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Create A Singularity / Lostbelt

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Expansion on previous post AU
Lots of things will be different from OG, including things beyond FGO, Part 1 & even in this AU's PHH's world history

MC2=Peter replaces Beryl as a Crypter. He originally worked on the development of the Shadow Border's Imaginary Void Dive tech & the Demi-Servant project's final phase(when only the summoning was left) being the one to propose using the Round Table as a foundation for the summoning system & using Galahad, however here are the divergences.
Galahad & Percival are not figures that actually existed. The Grail was a mere rumor in Arturia's time, hence why she made the contract & became associated with it in Legend but there was never a quest for it. This also why Round Table members can sense something about Mash, but can't pinpoint it.
Using this as a benefit, Peter designed the Conceptual Round Table Shield Relic using a shard of the real thing as a basis(hence why it matches the cross shield description very loosely) & implanted it in Mash. This is also why the Shield can be left behind as it is actually a conceptual object that Mash summons from within her & returns it, thinking she is materializing it.
Mash therefore becomes a Demi-servant made with a Hollow legend(Phantom spirit?), hence why Galahad never communicates with her, is originally a silhouette & slowly becomes more similar to Ritsuka in Mash's Mind. The original outburst & everything else Mash senses, is simply the beliefs & expectations people have of Galahad & things Galahad should know influencing her, allowing her to project, seperate & judge things, like the injustice of the experiments performed on her & how she doesn't want to fight, hence why the spirit originally doesn't awaken.
He is also the one who trained Mash in the basics of combat.

Peter was not born into a magus family, instead realizing his abilities on his own & being mostly self-taught while discovering the hidden world of mystery. Disliking the limitations & nature of magic circuits, he developed & used mostly his own type of Od based arts. He especialized in precision & sensory/analysis spells first & then moved on to SelfModification, after all simply recreating the attributes one knows lead to better results is better. Throughout his time he also built, to good degree of mastery, a large diverse foundation of magecraft.He was deeply unsatisfied with the World, the state of Humanity & some of its very nature.
Frustrated with his inabiity to imagine a non-magical means to bring about a better future, after all there were already so many great people in the world working for many causes & making so little progress, he searched for a way to change or affect the world on a large scale. He searched through various departments, archives, mythologies, etc... for as much information & components as possible so he could formulate a plan or large scale ritual. He had several ideas, however he always lacked a means to implement them.

AHURA_MAZDA:Emotional enlightment for all people, humanity & sapients, dream like state of accelerated time, heal trauma, emotional growth, acquire necessary knowledge & truth, heal evil neurodivergents(lack of empathy), eliminate the evil at its root, everyone becomes a mature good person while maintaning individuality, still grays but everything closer to blacker eliminated, heal human nature & evolutionary leftovers that hinder us in the present.
A plan to cause all of humanity to mature emotionally through enforced self reflection, impartment of empathy, knowledge & wisdom. The thought being if there was a single generation of wise people willing to cooperate, free from the worst motivations & impulses of selfish human nature, then with no bad parenting & a mass mobilization of these enlightned people it would be possible to better the world & leave behind a system that would raise a generation able to maintain this new found positive direction of Humanity.
This plan was one of the better ones, especially since quite a few of the others involved changing turning points in the past that led to the current mess of state of affairs, something dificcult in of itself & even if succesful the Quantum Lock would override it. This plan required a lot of energy as well as the difficulty of needing to use a person as the basis for this wisdom & emotional growth, without erasing individuality. This latter part did not seem terribly difficult though since one could consider it mass, manipulation magecraft the like magi used on Muggles regularly, or, an extension of communication using mana, capable of conveying nonverbal thoughts & feelings. The problem was the basis, Peter could only trust himself on this, however he didn't have a very high opinion of himself. Therefore he concluded, he himself must be better, as one should not ask of others whay one would not ask of themselves. He thus also studied all sorts of Philosophies, Enlightment(Buddhism Chakras), Virtue, ‹bermensch, etc... Given that he was endure this much work & pain for the sake of altruism, he figured regardless of how he felt, he must be, while not the best, a good enough template.

