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Lancer on Rattlesnake Mountain

True Name: Timothy Merrick
Species: Servant, Human
Likes: Folk Songs, His Scythe, Honest Labor
Dislikes: Poisons, Snakes
Type: Heroic Servant
Source: Historical Fact
Region: USA, North America
Alignment: Neutral Good
Hidden Attribute: Human

Strength: C
Endurance: B
Agility: C
Mana: E
Luck: E
Noble Phantasm: A

Class Skills
Magic Resistance (E Rank): Since Timothy Merrick did not have any abilities that can resist Magecraft, his Magic Resistance remains at the minimum level of E. Furthermore, due to his Legend, he receives additional damage from attacks which have their source in either Serpents or Poison.

Personal Skills
Battle Continuation (C Rank): In his Legend he was able to slay the Serpent that killed him, return to his residence from the Field, and seek medical aid, all while suffering a lethal dose of Rattlesnake Venom (Poison).
Weakness (Poison & Serpent) (B Rank): His Legend is a Cautionary Folk Song about the dangers of Poisons and Serpents. Thus, his Resistance to Poisons and Serpents is one Rank lower and the damage he receives from such sources is one Rank higher.

Noble Phantasm
Serpent Mowing Scythe: Mow the Field, Slay the Serpent
Type: Anti-Field, Anti Unit
Rank: A
Range: 1-3
Targets: 1
This Noble Phantasm is a Natural Bane to Fields and Serpents, their Resistance is treated as being two Ranks lower when Targeted by this Noble Phantasm.

Rattlesnake Mountain: A Cautionary Folk Song
Type: Conceptual
Rank: A
Range: 0-10
Targets: Unlimited
This Noble Phantasm possess a natural Territory Infringement property as a reflection of being the oldest Cautionary Folk Song of the USA. This Noble Phantom passively causes all Bounded Fields (and their equivalents) to be Conceptually perceived as Fields that the Serpent Mowing Scythe can cut. However, in return, any portions of the Field cut away in this manner have a Luck-based (using the owner of the Field's Luck or Timothy Merrick's Luck if there is no owner) chance to reform into a hostile Rattlesnake Golem (this golem is treated as a Serpent).

The song about his death, On Springfield Mountain (later became Rattlesnake Mountain), has served for centuries to warn about the dangers of tall grass and trying to suck out venom. Thus, he, who would have originally died in obscurity, has managed to become a Hero who has saved tens of thousands of lives. His song is one of the earliest American Folk Songs, and is the earliest Cautionary Folk Song of the USA.

The prolonged and agonizing death, which also led to the death of lover, has caused him develop not only Ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes), but also a hatred of anything related to Serpents in general. When faced with fighting a Serpent or a Serpent related Servant a Master should expect an extremely emotional response and for Timothy Merrick to possess reduced rationality.

A rather low tier Servant (very little mana upkeep), who holds promise as a potential Counter to some of the more BS Servant abilities (although even a small cut to a powerful enough Bounded Field // Reality Marble could result in a lethal Serpent encounter). If the Master is skilled in Serpent taming, then a great team could be made (even though the summoned Rattlesnake Golems are hostile they are cut off from their source and thereby are no longer inherently friendly to the owner of the Field).