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Create A Singularity / Lostbelt

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Hi no Kagetsuki or Hi no Kagutsuchi?

Overall I very much like all of these with some of my favourite ideas being LB=Ireland, Epic Of Moon Cell & China & Inca Singularities. My absolute favourite is A.L.E.T.H.E.I.A.

Your seventh Lostbelt also involves Azathoth like my new Crypter Alvalion Lostbelt. Surprisingly I came up with an idea like Nasu for the same lostbelt, which was the protagonist summons a Ruler who then influences the past changing the Lostbelt itself.

In mine the crypter was also aware of the simulations Wodime went through & learnt how to mess with the Trees from it, including programming them to run a certain Lostbelt, choosing the divergence & landing spot(In fact he was the one that made it land inside the Fuseng Tree so YuMeiren could absorb it in this version instead of the other way around, to become a Galaxy Zhenren even Flashier than Mothman, a mode I named Daughter of Earth to match his Son Of Heaven).

Anyways by summoning Ruler Arturia(A Serious PHH One, not the swimsuit or Lancer, Normal Arturia as a Ruler) & having Avalon, he used Avalon's "beyond time" aspect to interfere with whatever point in time he needed. You can read more in my original postCreate A Singularity / Lostbelt - Page 24

but I only kind of reveal there is that the LB Crypter=Servant as opposed to the PHH=Master Crypter, he is sort of a High Servant having subsumed 3 entities/aspects(Outer, Beast, Grand?) as countermeasures & to obtain the authorities he needs. One of these was Azathoth & he did it because not only because is Azathoth not necessarily "real", might have been brought about by belief, but by the Crypter acting sort of like a Nightmare, after all one does not necessarily have control inside one's dreams unless one is lucid dreaming, so basically the Crypter tricked Azathoth into having a Nightmare in which he was subsumed by someone, followed by then being amicable to Azathoth & allowing Azathoth to have a Champion/Avatar being a part of their own dream without ever waking up. Without much of a personality due to being a fledling weak concept/connection with Alvalion LB & the Crypter's growing power & fame in the LB, the 2 became 1 with Azathoth now believing himself to be the same entity as the Crypter, sort of if a coma victim had a dream about living an entire different life & came back thinking that was who they realy were, or like Angra Became Shirou because no matter how much you add 0 to 1 it is still 0.

Azathoth is in order to have authority over all Outer Gods, Gravity, Space-Time, VOID, Imaginary Numbers & Galaxies(Focus on our own since Azathoth is supposedly manifested in the superblackhole at the center of the Milky Way).
With Authority over Space-Time he made himself atemporal & another lynchpin for the LB besides the Tree, Caliburn & Rhongomyniad.
With Authority over Void & Imaginary Numbers he can travel in Void Sea & affect all Mystery that isn't based in reality(Imaginary).
With Authority over Outer Gods he can disable all other Outer Gods.
With Authority over Galaxies however he can control the Fantasy Trees since that is what they are.

The Crypters's plan is thus simply to make it impossible for others to win, not just hard by literally taking away the winning conditions. Adding multiple unreachable lynchpins(True Tower Rhon, Tree of Fantasy surrounded by Avalon where Merlin's Tower was, Azathoth & Simply leave for Void Space or other LBs, knowing Chaldea can't afford to Zero Sail Very Often, etc...)

His final objective, or maybe hope, the farthest he wants to aim is make Arturia into an Ultimate One. He plans to do this based on the fact she has access, even in PHH & even more so in the LB, to what he calls "World Contructs" which seem to be far above Divine Constructs despite sometimes being called this, further supported by the fact that Hephaestus-made Divine Constructs or even Aletheia couldn't defeat Sefar, without all combining, however Excalibur one-shot it.