As a side plan he also studied magical methods of selection, spells, mystic codes & Noble Phantasms of selection that choose worthy or virtuous people, being particularly interested in the Authority & selection criteria behind them. This led to his interest in Caliburn, a sword made by the faeries as an extension of the planet, to select the one most worthy to ruler. Caliburn captured his interest more than other similar items due to being from the planet instead of divinity & that it selected only one individual as opposed to allowing itself to be drawn by anyone good enough to be king, thus multiple candidates. Peter who had, at an early age, while attempting to get a method of healing magic due to the difficult of healing others with his Od Arts, figured out his Origin "Weapon" & was disappointed by it, seeing weapons as something to be used by any wielder to hurt & kill, discarded afterwards, hence the name he took of the first murder weapon, something completely unremarkable "a stone". However the tale of Arthur & Caliburn inspired him, that even a weapon so along as it had a will, a standard & a soul can still choose who & what to fight for. He does kept the name liking the parallel of the origin of "Weapon", in a body named "stone" & added a new name, as while he may not change the fact he is a stone, what kind is up to him, hence setting the goal of excellence & virtue took the name Paragon(the fact it rhymes with Pendragon is just an added bonus).


While continuing to reasearch methods to affect the world & Arthurian artifacts came upon the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, exactly what he was looking for. He deduced its true nature for the use of Heroic Spirits, since Magi by nature never use anything extra, he guessed the Grail was an artificial invention & the spirits themselves must play a purpose beyond combat. He went to Fuyuki to analyze the systems & was disappointed that it was no longer operational after the last war was won by Marisbury.
This is how they came to meet. After approaching Marisbury about Fuyuki, Peter learnt of Chaldea & was offered a position due to his reputation as both someone interested in the betterment of Humanity & a powerful mage who took to righting injustices & hunting dangerous magi wherever he went(Bounty & Justice, 2 birds 1 stone, Pun intended). Since the Fuyuki Grail wouldn't be available anytime soon, Peter figured he might as well make sure Humanity was still around in the meantime & given that Chaldea had projects that already resembled some of his own ideas as well as the fact he would be allowed to continue his own research he accepted.

In exchange for a sharing of research, he shared his own knowledge & theories on the nature of magic/magecraft, & given his own development of mechanized & digital magic support, helped to refine & fine-tune Chaldea's other projects such as PROMETHEUS, Spiritron Computing, the development of field mystic codes, the production of quantum entangled comms for field ops via the production of nodes of entangled electrons via magecraft & most importantly as mentioned above in BACKGROUND^, finalizing the summoning system & aiding the implementation & construction of the shadow border, zero sail method. This was part of another project he had for Imaginary Numbers Resource Gathering/Irrelevant Distance Near Instantaneous Translocation Or Portal/ Parallel & Alternative World Travel/ Memory Of the World/ Perception Of the Past, Protection of the Present & Prediction of the Future, For Prosperity & Posterity(Legacy), InstantMovement/ConceptualTargeting/VennDiagram,Programming Coordinates,Conditions&Characteristics/Match%TagsDatabase. Via the use of imaginary numbers, where theoretically there is an imaginary point adjencent to any 2 real points, it would become possible for distance to become irrelevant, so long as one was able to target one's destination, if his conceptual organic targeting system was able to be perfected, Humanity would be able to harvest resources from anywhere that met the positive & negative criteria input, for example must be farther than x from recognizeble life & the Earth & must be only this composition. This would allow resources to be harvested from anywhere in the visible universe & even parallel universes.

Team A & Grand Order

Peter D. Paragon
Kind/Reasonable/Wise/Strong/Trustworthy/Compassionate/Unconventional/Creative | Merciful LaidBack Idealistic Honest | Serious Rational Pragmatic Diligent Just Fair

Stoic, doesn't talk much, usually has a serious look on his face & rarely smiles, even then just a lopsided smirk. Doesn't usually approach people first unless it is because he thinks they need help. This makes him seems more unsocial than he really is, since he won't refuse an invitation or approach to talk, just has low initiative, thinks if people want to talk with him they will, doesn't want to bother anyone.
Similar to Arturia, there is a deep care for people, kindness always making sure people are happy & willing to help. However just like Arturia they have a hard time enjoying themselves knowing the state of the world, the importance of the task at hand & while people are suffering, always having this sense of righteous anger that drives them to act.

"We are all experiences, none of which asked to exist, least we can do is help each other have an enjoyable experience, everyone deserves an opportunity at that, only those who reject the value of others' life, lose their own since they just admitted to everyone else that their life should hold no value to them."

After emerging from the Lostbelt however they are still as serious, but have learnt to enjoy themselves when they can, as well as to be more sociable & nice in addition to kind, being more open & direct in their communication. Being genuinely happy there means their default state is now happy satisfied smile, only changing back to their more serious demenour when the situation calls for it. Now doing what can only be done then is their priority, so makes more time & appoaches people, leaving alone time hobbies like reading & music for later.

