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Theory on Saint Graph Designation: Stranger

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The following is an excerpt from a paper published within Clock Tower's Department of Summoning, written on the topic of the potential existence of an undiscovered Extra Class.

Theory concerning the qualification and manifestation of a Saint Graph Designation "Stranger", especially within the context of Ghost Liners

Eulyphis Faculty, Department of Summoning

Kana Tenou Metanovae


This thesis is concerned with the underlying theories of Designation as pertaining to Saint Graphs, particularly concerning the category of Servant-type Ghost Liner. I engage with the existence of Saint Graphs lacking a Designation, as well as the circumstances within which they can arise. I elaborate on the mechanisms through which Saint Graph Designations, such as the standard classes of Coronal-Rank Servants, delineate aspects of a spirit when manifested. Finally, using the Alter Ego class as a basis for demonstration, I prove the theoretical existence of a class I have titled "Stranger" that could be produced through the inclusion of "junk data".

[This portion of the paper is cut for brevity.]

5.2 An introduction to the qualities of the Stranger class
The Saint Graph Designation "Stranger", according to the Alter Ego-based theoretical model I have laid out prior, would have a number of interesting properties. In short, the class would possess anything extraneous to the qualified classes of the Heroic Spirit, in addition to the irreducible core of the Spirit Origin.

This class would be applicable to any Heroic Spirit, for example, but also to a number of other classifications of spiritual entities that would ordinarily not qualify for the status of Servant - for instance, Wraiths, Phantoms, and so forth. I conjecture1 that it is plausible for vastly less massive spiritual existences such as ghosts, malignant information, or even living humans to obtain Saint Graphs through the junk data used for the Stranger class.

The Stranger class would have no singular coherent aspect in the way that a class like Saber or Ruler might. Being composed of leftover anecdotes that do not fit into any other class, it would thus possess no inherent Class Skills. This reduces the overall size of the Saint Graph that would allow the possession of many more Personal Skills than most classes. The possession of these depend on the orthodoxy of the Heroic Spirit within the context of their standard classes, and thus is likely to wildly vary between the Heroic Spirit in question.

Due to the nature of the junk data being that which is extraneous, a number of unusual Saint Graph structures will no doubt result. There are a number of elements of legends, especially in regard to Heroic Spirits with a large quantity of anecdotes, that would evidently qualify for skills or Noble Phantasms that simply do not fall into any viable aspect.

5.2.1 An example, Lancelot du Lac
Lancelot du Lac is a Heroic Spirit qualifying for a broad number of classes. For the purposes of this demonstration, we will consider only the Saber, Shielder, and theoretical Stranger.

The Saber-class Lancelot du Lac self-evidently possesses the sword Arondight as a Noble Phantasm. This Noble Phantasm is so central to his legend that it is unlikely to be the case that there exists a class in which he does not possess it. As such, for the sake of this example, we will assume that Lancelot possesses Arondight in all possible classes, and as such, would also possess it in the Stranger class.

However, the Shielder-class Lancelot du Lac would also self-evidently possess the Silver Shields that are known for amplifying his strength during the conquest of Dolorous Garde. These shields would certainly form the basis of a Noble Phantasm. However, they lack ubiquity within his story, and would thus not be found anywhere outside of the Shielder class. The Saber-class Lancelot would likely not possess them, and thus, they cannot be considered the core of his legend. However, nor are they extraneous to all classes, as Shielder would carry them, and so cannot be called junk data. As such, a Stranger-class Lancelot would not carry the Silver Shields.

For the third and final example, note the tale in which Lancelot learned his name by the lifting of a stone that was magically assigned to him and was inscribed with his identity. While this stone, specifically tied to Lancelot and his heroic legend intrinsically, would absolutely qualify as a Noble Phantasm in his possession, there would be no class in which he would actually carry this stone. As such, the very nature of the Stranger class would be to manifest Lancelot in such a way that he would be able to make use of the magic stone while a Servant.

To summarise, a Stranger-class Lancelot would possess his core (e.g. the sword that he carries in all classes) and extra unused data (e.g. the stone he carries in no classes), but would not carry anything that is strictly assigned to a limited range of classes (e.g. the shields that he only carries in some classes).

1 I was not able to cohesively demonstrate this in my initial modelling outlined prior in Chapter 5.1, and I have yet to perform the necessary further modelling to prove one way or another if this is the case or not. My current hypothesis, which will require further testing, is that this would vary depending on the degree of junk information attached to the spirit.

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