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Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest: 2nd entry

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Zacchaeus, Who Rode The Fig Into The Sight Of The Lord


True Name: Zacchaeus
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy, Homunculus, Human, Servant
Origin: New Testament
Armament: pouch of Minas
Qualifying Classes: Ruler & Rider

Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: B
Mana: A
Luck: A+++
NP: ???

Origin of Zacchaeus:
Woe was upon the Fae, as the Age of Fairies was in the distant past, the ending of the Age of the Gods was nigh, and the dreaded Age of Man was soon to be heralded by the Messiah. Thus, with the blessing of the Lord upon those who inherited the blood of Abraham, the Fairies of the Levant schemed to survive into the coming age. Therefore, the various Fae set forth efforts such that there were children born, which were both Sons of Abraham and inheritors of the Fair Folkís lineage. Unfortunately, many of these children were malformed as the gifts of the Fairies are not easy burdens to bear, yet still prevailed many a hybrid managed to struggle through. Alas, none of these children lived ordinary lives as the Fairy Blood compelled a wilder fate upon them all.

Zacchaeus the Sinner:
Zacchaeus inherited the Human ability to interact with mortals and her Fatherís occupation, while from her Fairy heritage she inherited the Small Folkís stature, their Fairy Eyes, and the shared conceptual affinity of the Small Folk. From a young age she aided her father, by using her Fairy Eyes to uncover the wealth that townsfolk and nobles would attempt to conceal from a taxman. This allowed for her father, and then later herself, to accrue notably larger hauls of wealth from the citizens than the other tax collectors. Although Zacchaeus and her family took not a Gerah more than was decreed by law, the law was written supposing a certain amount of the citizens wealth remained concealed. Thus, Zacchaeus both refined her Concept of Wealth and the reputation of a sinner.

Salvation of Zacchaeus:
Zacchaeus always remembered the plight of the Fae, even with her vast accumulated wealth she was unable to foresee a solution. However, she was able to learn of the coming of the Messiah to the town in which she lived. She sought to bear witness to this Messiah so that perhaps she could be enlightened on what could be done for her people. Unfortunately, her initial attempt was thwarted by the vast crowd and her short stature (as only a brave and foolish taxman would dare entrust their safety in the press of an anonymous crowd). Luckily there was a nearby cospe of sycamore-fig trees for her to climb, so as to bear witness to the coming of the Lord.

Upon the arrival of the Lord, she witnessed His Truth with her Fairy Eyes and from her height she entered into the sight of the Messiah. With this meeting the Messiah honored her with calling her by name and by allowing her to house him. However, the crowd murmured of her reputation and how it would muddy the Messiah by association. Decisively Zacchaeus tore out Greed and Temptation from her Concept of Wealth as she swore oath to the crowd, the Messiah, and the Lord above that half her wealth would go to the poor and 4 times what was owed to any that she had wronged. In reward for her decisive actions Messiah bestowed 10 gifts upon her, of which the first 4 were in public and the remainder within her estate. First is to recognize her as Saved. Second is to recognize her as a true inheritor of the heritage of Abraham. Third, He bestowed upon her a direct reading of the Parable of Ten Minas in His own voice upon her. Fourth, He allowed her to host him in her house. Fifth, He spoke to her of Paradise and how she might find shelter for the Fairies within there. Sixth, He spoke of Jacobís Ladder and how one might ascend into Paradise (much like how through her climbing, she ascended into the sight of the Lord and received Salvation). Seventh, He guided her in the refinement of the Jacobís Limbs martial physique (such that she could more fully emulate the climbing of the ladder). Eighth, He advised her on how a Servant of the Lord could wield His parables to guide the Fae to Paradise. Ninth, He accepted her oath of Servitude. Tenth, He gave her Ten Minas.

Zacchaeus the Servant:
She followed the advice of the Lord and guided the remaining Fair Folk of the Levant. She ascended the Ladder/tree into paradise/"the sight of the Lord" with them. However, these were not the end of her labors. In the millennia since she has been a backing force of mana and capital to see the spread of the faith and the enactment of the will of her Lord. As she is still alive the only way she can participate in the Holy Grail War is by creating Homunculi to act in her place (although this version of her would lack the accumulated Wealth of worthy deeds which her True Body uses to empower her Parable).

Class skills
Independant Actionn: B
~This Zacchaeus is a Homunculi built to serve in the Holy Grail War. Her True Body never died and instead used the Messiah's guidance to climb into paradise. Thus this clone can still siphon small portion of the True Body's mana in order to enact the will of the Messiah. (In her True Body this Skill would upgrade to Independent Manifestation: EX)
Riding: D
~Although she rode the Sycamore-Fig tree into the sight of the Messiah and she rode the Ladder to Paradise, the latter feat was not recorded in human history and tree riding is of lesser prominence in being afforded the Skill. In the end her skill in climbing is recognized although her skill in steering a mount is not.
Magic Resistance: B
~As one who was Saved by the Messiah, the foul Magecraft of modernity has very little power to act on her.
Divinity: C
~As someone that was personally saved by the Messiah, with strong Fairy Heritage, has received Parable of Ten Minas (Luke 19:12-27) from Him, and has climbed into Paradise, she is capable of such feats.
Fairy Eyes: EX
~Inherent as a Small Folk, were used to bear witness to both the Messiah and then to Paradise.

Personal Skills
Jacob's limbs: D
~From the guidance of the Messiah and further refined to climb into Paradise. However, as a Homunculi she lacks the True Body's accomplishments and must one more accumulate wealth and acclaim. (Skill increases in tandem with Golden Rule (Wealth & Body), the True Body has Jacob's Limbs: EX)
Protection of the Faith: D
~Half her Wealth is donated to the poor and she pays back four times what is owed to any she has cheated. These oaths she maintains even after almost 2,000 years. Her unwavering Faith protects her from temptation and from harm. Although, as she lacks the True Body's accumulated Millennia of Service she must once more hold herself to the grindstone in Service of the Faith. (Skill increases as per Ten Minas (Luke 19:12-27), the True Body has Protection of the Faith: A)
Golden Rule (Wealth & Body):
~This skill has two aspects. First is to symbolize her vast Wealth which she has refined into a concept. Second is to acknowledge the vast amounts of Wealth and resources spent to create this Homunculi. However, Zacchaeus's concept of Wealth is still scarred from tearing out half her Wealth and especially as a Homunculi cut off from the source of her Wealth. (Skill increases as per Ten Minas (Luke 19:12-27), the True Body has Golden Rule: EX instead)

Noble Phantasm:
~Ten Minas (Luke 19:12-27) (conceptual) rank: ???

This is a Parable that the Messiah gifted to Zacchaeus. She speaks it in His voice. The Parable has several uses, but in combat it is used for: (1) execute those who worked against the Lord, (2) take Mana/Noble Phantasms/Physique/Resources from those who hoarded/misused such things, (3) intimidation, (4) manifest a city of Fairy Servants to fight on her behalf. Outside of combat it is used to refine her Protection of the Faith and Golden Rule (Wealth & Body) Skills. (or the Golden Rule skill instead if it is the True Body)

The Parable's power grows as she invests the Lord's 10 Minas in matters of enacting his will and spreading the Faith. Although she must accrue exponentially more resources/aid the followers of the Messiah for each increase in the rank of this Skill. (starts around E-, although the True Body has it A+)

took to long and this was all I could get done in time...