For the Grand Order, Peter obviously wanted to summon Arturia as a Saber since in addition to Excalibur, she might have Caliburn. To this end he prepared a catalyst, that in this timeline was never procured by the Einzberns since the Grail War was held a single time, Avalon Excalibur's Scabbard.

Knows their true nature as Cabal & connection to Camelot. Share a bond due to the ability of non-verbal communication through mana & since Peter lacks the Evil of Comparison, never seeking to bringing others down & resenting their success, having a balance of this trait Fou is willing to approach & befriend them.

Mash Kyrielight
Cares & dotes on her, but always indirectly as he doesn't believe he is a good role model for her. Helps her with combat training, tries to develop her resolve & critical thinking. Tries to make sure she has everything she needs to make her way in life, that she has a good happy life even with her limited lifespan. Wants her to smile & be able to say she was glad to have lived, that it was more than enough, that it was plenty. This is his general hope for everyone. Searches for methods to help fix her, plans to implant Avalon in her with Arturia's permission & take outside of Chaldea or strengthen her with dragon blood.

Wodime Kirchtaria
Despite initial negative expectations, became trusted friends, sharing similar interests, humor & ideals. They respect each other & while Peter finds Wodime a bit overly naive & thus prefers his methods & plans, they trust & respect one another to entrust Humanity's future to the other, not minding if the other were to succeed.

Ophelia Phamrsolone
Butted heads over who would summon a Saber, trying to persuade the other to summon another Class. This actually brought them closer as due to both lacking initiave in starting conversations, they usually only talked in meetings or in groups. Share a love for Lindt Chocolate, Peter prefers White, while Ophelia prefers Dark. Both tried to "bribe" the other with it. They ended up agreeing to a simultaneous summon. Bonded over their discussions about their heroic spirits & their mutual agreement on the fact, that they are both great heroes.

Scandinavia Peperoncino
Peter isn't good at dealing with hyper extroverts especially not this flamboyant, however he recognizes a kinship with another absurdist, one who tries to laugh it off while Peter still holds on to his disappointment & anger. If it is a serious conversation, Pepe is one of Peter's favourite people to talk, though if Pepe tries to lighten the mood by acting "camp" Peter will just deadpan him until he resumes the conversation. In casual talk Peter will actually try to learn from Pepe how to lighten up, seeing it as something he should improve on, even going so far as to mimic Pepe's way of talking, talking in a sassy tone or Jk speak, like "Hey gurl tell me things, how is it going?". Peter still doesn't feel comfortable because it feels disingenuous, as it doesn't reflect his actual state of mind, since he isn't actually happy or satisfied with how things are & feels forced, or when it does come out normally it is always in an attempt to seem less threatning.

Hinako Akuta
Broke past her unapproachable attitude, in a very forceful & bold way, since has a true introvert he can tell the difference between people who truly want to be left alone to enjoy their own thing & people who are keeping their distance out of fear or insecurity. After confronting her with his suspiscions of her nature since he can feel a different mana flow from her, she relented due to his views on other sapients & his general acceptance. Peter ugly-cried upon hearing her tale. By sharing each others thoughts, pasts & goals, they became friends. They occasionaly do things alone together, just sharing a space while each does their thing, sharing thoughts that pop up in their head & more rarely Peter loves listening to Yu share episodes of her past over drinks, since it is not only a window to things in the past, but also makes him feel a genuine bond between them, one the thing Peter values very highly.

Kadoc Zemlupus
Exasperated with his sense of inferiority, given everyone in Team A acknowledges him & approved of him joining, though he understands the sentiment of being too harsh on one's self in order to improve & the frustration of it never being enough. Share a heavy & dark music taste.

Daybit Sem Void
Difficult to understand. Neurodivergent? Can coordinate well enough, mutual cooperation on projects, a shared mutual understanding & respect, able to communicate well enough with one another.

Alien God

Wodime Ophelia Daybit Peter Pepe Hinako Kadoc
Crypters cycle through simulations of the Permutations of the Incineration of Humanity Grand Order in order to Accumulate enough energy & karma for revivals

Solos With & without Fujimaru & Or Mash
W | P | W M | W F | W M F | P M | P F | P M F

Successful attack, Surviving Masters:
Wodime & Peter pairs= W P | W Pp | W O | W H | W K | W D | P Pp | P O | P H | P K | P D (+ M) (+ F) (+ M F)

All together= W O P Pp H K D (+ M) (+ F) (+ M F)
Unsuccessful attack, Chaldea & staff intact

Only Wodime & Peter remember. Wodime due to Alien God Offer, Peter because he was the one anchoring the Crypters souls & keeping them from dissipating due to damage done midRayshift. Ophelia still finds out.

