, keep attacking with the same bugs, I'm sure the next hundred will work where the last thousand failed.

The aerial sequence is just one crowd moment after another. Macross missiles! ("OHHHHHH!") Gil making a hairpin turn! ("OHHHHHHH!") Exploding chaff! ("OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!") BERSERKER RIPPING THE MACHINE GUN FROM THE JET ("$&@E#*%^#&*!&$%^**#*&^#!!!!!!!!!!!111")

And then Sword of Promised Victory begins to play, and the crowd goes intensely silent. I can't really explain it in words, but you can feel this reverence pick up. While at first the animation looks a little silly because glowy lights start hovering around and my first thought was "Goku using Spirit Bomb?" all thoughts are pretty much countered by the other characters looking on as what is essentially the narrative in the novel says:

Waver: "You mean, it's that sword, from the legend...?"
Iri: "It is the coalescing dreams of mankind, the sorrowful and noble desires of warriors on every battlefield as they lay dying, praying their loyalty will be seen through. She carries this, pursuing that distant place, a promise that their prayers will be answered as she says it's true name--"


Light converges.


Then you get to see why Excaliblast parted the clouds in F/sn.

They had a short Q&A bit afterward, in which some of the questions were funny ("Who would win in a fight? Homura or Kiritsugu? They both are gun-toting time-manipulators..." "Weeeeelll, Homura is mostly self-taught, so Kiritsugu has her on weapons, so the main issue is how much Homura gets to practice...") and some brought up some interesting issues (like talk about how the F/sn VN isn't licensed and that ideally, they want Zero to bring in fans to the original material). Probably most importantly when it comes to the whole idea I know some people have around here: Iwakami, the producer, implied that this whole popularity boom of Zero does reignite interest in the original anime and that future projects may take that into consideration.

From that, it was down to the autographs area to get stuff signed. I had Ota and Urobuchi sign vol 6 of the novel, and had Iwakami sign my KnK box. We then split back up and I changed out of my Shirou, which was probably a good thing as the minute I took the wrappings off, my arm started to cramp up. I didn't think it was tight enough to cut off circulation, but apparently I was wrong. Met back up with gf, then went to the Kanon Wakeshima concert. We tried staying for Moi dix Mois, but after a single song we split because their lights included strobes out into the crowd that gave us a headache. Went to a late night panel with some voice actors either asking or being asked hilarious questions, then to Cosplay Chess to watch Zapp Brannigan act as King to a team against a Gilderoy Lockhart.

Zapp: (points to Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury) "Go get 'em, Ash Ketchum!"

Day three was mainly spent in the dealer's room, picking up last minute stuff and hanging around the Aniplex booth where they had the cosplayers from before. I apparently missed a Zero trivia contest that xDAx says I would have nailed every question to, but I was trying to get my roomies to wake up and check out of the hotel in an orderly fashion. Went to see the winners of the AMV contest, and that was pretty much it.

Crappy pictures of swag from my ghetto phone. I took pictures of the Fate cosplayers on Sunday with a real camera, but we haven't uploaded them yet.

The picture doesn't do it justice. This is just overly adorable. My favorite is actually the Sola-Ui looking at Lancer. She just looks so stupidly upset. Also Tokiomi pulling Kariya's hoodie is pretty funny.

LE Madoka vol 2, a few days before its official release.

Zero novels.

Double-sided carrying folder.

Can't see it very well, but Madoka stickers. Mami has Charlotte looping around her, Homura has the witch wings, Sayaka has a mermaid's tail, and Madokami.

And finally, wallscroll of I Could Stare At It For Hours.
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