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Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump

World Fair Romantic Cycle, Aquarius [Servant Showcase]

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World Fair Romantic Cycle, Aquarius
Servant Showcase!

Arsene Lupin (Assassin)

Name: Arséne Lupin
Class: Assassin
Source: Arsène Lupin series
Region: France
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Master: Zippeway Casildi

Strength: D+
(Increased dramatically when in disguise)
Agility: B Luck: -
Endurance: C Mana: E Noble Phantasm: EX

Arsène Lupin, the famous gentleman thief who has never failed a robbery! But something about this version is not quite right. He was summoned by Zippeway Casildi upon arriving in Singularity A with the help of Zazari Nahui of the Elysium Society. The two modified Arsène's Saint Graph during summoning, merging him with the urban legend of Spring-Heeled Jack which was prominent at the time. This gave Arsène an increased affinity for creating complex gadgets and mechanisms for use in elaborate set pieces and heists, all to sell the Spring-Heeled Jack identity. This Arsène more embodies the romanticized concept of the master thief who beguiles the world with smoke and mirrors, cogs and gears. He still retains some of his honor and dignity, using calling cards and stealing more for the thrill, but there also lies a more ominously mischevious side from Spring-Heeled Jack's violent attacks and macabre disguise.

Personal Skills:
Ruthless Opportunist: A
Arsene has a keen eye for valuable items, golden opportunities, and an eccentric taste when it comes to what he wants to steal. He knows how to balance the worth of the object and its difficulty to steal.
Calling Card: C+
Arsène's infamous calling cards that he sends prior to performing a theft. "Once he's left his calling card, Arséne is sure to show up and steal the target". This idea has become synonymous with the calling card and normally some variant of it would act as Arséne's Noble Phantasm, allowing him to mark and steal objects that have been declared by said card. However, his tampered Saint Graph has reduced it to a regular personal skill and decreased its rank quite a bit. He can still use it to track down the location of anyone possessing a calling card or any location where one is present and even hear through it to an extent, but that's all. Arséne doesn't mind the added challenge to his stunts though.
Escape Artist: A
A skill that enhances Arsene's ability to observe his surroundings for escape routes and to a degree, his opponent's weaknesses. Though the latter usually only applies to weaknesses in his opponent's over all strategy or perception, rather than physical weaknesses or things that apply in direct fighting.

Noble Phantasm:
Phantom Thief's Master Plan
Curtain Call Macabre*

Rank: EX
Classification: Anti-Security
Range: 0~70
Max. Targets: N/A
A Noble Phantasm embodying not only Arsène's track record of successful thefts, but also the romanticized image of a genius criminal dazzling and beguiling his targets with complex gadgets and elaborate traps. This ability almost works like pulling off a powerful illusion, albeit through the use of complicated machinery. Arsène can summon invisible mechanisms from gears and pulleys to full on mechanical arms to aid in his thefts. These machines still give off a faint magical signature even when concealed that can be sensed by most average mages and Servants, but that doesn't take away from their effectiveness too much. A tool for the "perfect crime", it is capable of putting Arsène in control of the tightest situations and breaking even through any secure location where treasure could lurk. This Noble Phantasm also holds a secondary use of disguising Arsène in his Spring-Heeled Jack costume, which is itself an elaborate machine-made illusion of a fire-breathing demon, is it not?

Giacomo Casanova (Assassin)

Name: Giacomo Girolamo Casanova
Class: Assassin
Source: History
Region: Italy
Alignement: Chaotic Good
Master: Kadoc Zemlupus

Strength: D Agility: A Luck: A+
Endurance: D Mana: C Noble Phantasm: C++

Giacomo Casanova, an eccentric author who became famous for his autobiography, which brought one of the first authentic insights into the aristocracy of 18th Century Europe. A man of many talents who has experienced all that the world has to offer an much more. Author, artist, daring adventurer, and rumors say he has been involved of espionage as well. Of course, all these accounts are believed to be highly embellished, not that Casanova will ever reveal the truth. Still, his complicated and dramatic escapades have touched the heart of many, making Casanova a household name. He was summoned into Singularity A as a way of protecting the OOPArts and investigate the arrival of the time travelers. Upon meeting Chaldea, he formed a contract with Kadoc Zemlupus who was without a Servant at the time. The two seem to get along well, though maybe that's just Casanova's passing resemblance to one of Kadoc's former colleagues, Scandinavia Peperoncino. Casanova has taken to attempting to mentor and raise up the young man's confidence. This Casanova seems to embody a strange balance of the person he was in life and the person in his autobiography. Not entirely an ordinary but cultured person and also not some genius, daring adventurer, but somewhere in between: An reckless, eccentric and thrill seeker with a heart of gold with many competencies but no true talent in any. Essentially, a Jack of all Trades.

