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I finally finished a fucking song.

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I've been writing this thing for over nine months. I had it entirely thought out, but I couldn't for the fuck of me get a decent lead guitar tone. I finally got it working, and in the succeding 7 hours or so I finally finished it. Feels good.


  1. aldeayeah's Avatar
    Would like to hear the actual song!
  2. Snow's Avatar
    Congrats, would like to hear the song as well!
  3. Temflakes403's Avatar

    It's not mastered, so there may be some issues with volume, specifically it being too low. Not only that, if you don't like metal, you probably won't like it. Still, appreciate any and all listeners.
  4. aldeayeah's Avatar
    Really cool stuff! How many tracks of real instruments/synths are there in it?
  5. Temflakes403's Avatar
    I guess I elaborated a bit further on the other thread, but the rhythm guitars are double tracked, with each track consisting of 6 distortions. May or may not do 4 track in the future. The lead guitars are 4 tracked, 2 for each side, and just the single channel for these. Lead bass is single tracked, programmed, 6 tracks for it as well. Rhythm bass is double tracked, programmed as well, but I have to do some trickery to get it to work, just make one a few microseconds apart from the other as well as some saturation differences, then there are 2 channels for each track. Drums is a beast, but there's a single midi channel with like 7 different outputs or something. There are no synths at all, and that part at around 3 minutes was just a lot of effects usage. Chorus, phaser, delay, reverb, reverse delay, and just smart part stacking. Like, I think it was 6 or 7 different parts.