Alien God Offer:Join Or Rest?
The Alien God's wants the Crypters to grow a Fantasy Tree to maturity, as well as for each of them to supervise & manage a Lostbelt, serving as an intermediary with its Sovereign & an outside stimulus trying to turn it into a timeline with a future, changing its course in a better direction until it could be recognized as not being a target for Pruning. When the borders collide, one Lostbelt will consume the other, this is chosen by which one has the most development & potential or via the inhabitants fighting each other in case the difference isn't significant enough.
The Crypters do not rule nor own the Lostbelts or anything like that, in my version crypters aren't as attached to their Lostbelts. (unless they want to be for personal reasons, looking at you kadoc) So it isn't like a game or competition to be Ruler of Humanity, they are simply the local manager/supervisor.
So let's say, a Lostbelt gets destroyed or absorbed, that Crypter is simply assigned to joint survey another Lostbelt, either the one they choose or the one which requires more attention. So in this case Chaldea would be the mobile 8th Crypter that goes from Lostbelt to Lostbelt.

Crypter Meeting | Lostbelt Initial Entry | Summon Personal Servant | Make Contact With Lostbelt Sovereigns | Introduced To Koyanskaya & Apostles

Note:I assume this is the timeline^ since Anastasia & the Oprichnik raid Chaldea in OG, regardless it is here.

Agreement with Alien God & Apostles, Peter will lead raid & suggests strategy for it, since his role was originally to bring it down if the need ever arised, assigned to him after being the one who killed Beryl in this timeline when he tried to break into Mash's room, this bumped him up from one of the other Masters & into Team A, since he essentially proved he could do Beryl's job better than him. This is also why one more slot opened up for Fujimaru, hence why they are brought in such last minute & in such a hurry.

In exchange only CHALDEAS will be targeted & Chaldea's staff will be allowed to escape, non-agression pact will be extended to Chaldea, have them be the 8th participants, so long as the Crypters are able to secure CHALDEAS & keep Chaldea from rayshifting & destroying the Trees. If they can do that, Chaldea is offered the same terms as the Crypters. They would not be allowed to restore PHH or even attempt until the Alien God got what they want.
Mash was also a member of Team A & they deserve the chance to join given their role in Part_1, is how the Crypters spin it in order to get that proposal accepted.
Of course the Crypters are totally bullshiting the Alien God & are keeping Chaldea around out of personal attachment & in case shit goes south with the Alien God.


Plan to Trick someone into buying Chaldea.
Gordolf is chosen, due to several requirements being met & a few other reasons. He has the necessary capital to buy the whole of Chaldea, he is gullible enough to be tricked by Koyanskaya, has the exact "wrong" type of attitude to test Chaldea, however since their patsy will survive & be taken in by Chaldea, the Crypters tried to pick someone "good" from amongst the Clock Tower(Empathy) & with skills that would be useful(Danger Sense, Food Renewal, Driving Skills).

Gordolf was actually a secret test of character on Chaldea. The test would be whether Chaldea would hand over control to someone who has no right or merit that justifies taking it, entrusting the future of Humanity to someone who appears to simply be another gullible, arrogant aristocrat, too incompetent to actually lead Chaldea. I imagine the Crypters had they been there would not have been too happy to see someone like that take Marisbury & Olga's Animusphere legacy.

By all rights after Olga dies & Kirschtaria is not available, Mash has more right to Chaldea than most. If Chaldea lets strangers in past security, unsummoned their Servants, let someone become Director just because they bought it, & leave the task of safeguarding Humanity to someone else the first chance they got, whatever their reasoning, then in the Crypters' eyes, they are unworthy of carrying on the protection of the Human Order & have no right to complain about what happens next.
Basically if Chaldea was willing to stand their ground against the Association, instead of being Lawful Stupid, then the whole raid plan to get past their security would not have worked.

Chaldea Raid

26th December Koyanskaya, Rasputin & Gordolf Arrive with FlushForces

By surrendering Chaldea over to him instead of safeguarding it, Chaldea failed the test & they proceed with the raid.
Now it is led by Peter & Mash(Disguised with Transformation Ring based on Gareth's),using NFF familiars & mercenaries, after Rasputin & Koyanskaya let them in, as insurance that no one will be killed otherwise they will rebel.
In this raid, Rasputin still impales Da Vinci, however just like with Kadoc, it is a trick. Da Vinci is not actually killed, but captured & brought to the Albion Lostbelt.