Personal Skills:
All Kinds of Specializations: D+
All of the adventures and escapades that Casanova has gotten himself has taught him a variety of skills and talents in many fields. Of course, there's the fact that his stories are believed to be heavily exagerrated. Still, his embellished feats and accomplishments have touched and inspired enough that he can still qualify for this skill, albeit at an incredibly low rank. Plus, there are far more rediculous truths out there, who can say for sure that Casanova isn't being completely honest?
Golden Rule (False): B
Although Casanova himself is not incredibly wealthy, he has many connections among Europe's elite and can easily call upon some help from friends should the situation call for it. Thus, you could say he shares the wealth and power of his allies. How romantic!
Haphazard Planning: A
Due to his curiosity and adventurous personality, Casanova will often get involved in complicated affairs and politics. Years of overcoming such trials have given him a knack for strategizing on the spot and improvisation.

Noble Phantasm:
Affair Shrouded in Mystery
Meurtre Mystérieux

Rank: C++
Classification: Anti-Person
Range: 1
Max. Targets: 1~3
A Noble Phantasm embodying the many adventures and intrigues that Casanova has involved himself with. From dramatic affairs of the heart to complex conspiracies and plots, all involving many people each with their own motives and levels of involvement. Such tales are abundant in Casanova's autobiography and when summoned in the Assassin class as a master of espionage, Casanova can use this concept to his advantage, dragging his targets into a chaotic conspiracy of moving parts and foiling their plans in the process. In the midst of the confusion, Casanova eliminates his target and quietly slips back into his role as the hapless eccentric, leaving behind a most mysterious murder case. This Noble Phantasm essentially drags his targets into an "exciting adventure" or a "complex affair" much like the ones experienced by Casanova himself. The difference here is that Casanova comes out unscathed. While he can target multiple people at once, realistically, there's only so many people Casanova can drag into his "messes" before he himself begins to lose track, making him easier to foil.

Edward Kelly (Caster)

Name: Edward Kelly (aka Edward Talbot)
Class: Caster
Source: History
Region: England
Alignement: Neutral
Master: None

Strength: D Agility: E Luck: A
Endurance: C Mana: B- Noble Phantasm: B+

Edward Kelly was an English alchemist and colleague of John Dee, the royal advisor and astronomer to Queen Elizabeth. Edward Kelly claimed to be able to speak to Angels and even shared his knowledge of the supposed Angelic language with John. Many believe Edward to have been a fraud both in his ability to speak to angels and his knowledge of alchemy and this has affected his Saint Graph on summoning, making his alchemy and magecraft dependent on his own confidence to work effectively. Due to his reputation as the "Charlatan Alchemist", revealing his true name can be a big blow to his abilities. He is summoned to Singularity A to help protect the OOPArts along side Casanova but promptly betrays him after learning of the Elysium Society's research.

Personal Skills:
Innocent Monster (Charlatan): D
Kelly's reputation as a "Charlatan Alchemist" clashes with his nature as an actual mage, causing the power of his skills to be affected by his own self-confidence at any given moment.
Language of the Gods (False): A
Edward claimed to have the ability to speak to angels in a language now known as Enochian. The actual veracity of this claim and the nature of Enochian as an actual Divine Language is debatable, thus this skill is considered "false". Edward's main use of this skill is to command his army of mechanical angels and due to its legitimate use by certain mages in modern day, it can be used to cast spells.
Magecraft: B-
Edward seems to be an actual Mage with above average skills in Alchemy which he used to create and power an army of mechanical angels, perhaps as a way of soothing his confidence.

Noble Phantasm:
The Charlatan's Dream Manifest
Golden Angel

Rank: B+
Classification: Anti-Army
Range: 1~20
Max. Targets: 70 People
A giant, golden, mechanical angel created by Edward Kelly as a symbol of his desire to learn the knowledge of angels and a sort of mocking ability born from his claims and the debate as to its veracity. "See, Edward Kelly can speak to and command angels... technically. I mean, that thing IS technically an angel... sort of". The automaton itself is huge and armed to the teeth with weapons and defensive functions powered by Kelly's alchemy, even capable of short ranged flight. However, it does take some time to create and must be powered by a large source of magical energy. In Singularity A, Kelly uses the Baghdad Battery as its core.

