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The Attic

So I went back to MBAACC...

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I haven't really played Actress Again since Type Lumina came out. So I decided to try my hand at it again.
Turns out, MBTL is great training for its predecessor: I can officially beaten Archetype Earth crescent and full (against the computer, which is mor competent than TL's).
In retrospect, MBAACC is a better game, mostly. Those auto-combo thingies were aggravating from the start, since they are super easy to accidentally trigger when playing (and they inadvertently nerf Kohaku), but I do think the moon skills and grab lunge were exactly what the game needed, and playing without them feels like playing Sonic without jumping.

Suprisingly, when I started MBTL, I was terrible at Kohaku. So I switched to Hisui and got pretty good. Now with MBAACC, I might be slightly better at crescent Hisui than Crescent Kohaku, although I can still play her pretty well, especially compared to her remake incarnation.


  1. Cypher Attic's Avatar
    By the way, can the community edition be played without handing out my IP address. Playing against real players is more fun and I occasionally learn tricks from having by butt handed to me, but I generally think its a bad idea to give out your IP to random people.
  2. Petrikow's Avatar
    It's a legendary game.

    In so many aspects.