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Create A Singularity / Lostbelt Updated version

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Subtitle: LORD HAACHAMA-SAMA's Kitchen
Lost Depth: HAACHAMA

Biblically Accurate Kanata Acquiring a Sacrifice for LORD HAACHAMA-SAMA
Origin: Dec. 19th 2020
Location: Japan
Crypter: Biblically Accurate HoloMems
Fantasy Tree: The Hololive Rabbit Hole

History: This Lostbelt diverged from that of Greater History of Man when the V-Tuber Akai Haato (Haachama) accidently killed and consumed the Spider God Anansi instead of a Tarantula. Having tasted God-flesh SHE would not be sated until SHE had gorged HERSELF to bursting. While LORD HAACHAMA-SAMA was Vore-ing HER way up the Divine Food-chain SHE noticed the timeline being rejected. To prevent this set of HER clones from being annihilated (as well as the fact that SHE was mid way through Metatron and it would be a huge disappointment if SHE couldn't fully enjoy the way he made such delightful popping noises whenever SHE tore a new chunk of God-Metal out of his flesh and swallowed it down into HER gullet), SHE utilized some of HER digested power to manifest the Biblically Accurate versions of the other hololive members. After SHE finished eating Metatron (and picking up a side dish of Daibutsu on HER way), SHE joined up with the Biblically Accurate HoloMems in an offcolab where they condensed the faith in Hololive that had been generated during the 2020 pandemic into the Fantasy Tree known as The Hololive Rabbit Hole (of course SHE took breaks along the way to start snacking on Jehovah). Unfortunately, shortly after completing the the Fantasy Tree, LORD HAACHAMA-SAMA over finally filled HERSELF to bursting with Divine flesh and exploded (turns out that it wasn't a good idea to combine the spicy heat of Pele with the oiliness of "in G.O.D. (Guns Oil and Drugs) we trust"). Alas, as SHE was a being of myriad clones, the various oozing flesh lumps that had burst out of HER corpse once again began feasting as they tried to reconstitute their former Glory. Now humanity spends its time watching LORD HAACHAMA-SAMA live stream her battle royale of eating one another along with the remaining Deities being used as side dishes, with the Biblically Accurate HoloMems providing color commentary and ensuring that there are no rebellions or interference with the process.
Is posted in honor of the April theme of Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest and I was inspired by the linked reddit post