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Mayo Chiki (Volume 6 Summary, 1st Half)

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Aaaand here's the first half of Vol6. Enjoy

Volume 6 summary, Part 1 of 2
Vol6 Ch1
September 1st, beginning of new term and Jiro is trying find out more about the club Kureha’s in. Kureha says she’s happy in it, which rings alarm bells for Jiro as his sister is a fanatic for professional wrestling. He asked Usami who’s also in the club and was told “There’s some things in this world that is better not to know”. Other sources of info told him next to nothing about the club, except “don’t mess with that club’s vice president”, who is the strongest in the school and also ranked 1st in the club.

September 9th, one week from the sports festival. Subaru made Jiro lunch and gave it to him before they went to school together (Jiro’s broke after spending his money on the peace offering present at Kureha’s birthday). Jiro wondered if Subaru got better from the cold at the end of the summer holidays. Subaru’s still banned from using the kitchen, and can only cook when Kanade’s around to supervise her. Jiro snarked inwardly that she fails as a butler to have her mistress helping her with that.

Jiro invited Subaru to eat lunch with him, and Subaru froze up and let slip “That wasn’t in the book” (Kanade wrote a guideline on what to do when Subaru’s with Jiro). They reached the school and Jiro eavesdropped what Kanade is talking about with Subaru. Subaru is getting help from Kanade on stealing Jiro’s heart, and Jiro said something Kanade didn’t plan for and Subaru’s panicking on what to say in response. Kanade told Subaru to go eat lunch with Jiro, even though she didn’t count on things progressing this fast.

Jiro just chalked their conversation into another scheme by Kanade for lulz and the idea that Subaru is in love with him never crossed his mind. Subaru’s nervous is because she’s against this plan but is doing it anyway because she’s told to do so by Kanade (he thought), and since Subaru made lunch (it’s never happened before) he thought the bento might be a bomb. He cancelled his offer to Subaru for lunch at the last second and planned on finding a way to dispose the problem. Subaru was shocked at how things turned out and became depressed, and Jiro felt guilty for cancelling his offer.

Subaru went for more consultation with Kanade, and Jiro decides to pre-emptively cut their plotting down by saying he heard what they were saying about ‘Guidelines’, ‘notebooks’ and such and told them he found all that scheming annoying. Subaru left on the verge of tears (thought her efforts were rejected by Jiro), and Kanade found out Jiro had misunderstood what their planning was about.

Jiro got to class, and later his friend Kurose(sp?) told him there’s a 1st year with cat ears out there looking for him. After much snarking and joking, Nakurru finally told him the important thing: her sister, Shure, is looking for him.
Right after she said that Shure (looks younger than she is, has silver hair and on the cover of this Volume) found him and punched him through his classroom door with such strength that even with Jiro’s body that’s used to taking punishment it took a few seconds before he can get back up.

Shure’s pissed off that Jiro had done ‘it’ with Nakuru, since Nakuru had gone on a date with him and even held each other. Nakuru’s words only deepened the misunderstanding, and made Jiro’s entire class think he had laid hands on his kouhai. Shure was on the verge of dealing a OHKO before Subaru came in with a flying kick and saved Jiro. Then she heard about Nakuru and him on a date and looked like she wants to kill him herself.

Shure and Subaru doesn’t get along (banter led to talking about Shure’s height, something she doesn’t like). Shure wants to take both Subaru and Jiro at the same time but Kanade intervened, saying 1st period is about to start and since Shure is the head of the Sports Festival organising committee if she gets in trouble the upcoming festival will be endangered. Shure agreed to leave, and after Kanade proposed to have the yet-to-be-determined special event be a duel between Subaru, Jiro and Shure she left. If Shure wins Jiro will be Shure’s slave for a month, and if Jiro wins from now on Shure has to call Jiro ‘onii-chan’.

Vol6 Ch2
Jiro and co is thinking up ways to defeat Shure in the coming sports festival. The martial arts special event only consists of Jiro, Shure and Subaru because everyone else forfeited after hearing Shure’s competing. Kanade jokes with Jiro’s Terminator-esque capacity for punishment they should be able to find a way to win. Jiro thinks back to primary school (third year) and his mum was still home, his teacher asked her if she planned on turning her kid into a artificial human with all the training. She replied she wanted to turn him into a Terminator (dunno if she’s joking).