Assault Raid on Chaldea 31st December 2019 | 1st January Bleaching + Fantasy Trees Descend & Take Root | Stabilize LostBelts

As stated in original post Create A Singularity / Lostbelt - Page 24, Peter & Mash become part of the Lostbelt history. During this time they improve immensely as mages & KoRTs, culminating in Peter attempting to become Fou's Counterpart(Beast/Weapon of Alaya, Another Beast IV of Comparison) which allows him to gain the Independent Manisfestation skill as well ass summoning & fusing/channeling Azathoth(Gaining access to Void Authority, traveling though Void Space) thus 2 methods of traveling between Lostbelts.

After their escape into Void Space, Chaldea then homes in on the Russian Lostbelt because Rasputin & Koyanskaya are there.

1stMarch Chaldea Reemerges










LB1 Crypter Meeting=01/04/201X
90 Days or 3 Full Months Since Raid On New Year's

Everyone reports on their Lostbelt, Divergence, current affairs, etc...
Albion Lostbelt, Barrier of Light instead of Storm Wall, expanding away from Atlantic Ocean & towards Europe(Learnt how to manipulate Tree thanks to being inside the simulation & thanks to Azathoth's authority over galaxies & imaginary, since it is The Dreamer & is said to manifest as the superblack hole at the center of the Milky Way), however Andromeda still growing strong, so the terms aree not breached.
All Trees have taken root except Orochi.
Contracts established with all Lostbelt Sovereigns.
Both Wodime & Peter report knowing where & when Chaldea will emerge.
Peter state they will head out to intercept them, doesn't break the non-agression pact, so no one has any right to stop them, especially since dealing with Chaldea was a duty already assigned to them.

Peter can track Chaldea because he summoned Mash & the link with Living Mash enables Servant Mash to know everything she knows(Similar to a Master Servant mental link, except subtler due to them being the same person), hence this would be my solution to the Border traitor, alongside that the OG Leonardo was not killed, but kidnapped & her link with Lisa Da Chibi(Personal nickname for Rider Leonardo), would work the same way with a LB Leonardo=CasterLeo=Lisa chain.

Peter while waiting for Border to surface, tracks down Musashi due to Kadoc's report of someone saying they are from Chaldea. Befriends her & they share some food after a duel. Peter offers her an invitation to visit Alvalion & gives a currency card, she can also use as a guide to travel there by feeling the resonance. He then brings up the elephant in the room & asks her who she, who is from a pruned world will side with, saying she could as easily have befriended any of them on her travels. She agrees that she has taken a liking to both of them, but can't betray Ritsuka. Peter replies that that is fine, all he asks is that she stay neutral & only focus on keeping them alive & safe for him. Musashi says she can agree with that, since it really isn't any of her business who wins so long as they are both safe & happy, will decide upon visiting all the Lostbelts.

Later Peter attacks when Chaldea exposes the Saint Graph Briefcase. Takes it & sends it to Alvalion. "Wouldn't be fair since you gave up on them, shutting them down & unsummoning due to Association & UN orders. Failed secret test, should have stood your ground for what you know to be right. Had you done so the raid on Chaldea would have failed & you might have prevented the Bleaching. Can't entrust the future to evil & ungrateful systems & people like that filth in the Mage's Association, neither good nor grateful for Chaldea's achievements in saving the world, nor to you who let them walk all over you. When you let someone else take over & decided to leave, you lost all rights to interfere.

I am on a time sensitive mission, so I will keep it short, we can have a longer, more thorough conversation after I finish it."

Patxi shows up after some Demonic Beasts, hunting for food. "Good, a local, I will explain it to you too & then you can serve as their guide, in exchange for goods, services & info of course."

Explain Bleaching, Trees of Fantasy, Lostbelts, Crypters Mission & Apostle Roles.

