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Create A Singularity / Lostbelt

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Ritsuka Advantages:
100%Adoration "remarkably lacking in biases and prejudices" | Counter Force | Border | Poison Resistance | Lord Camelot | Mystic Codes | Craft Essences | Command Codes | Determinator | Regen Command Seals (3 Party Rez) | Saint Quartz (Revive AP Gacha) | Heel-Face Turns

Start dismantling them or adhering to them
Examples: Arachne=Mystic Codes, LB_DaVinci=CraftEssences, LB_Writers(Mallory Dante Shakespeare)=Craft Essence Descriptions(Enhance Effect), Morganna=CommandCodes, ATLAS several Masters & common place PROMETHEUS Reactors for mana | Depower Mash due to Servant Mash having her full Spirit Origin/Graph & control over how much power the former has access to | Even discontented factions(If they exist) don't want to side with Chaldea

Alvalion Advantages:
"You will have not a single ally" "You are the evil of this land"

Avalon Blessing
Lostbelt Fame & Empowerment Source
Citizens aware of conflict, PHH & Part 1 & 1.5 via media, (can't be persuaded to help)
Missing/Unnecessary Fantasy Tree(Hidden Like Merlin's Tower^, surrounded by Avalon) Anchoring done by Rhongomyniad & other such Noble Phantasms collected & forged over the years
Due to Fantasy Tree being freed up, Use it along with NPs^, to bring in refugees from other LBs that come in contact with Light Barrier(100 Norse Villages, Yaga, India, China), gain access to more Trees
Andromeda Fantasy Tree(Filled With Heroic Spirits Cores from every LB | Grand Holy Grail War)
Caliburn & Excalibur Combo(Counter Force Control) Depower Counter Guardians & Rogue Servant Support
Unnatural luck & protagonist EX Gone(No Counter Force Support, Servants happier with LB history), no more blind loyalty or shadow Servant summoning(against LB nature)
Fuyuki Ryuudou AntiSpirit Barrier(Around key facilities & as ambush)
Tower of Avalon | VOID | Moon_Cell | Angelica_Cage (Imprison Captured until LB permanent)
Mash, Fou, Lisa Connection(Further depower PHH_Mash, Tracking)
Army Navy Aery Spacy Voidy
Greatest Strategy=LB_Servants synchronize, like EMIYA & Shirou, with PHH_Servants, forced to admit which is better, get attached due to LB memories & wishes fulfilled.