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Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump


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Hear me now: True perfection exists only in man’s distant dreams!
In one single moment, endless possibilities are cut off, the light of civilization has encountered an unforeseen "glitch".
The source? A kingdom of “Star-Gazers” on the “Water Bearer’s tropic”!
Fantastical probabilities born from wishful thought compete for survival, and like black holes,
they suck in and entangle all other choices with their immense “gravity”.
Meanwhile, the future bleeds into the present in attempt to correct this error.
Godspeed on your travels, should you find yourself sailing over this--

Horizon of Strange Stars

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Elysium Conspiracy Case File
The year is 1851, the Great Exhibition is open for all the world to marvel. However, in its shadow, a sinister conspiracy is at work.
And at its center, a race for the mysterious and illusive OOPArts.

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Heretical Sage's Garden
The Cold War of the 21st century rages over the wellspring of eternal youth.
Meanwhile, an aberration has tainted the great spirit river.

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March to the ■■■■■■■■ ■■■
Far away, in a river valley lush with nature exists a prosperous civilization. Life goes on and then in an instant, is snuffed. The once mighty kingdom vanished without a trace. Where did they go? What was the cause? Where the story ends, the riddle begins.

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Hollow Continent of Absolute Law
Once mankind reaches a state of perfect synarchy, only then will the paradise bellow emerge.

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Voyage of the ■■■■-■■■■ ■■■■■■■
An alliance of nations made up of seers and prophets gaze to the stars for an answer.
This is a land of eternal optimism blessed by the wandering giant where the road of fate is as clear to all as crystal.

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Remote ■■■■■■■■ of ■■■■■, in Four Parts
In a far off future, wander the desolate land cast in the shadow of ultimate lifeforms.

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First Myth of the ■■■ ■■■■■■
Let the burried tale of man kind's heritage echo once again on this garden we abandoned ages ago. Through hardships and into the stars!

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At ■■■■■■■■■'s End, the ■■■■-■■■■ Shines
In an abandoned age, forgotten by time, swords and shields clash
amidst a storm of nightmares in a world cherished by the moon.
The wandering hero stripped of his purpose holds the key to the puzzle.
The curtains rise on the Age of Swords and Sorcery!

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