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Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest entry Aprill: Bezalel

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Bezalel [בְּצַלְאֵל], Caster (crafter of the tabernacle)



True Name: Bezalel [בְּצַלְאֵל]
Qualifying Servant Classes: Caster
Source: Old Testament
Region: Israel
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Hidden Attribute: Heaven
Armament: Various Crafting Tools
Likes: Crafting, Neatness
Dislikes: Untidiness, Poor Craftmanship
Summoning Catalyst: One of his works (although if the [Ark of the Covenant] is used for this, rather than one of his myriad of lesser works, he will be quite upset with his Master)

Strength: E
Agility: E
Endurance: E
Mana: E
Luck: E

Bezalel sets to his craft with zealotry, for God (Abrahamic) is with him in each and every one of his works. However, Bezalel is humble when praised as he recognizes that his creations are actually the workings of the Alpha and the Omega. Bezalel is a stickler for details and extremely critical of anything he considers art, which makes sense when considering the standards he needed to achieve (i.e. massive OCD, imagine Death the Kid from Soul Eater). If everything is neat and tidy, and he isn't working on a project then he is a laid back dude, but such circumstances are unfortunately fleeting.

Class Skills
Item Construction: -
  • The Item Construction Skill is lost in favor of Teachings of God (Craft): EX

Territory Creation: -
  • Territory Creation Skill consumed by Tabernacle: EX Noble Phantasm

Personal Skills
Revelation: -
  • The Revelation Skill is lost in favor of Teachings of God (Craft): EX

Teachings of God (Craft): EX
  • Bezalel directly received enlightenment from God (Abrahamic). Bezalel was filled with the Spirit of God, with Wisdom, with Understanding, with Knowledge, and with all kinds of Skills, so as to construct the Tabernacle and to build the Ark of the Covenant. Bezalel was then appointed Chief Artisan of Moses and the Most High. As per Bezalel's Legends, this skill enables him to create sacred furniture, holy oil, holy incense, and priestly vestments of Divine quality. Furthermore, the Divine permitted for Bezalel's assistant and workmen to receive Item Creation: EX so long as they are working on tasks of construction that Bezalel has set for them.

Noble Phantasm
Tabernacle (Support/Covenant/Anti-World): EX
Prior to the construction of the Temple of Jerusalem, the Tabernacle was what housed God(Abrahamic) on earth. Within this place one may both directly make offerings to the Lord and to directly beseech the Almighty for a Miracle. While active, the selected territory could be considered to be within the presence of a being with Connection to the Root: EX, Divinity: EX, Independent Action: EX, and Miracle: EX. However, before one unleashes this Noble Phantasm, it is imperative to remember the fates of Nadab and Abihu, as well as the fate of Job, for within the Tabernacle the Father is as He was prior to uniting with the mercy of Jesus.

God (Abrahamic) chose Bezalel as the Chief Artisan and imbued into him the capabilities to create Miracles. The most famous of the Miracles he created are the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. As the Ancient of Days filled Bezalel with the Hoy Spirit, Bezalel technically counts as an Archangel, but as his flesh was that of a mortal man. Thus, since the Architect sought to wield Bezalel for craft and not war, Bezalel has rather unimpressive Statistics.

After receiving God's Miracle he served Moses for the rest of his days as Chief Artisan. If Bezalel permitted himself the vice of hubris he would state that his proudest achievement during his tenure as Chief Artisan was his mentorship of his apprentice Oholiab who helped him build the Tabernacle and the Ark.

My first pick was going to be Ehud, as I don't think there will be many Assassins, but he was already done in Create-A-Servant by Funderfullness.

Luckily I don't think anyone had done Bezalel before and he seems to be an interesting character. There should still be plenty of Bezalel's sacred furniture, holy incense, and holy oil left over such that he wouldn't be too hard to summon, but he will definitely require an adept master to properly utilize him in a Holy Grail War. Alternatively, Nasu could put a throw-away joke character in as a Master (summons Bezalel, has him immediately activate his Noble Phantasm, everyone freaks out as Jehovah manifests, Master offends Jehovah and gets incinerated, Jehovah reminds everyone to play nice, Jehovah and Bezalel dissipate as the Master is dead).

There are three main ways to use Bezalel (if a Master was actually smart enough not to immediately suicide via Jehovah):
First is to turtle up and utilize Bezalel to create a vast amount of holy offerings. Once they accrue enough offerings to theoretically appease Jehovah they activate the Tabernacle and try to win the war through wishing. Unfortunately this route is only open to Masters that are devout adherents to one of the Abrahamic faiths, as well as being subject to Jehovah's whims, and rather weak to getting Zerg rushed or assassinated. Although, if this works one could potentially have an infinite Holy Grail as long as they can continue to appease Jehovah.

Second is for the Master to work with Bezalel to create holy weapons and armor, such the Master and Servant can directly fight in the Holy Grail War. Considering that priestly vestments and holy oil are within his purview something like holy power armors or holy hand grenades should be doable. This is the safest option as it grants both the Master and Bezalel personal strength and protection from Assassins as well as reducing the reliance on Jehovah's whims. Unfortunately this is also the path that takes the longest to accumulate enough offerings to even begin trying to safely activate the Tabernacle.

Third is for the Master, Bezalel, and the Master's underlings to start arms dealing in holy relics. Instead of focusing on personal power or on rushing to Jehovah for a wish, choose to rely on the Master's charisma and business acumen to make alliances and thin the competition. This option heavily relies upon the wealth, resources, and business skill of the Master prior to summoning the Servant. As this intends to make the most of Bezalel's ability to teach and empower his helpers this has the potential to scale to an absurd degree. However, the mercenary utilization of holy relics means that a Master should mentally greatly raise their perception of the minimum threshold of holy offerings required to safely activate Bezalel's noble phantasm (as Jehovah is generally not a fan of such behavior).

Storylines that could be implemented with Bezalel as a Servant in a Holy Grail War:
First is something resembling the relationship between Black☆Star and Death the Kid from Soul Eater, where the Master teaches Bezalel that things a re less strict since Jesus's sacrifice and Bezalel teaches his Master the importance of diligence and respect.

Second is to have the Master be a devout practitioner of an Abrahamic faith and witness the interactions as the Master and Servant reconcile the differences in their practices through the drift of time.

Third is for a Master to be rather Spartan and ignorant of the fine arts, as they are solely dedicated to their mission. However through the course of the story they learn to appreciate the arts from seeing the skill and dedication that Bezalel put into it.