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Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump

Character Expression Sheets

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To get the record straight, no I don't think I'm gonna turn this project into a full on Sprite Comic. That may be a bit too much for me right now. On the other end, I did make and do have the intention of adding a few pics in a similar style to add to the visual flair of the posts, that's for certain.
Here are some expression sheets for the main antagonists

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Name:	Faceset_Lou.png 
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Size:	151.2 KB 
ID:	14546
Lou Rgisgaia: Leader of the Elysium Secret Society, a secret society of radically idealistic, eccentric rogue mages from various places in the Association. Lou specifically is a member of the Wandering Sea whose magecraft specializes in divination. He has been spotted at numerous points in history and during several large scale incidents within the Association, observing and gathering date for some grand design.

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Name:	Faceset_Zazari.png 
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Size:	183.8 KB 
ID:	14547
Zazari Nahui: Elysium's enigmatic expert on Heroic Spirits and a dropout from the Clock Tower's department of Archaeology. He is known for getting into unecessary amounts of danger. Carries numerous dangerous ancient artifacts on his person, but technically has no idea what most of them do or rather he cannot distinguish between the various antiques he has anymore.

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Name:	Faceset_Cartwright.png 
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Size:	174.1 KB 
ID:	14548
"Carter Aldoa": A Time Traveler unaffiliated with Elysium. His time period of origin is unknown but he has a somewhat familiar feeling to him.

Progress Notes
The plot of Singularity A: Aquarius is almost done. The plot for Xanadu is slowly coming into my mind and I've got someone to bounce ideas off of too.The art and expression sheets are coming steadily and I've even got some Servant sheets too!

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