ReŠltaNua/GaiaAnima-WorldSoulShield(World Construct of Achilleus Cosmos, whereas according to legend Achilles had the Greek World surrounded by Okeanos on his shield, this one would have ATLAS, a CHALDEAS like representation of the Earth itself)
In addition recognized as worthy by the Beast of Gaia(Fou/Pax) & Beast/Weapon of Alaya(Might be Crypter, one of the 3 Aspects). One of the 3 aspects might be the Crypter being a counterpart to Beast IV, another Beast of Comparison who self-modifies via analysis, replication, modification & integration(Controlled & NonAutomatic cant be forced to absorb a trait, nor does it go out of control since it is analyzed first & implemented second). Mimicking traits(Demonic, Divinity, Draconic, even inorganic like weapons(NPs) & Machinery) that seem to work for others & recreating or adapting them in themselves, shifting or Hybridizing them, using one trait to strengthen another or offset another's weakness, sort of absorbing like Koyanskaya, or like Alucard or Rimuru(Azathoth skill relevant). Wanted to make them to EMIYA & Koyan, sort of what Tiamat is to Angra, the much greater concept they are based off. Going off the concept that everything has a structure so if you understand it you can replicate it given enough energy or resources.

First by granting her authority over the Earth this way, being recognized by both Alaya & Gaea(So as to distinguish from greek Gaia), she can become TYPE:EARTH.
Second using Slash Emperor, which he made using the knowledge acquired from Titan's Pit, the Fantasy Trees(Hence why it looks like a seed in the palm of the hand) & the concept of "The human nature to mold the world" or "to harvest resources & create" as opoosed to "destroys the world in order to protect humans.", to break the bleaching & Canopy, allowing either Arturia or the combined Counter Force to call for the other solar TYPEs ala Notes. A consensus would then be called to ascend one of them to Leader, a representative of the solar system with all of its Authority, TYPE:SOL. Becoming Amaterasu+1 Level (Since it is the entire Slar System not just the Star)
Third using Azathoth's Authority over the Milky Way & Galaxies, it would then connect the Solar system to the rest of the Galaxy to try & choose a Galaxy Ultimate One(If Galaxy Saber will redesign), in order to end Velber once & for all since its 14k orbit is about to make a complete circuit & thus will soon be back at the Milky Way to have another go at "Harvesting".

The Crypter, Peter, is completely aware of how ambitious it is & is fully willing to settle for less, having several "goals" in order of scale, from simply making Alvalion LB the main Earth History, to using all the Fantasy Trees & Spirit Cores he Accumulated inside them like a Grand Holy Grail in order to make a wish to change the very structure of the Quantum Locks or FATE, to becoming TYPE:MOON & making his own MoonCell if they don't exist in this timeline, like he says "It is just a matter of how much I can win" being willing to settle & accept if he fails to achieve his goals.

This is the sort of plan I came up when Da Vinci said Daybit is the kind to aim for the impossible & I was like "what is the most bat shit insane thing I can writeLogos React that still has a base in lore?" (Jokes are the greatest lore, Galaxy Saber, Milky Way Ultimate One, XD)

As for the TYPE:MOON & Moon Cell, if they don't exist in this timeline, Peter would use either Azathoth or Avalon to mess with time & send Alvalion tech(Early Access to Logos React & TriHermes) to the formation of the Moon to slowly turn it into a Spiritron Computer/Moon Cell. If no life were there yet this would automatically make them TYPE:MOON. Since the Moon protects the Earth From Meteories, I like the Shield/Bodyguard dynamic between Arturia(Earth) & Peter(Moon). Also would explain their(Peter) Water(Tides & Lunar "Seas") & Earth element affinity, another Rock pun & 2 potential abilities I had in mind(Roche Limit Breaker & Regression Collision=Theia Origin)

Having it stay dormant, gathering information & running simulations of worlds that believe themselves to be real(Notes & Extra Holy Grails), this way the whole of extra could have been a Digital simulation(Moon Grail war) inside the very simulation(EXTRA) 2Level Matrix style, this would actually make it more sense to me than how they presented programs overriding a system the size of the Moon. Not to say the Extraverse DOESN'T exist in this AU, this is just my personal way of bringing it into the fold.