Grimoir of Heaven's Wisdom (False)
Book of Dunstan

Rank: B-
Classification: Anti-Unit
Range: N/A
Max. Targets: Self
The book which Kelly discovered in the ruins of Glaston Abbey. He considers it the source of his knowledge of alchemy and angel magic. While it enhances his alchemy, its true ability lies in stabilizing Kelly's abilities and temporarily weakening the effect of Innocent Monster.

Schrodinger's Cat (Moon Cancer)

Name: Schrodinger's Cat (Olga-Marie Animusphere)
Class: Moon Cancer
Alignement: Neutral Good
Source: - (Fate/Grand Order)
Region: Antarctica
Master: Gordolf Musik

Strength: N/A Agility: N/A Luck: B
Endurance: N/A Mana: A+ Noble Phantasm: EX

Background Info:
The former Director of the Chaldea Security Organization whose soul was doomed to endless torment inside the Chaldeas System at the start of the Human Order Incineration. Likely via the tampering of the FATE Summoning System by Foreigner of the End, her soul was merged with the concept of Schrodinger's Cat, relieving her from her tortuous, endless death for some time. Hopefully a corporeal body can be arranged for her, but until then, this is still a much better fate, no?

Personal Skills:
Magecraft: A+
She seems to have retained her ability to perform Astromancy and the other magecrafts she has learned in her life.
Nyan Lives: A
A cat has nine lives after all. Yes it's just a saying, but as "Schrodinger's Cat" which always has a 50/50 chance of narrowly surviving the poisonous substance placed inside its prison upon its state being observed, Olga seems to have gained knack for surviving and escaping tense situations. Escaping locations just as she is about to be observed, her objective attained. How lucky and ironic for such a person!
Digital Existence: C
Due to the circumstances of her summoning, she is heavily tied to Chaldeas' computer systems, not only that, but computer data seems to be one of the easier forms she can take on as a result of her Noble Phantasm.

Noble Phantasm:
Existence Outside Perception
Quantum Superposition

Rank: A+
Classification: Anti-Unit
Range: 1~200
Max. Target: Self
A Noble Phantasm that originates from the concept of Quantum Superposition which the Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment demonstrated. As long as Olga isn't being percieved by people in her direct vicinity, she can appear in any location where something can reasonably manifest within the range of a around several small city blocks. The definition of "location" in this case is rather vague as she seems to able to manifest inside dreams or enter computers and machinery as data. This ability works as long as Olga is not being percieved in both the location she is leaving and her destination and she must choose where to stay upon being observed.

Cleave through Possibilities
Disentanglement Cannon

Rank: EX
Classification: Anti-Certainty
Range: 1~99
Max. Targets: 1
A weapon developed by Olga and H.G. Wells as a means of undoing the Horizon Gates created by the OOParts. It is a powerful blast capable of "disentangling" the possiblities of fate surrounding an object or person. Essentially, making what is certain, completely and utterly uncertain. For example, people who have been targeted by "Sure Hit" weapons like Gae Bolg will be able to defy their set fate upon being shot by Disentanglement Cannon. Whether this means the target is now capable of succeeding or actually avoiding whatever Fate was forced onto them is entirely up to them, Disentanglement Cannon merely gives them back the ability to choose, so to speak. It's main function is to destroy the OOPArts and undo the Quantum Time-Locks they have created, keeping the future endless in possibilities as it was intended.

*The name Dramatic Escapade sounded kinda boring, so when making these profiles, I decided to change the name to something a bit more dramatic. Thus, Curtain Call Macabre was born! It evokes the image of the unveiling of a dramatic crime a bit better, if I do say so myself.

A short, simple profile on some of the Servants appearing in Singularity A. I had fun doing this and especially enjoyed drawing Kelly and Olga, though I ended up a bit disappointed with Kelly's end design. A bit more simplistic than what I'd imagined. Progress on Horizon Gate 1 is going smoothly. I've got the finner details of the plot down and I've started drawing some of the Servants and characters. Eeeeek, I'm so excited for it. It's definately grown on me. Horizon Gate 4 finally has a plot too, albeit a basic one, and the plot for Horizon Gate 2 is still a bit of an issue. I've got the basic concept for how the OOPArt plays into it all, and the setting, but the finer details will need some work. Oh well, Horizon Gate 1 went from generic Holy Grail War to a bit more, so I think I can cook something up.

Coming Sometime Soon... hopefully

In a city blessed by abundant magic, flows a wellspring of great power, the River Alf.
Surrounding it, a cold war brewing in the shadows of the world.
To resolve this, a ritual from the past is called upon in a new yet familiar form.
Thus begins the War for Heaven's Thunder
"Gather before me, Ye who seek the path to Eternity!"

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