Kanade says Jiro owes her, since Subaru’s dragged into this when he’s the only one Shure is after. As repayment she wants Jiro to compete in the ‘two-person three legs’ event so she can amuse herself watching them. Jiro asks Kanade if this is to cure his gynophobia, and Kanade that’s one of the reasons.
Kanade wants to consult with Jiro about her problems, but she also tells him she won’t say what’s she’s troubled by; she just want to address ‘she has something troubling her’. Kanade also says she can’t tell Subaru about this. Jiro told her she should do what she wants to do. Don’t hesitate and move forward.
Kanade smiled after hearing that. Jiro comments it has to be illegal to be this cute, and if she had a better personality Kanade would be perfect. Kanade said her issue was if she should troll Jiro from now on (it’s a lie), and from now on she’ll follow her heart, go to the dark side and amp up the trolling for him. She also comments if Jiro don’t do the two-person-three-legs event with Subaru in the festival she’ll lock him up and brainwash him.

Vol6 Ch3
Sports festival starts. On the day is a typhoon, max windspeed 50km/hr. It doesn’t reach their city until nighttime, so the school says if it’s not raining in the morning the festival goes ahead. It wasn’t raining.

Kanade kept trolling Jiro for the days before the festival. One notable incident was Kanade waking him up earlier than Kureha (and Jiro can’t go back to sleep after being woken up, it’s a habit), and told Jiro she’s calling him wearing nothing at all. Jiro says no way, and Kanade says she’ll make this a video call to prove she’s not lying. Jiro’s hormones got the better of him and he agreed, and when the video call comes it turns out to be Kureha on the phone. Kureha asks him why is he having a perverted look when he’s calling someone else, and it ended up with Jiro being KOed by Kureha to prevent him falling to perversion.

Kanade is the commentator on the day. Kureha got dragged into the role by Kanade. Jiro is about to start the event with Subaru. Nakuru came over and told Jiro good luck. Subaru is asking if anything happened between them that time they went to the park. Jiro asked why is Subaru suspicious, then tried to pass over the conversation saying it’s their turn for the race.
Shure cut in mid-way and wants to compete with Jiro&Subaru. She needed a partner so she dragged Usami (who’s working as the First-Aid helper and wearing a nurse uniform – Shure’s the one responsible for her clothing) from her place. With Usami in cosplay and Subaru, everyone’s eyes is on this race. Jiro’s alright with the attention (even negative ones), since S4 haven’t done anything like throwing Molotov Cocktails at him yet.

Race starts, Jiro&Subaru is in the lead. Shure’s closely behind them, dragging Usami with her. Shure had Usami take the bread on the string and starts eating the bread while Usami held it with her mouth, it’s not against the rules if they don’t use their hands. Subaru struggles on getting the bread while other competitors started to pass them after getting the bread. Kanade said to them both using the broadcasting equipment to do the same as Shure and feed Subaru. Cue uproar from the stands.

Finished eating, they moved onto the final segment of the race. Borrowed items, where contestants pick up cards and try and find the person/item from the spectators, and they’re allowed to use one ‘PASS’ and find a different card. Shure’s grilling Usami to find someone she likes and Jiro thinks they might have to pass on that one, as he knows Usami don’t trust people. Subaru picked up ‘Someone you want to confess to’, and Kanade broadcasted that to the entire school (via spying on them using a binocular). Cue mass Squeeing from the crowd. Kanade snuck that card in and planned on Subaru confess to Jiro in public.
Subaru used their PASS. Cue mass groaning from the crowd.

Jiro picked up “The person of the opposite gender closest to you”. Kanade saw that and again broadcasted it. All eyes are on Jiro (including Usami and Shure). Jiro thought if Subaru wasn’t disguised as a guy he’d definitely pick her.
Jiro went up to his sister and handed her the card, and went to the finish line with her and got First place. Kanade didn’t think of the possibility he’d choose Kureha.

Race is over, but Shure told Jiro to meet her privately at the first-aid station during lunch break.

Second half of Volume 6 will be posted shortly.