"Not how I would have done it, especially the culling of Humanity being attacked by the trees, however I just made a few changes to my plans since changing the world was always an objective of mine. All of us would have rejected the Alien God had we not believed there was merit in this, all of us were just as ready to risk our lives as you, we would never accept this offer just to save our own lives.
I just wanted to make sure you were aware of what is going on & what the consequences of your actions would be. Destroying the Tree would destroy the Lostbelt & everyone who lives in it. However let me correct a misconception you might have. Destroying all of them, will NOT undo the Bleaching, nor the extinction of PHH. This isn't like with Goetia, a time anomaly that could be fixed by beating the source. The Bleaching is an event that DID happen & happened in the present. That is why we just had to stop CHALDEAS & you lot from rayshifting & why I let you get away without killing anyone on purpose. The target of the raid was never Chaldea, but instead CHALDEAS. We of Team A are grateful for what you guys did, we respect you & wish for you all to remain safe. That being said it is not going to stand in the way of us doing what is best for humanity. The prosperity & posterity of Sapient Life takes priority over those bonds as you clearly agree.

Us Crypters, each supervise & manage a Lostbelt, serving as an intermediary with its Sovereign & an outside stimulus trying to turn it into a timeline with a future, changing its course in a better direction until it could be recognized as not being a target for pruning. When the borders collide, one Lostbelt will consume the other, this is chosen by which one has the most development & potential or via the inhabitants fighting each other in case the difference isn't significant enough. Therefore the less Trees are cut down the better, though one is sufficient, it will simply take longer. If enough of a change was made the Lostbelt that disappears might cease to be one & become a parallel world. Since that is the case I advise you to not attempt to fell the Trees. If you do, not only will the non-agression pact of the Crypters & Apostles cease to extend to you, but you will not even be aiding your own cause since the Earth will not return to normal.

Go see the Lostbelts for yourselves, help make them better, live alongside their people, then choose who to support, since you lot are basically the 8th participants, try to figure out how to bring PHH back if you truly think it better, however do not makes things worse for us until you know can, since right now you are just fumbling with no solutions, unlike against Goetia, where causality would restore everything by itself if the cause were to disappear."

Peter leaves for Moscow, picking up the resistance along the way, bringing them to bear witness at the capital where he wakes up Ivan. Offers a treaty(Below) in the name of Arturia & Alvalion & a warning. " We believe we have found a way to make it so a Lostbelt's living beings can be transfered over to another when their borders join, thus we will make it so you will keep existing even then regardless, we can figure out how things stand between us & if you will accept the treaty & join Alvalion after that. In the meantime we offer help in dispelling the Eternal Blizzard, import suitable food, crops & goods & implementing our own magical knowledge to perfect the rushed Yaga modifications including among other things a better metabolism efficiency.
That being said I recommend you let the Fantasy Tree take root, if you do not the Apostles or the Priestess will come & either remove it or reboot it into a different Lostbelt if they see you have no intention of keeping to the terms of growing it to maturity. If you truly wish for the survival of your people I suggest you do so as soon as possible before it is too late. Now that is done, I will be healing your mental illness, your volatile temper, paranoia & mental schism, this is NOT optional, so do you want to just allow it or do you want me to defeat you first?" Obviously fight ensues, with Peter soloing Ivan, since at this point he is even older than Ivan, having lived through far more conflicts & daily training with stupidly strong people & literal Gods, plus all the benefits of Alvalion including being part Dragon, which makes him also stronger with age, & being able to channel Arturia's mana & power.

After battle & Ivan's mental & spiritual healing, Ivan agrees to the treaty given he lost to Peter, who told him he is weaker than Arturia his LB Sovereign. Impressed by the compassion displayed by them despite the fact they would be able to win against Russia even without an agreement. Orochi takes root. With his permisson Yagas start relaying the news. Peter uses Britain's Wind enchantment(Invisible Air MAX) to dispel the blizzard & signals Alvalion to start sending supplies, starting with energy dense slimes for the Yaga to consume, will keep them fed & regulate their temperature as the weather changes, as well as aid in future modification implementation. Technichans & engineers also arrive to begin uplifting the Yaga, teaching the Yaga all the skills & techniques they lost, like farming, building, crafting, etc... giving them everything needed to get things back on track even if the timeline does become separate again.

Caenis shows up to check up on Lostbelt status & seeing the progress they jumpstarted including that Orochi has finally taken root. Peter then leaves for the Norse Lostbelt, after getting things sorted out with the uplift project & reuniting with Chaldea for a bit, however he has to present this same offer personally to all the Lostbelts & given that Scandinavia is the closest to Alvalion, he only came to Russia first to greet Chaldea & make sure it wasn't cut short due to Orochi not taking root.

Treaty Offered by Alvalion to other Lostbelts:
Accept Refugees from Lostbelt, Offer Alvalion Citizenship
Uplift education, tech, culture, entertainment
Offer help "fixing", avoid being pruned, become proper timelines
Take their representatives to scout out other Lostbelts