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Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump

Spring-Heeled Jack? (Berzerker)+Some other Servants

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The plot for Singularity A, World Fair Romantic Cycle: Aquarius, is done, I'm so excited! I've got all the scenarios for the OOPArts figured out and the different servants and everything written down on a document. I'm working out the art and stuff everything, so here're are two servants who play sort of a big role in Aquarius and an extra one I added in on a whim

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A mysterious ghost supposedly haunting Hyde Park, more specifically the Crystal Palace where the World Fair is being held. Jack appears at night, stalking the grounds in a meticulous fashion as if scouting the perimeter. However, when Spring-Heeled Jack is approached, it will immediately abandon its "mission" and chase after the person with reckless abandon. It can breath flames and jump unnaturally high, much like the legends.
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A servant known only as Rider of New Hampshire. I'm kind of dissatisfied with this design, but it was the first servant I ever drew so I suppose it was a neat start. He just looks like a generic fancy Sailor with armored cloves.
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This one isn't really one that appears in Aquarius, but it's one I am a bit excited for too. This is Elric of Melniboné, the main character of Michael Moorcock's Stormbringer Series. He is the weilder of the cursed black blade, Storm Bringer. He's a high-servant, and Elric is technically not his base Saint Graph, but it does act as his main identity until his true identity is revealed. I tried to take a sort of Sci-Fi spin on Elric's regular appearance and inspired myself a bit from a blurry image of Ado Edem I studied because I thought his design was cool. I wanna redesign this one too, but it's not much of a priority right now since he won't make an appearance for a long while.

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I've seen some posts with larger images on this forum, but IDK how they do that. I keep having to resize the images which is kinda annoying. Apparently images can be taken from links too, so maybe that's how it's done? But I tried putting a Google Drive link and the [img] tag but nothing happens. Obviously, not all images have to be rlly big, but I've had to drastically resize the image of Elric.