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Maddening Sea of Light, Xanadu [Servant Showcase]

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Maddening Sea of Light, Xanadu
Servant Showcase!

With Xanadu finally done, here's some small sheets for the Servants involved. Mainly, the four that played a large role in the plot: Kublai Khan, Sun Wukong, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Abdul Al Hazred. I'll put up Libera's Mage Sheet on the Mage thread when it's ready and maybe sneak it into the Xanadu post while I'm at it.

Kublai Khan

Name: Kublai Khan
Class: Ruler
Alternate Class: Archer, Rider
Source: Real History
Region: Mongolia
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Master: None
Strength:B Agility:B Luck:A
Endurance:C Mana:B+ Noble Phantasm:A+
Kublai Khan is the grandson of the conqueror Ghengis Khan, and one of the most well known emperors of the Mongolian Empire alongside his grandfather. Kublai is famous for his conquest of China and becoming the first ruler of the Yuan Dynasty to rule over all of China. Of course, his most famous legacy is his resplendant and oppulent summer palace of Xanadu, which has become the subject of much poetry and literature since Marco Polo's visit to the East. He is summoned by the OOPArt as the overseer of the Alf Grail War and works alongside Libera to ensure the war's completion. However, after the zombie outbreak from the Color Out of Space and the reveal of Libera's true plan, Kublai teams up with Chaldea to unravel the Horizon Gate and save the future.
Class Skills:
God's Resolution: C
As is the case with many rulers of the far east in his time, especially Mongolia and China, Kublai believes his reign to be a result of the Mandate of Heaven. As is Heaven's will, his empire must spread and prosper. His time spent as a successfull conqueror and the legends of his empire's oppulence and prosperity have qualified him for the Ruler Class.
True Name Descernment: A
Within his territory, it is only natural the ruler has a registry of his citizens. By this principle, Kublai has gained the ability to discern the true names of servants summoned within Xanadu.
Personal Skills:
Golden Rule: A
For the time it remained stable, Kublai Khan's empire was reknowned for its prosperity. Natural recourses, precious minerals, animals, and more; his empire was abundant and resplendant. Poets and authors the world over have written literature expressing the prosperity of his empire, especially his summer palace of Xanadu.
Domain of Life: C+
Another skill tied to Kublai's image of oppulence and magnified by the River Alf and the properties of the Chinese Horizon Gate. This allows Kublai to feed some magical energy into living things, allowing him a low rank manipulation of plant and wildlife.
Conqueror of Philosophy: C
A specialty of the Mongolian conquerors. They assimilated and encouraged the growths of the religions and philosophies of the nations they conquered. Kublai gathered thinkers from all over his empire to improve it where some conquerors would punish revolutionary thinkers who would oppose the standard culture of the empire. Still, this is a common trait among respected leaders anyways, "the ability to learn and improvise from others". So, this has manifested as a skill of average rank that allows Kublai to learn some of the skills of enemy servants albeit heavily downgraded.
Noble Phantasm:
Wellspring of Earthly Bounty

Rank: B+
Classification: Anti-Army
Range: 1~10
Max. Targets: 100 people
A representation of Kublai's ultimate achievement as an emperor, at least in the eyes of humanity which manifests as an ornate ring that floats around him while displaying the image of a lush garden within. Normally, it'd be a simple invigorating aura that strengthens the Noble Phantasms of other servants using the logic of "Xanadu is an oppulent land of resplendant treasures" and seeing the Noble Phantasms (specifically the weapons) of the servants within his territory as its treasures that must be made "resplendant". It is essentially a downgraded version of a certain Archer's Gate of Babylon with the limitation that he can only use the weapons of servants summoned within the borders of Xanadu and that he can only use one weapon at a time. However, due to the properties of the Horizon Gate and the River Alf, Kublai's Noble Phantasm now allows him to flood a certain area with the waters of the River Alf, covering it in the envigorating life force of the Spirit River which enhances his Domain of Life skill even further.

Sun Wukong

Name: Sun Wukong
Class: Avenger
Alternate Classes: Berzerker, Lancer
Source: Literature
Region: China
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Master: Libera Echter Vandegren

Strength: A+ Agility: B Luck: A
Endurance:A Mana:C Noble Phantasm:EX

Sun Wukong is the mischievous Monkey King who waged war on the heavens in the famous Chinese Novel Journey to the West. He was a monkey born from a stone egg on Flower Fruit mountain, a remote location on a mystical island. This island was the resting place of vessel from beyond the stars, an technologically advanced relic which contained all the necessities of survival and more . Upon claiming this vessel for himself, Sun was declared the Monkey King by the island's animal inhabitants. Overtime, through his various victories in battle and his act of achieving immortality, he became extremely confident and arrogant. Eventually, he declared himself the "Great Sage Equal to Heaven" and waged war on the Court of Heaven, managing to fight his way to the Jade Emperor before he was tricked and sealed away by the Buddha. While Sun Wukong would later be unsealed as a disciple of Xanzang, travel to the west, and go through much character development, the version of Sun summoned by Libera was his old self before his sealing. Libera, taking advice from Zazari Nahui, used a Stone Egg as a catalyst and grew Sun Wukong to maturity using the energy of the defeated Servants in the Alf Grail War, allowing for a technicality to occur.

Class Skills:
Avenger: C
Because of his waging persistent war towards the heavens out of a grudge (albeit a petty one), Sun Wukong can technically qualify as an Avenger. The more you try to beat him down, the angrier and stronger he returns, especially if he recieves damage from Divine Spirits or those with divine power.
Oblivion Correction: A+
Sun Wukong's multiple instances of attaining Immortality allows him to survive almost anything and climb back up from defeat. This ability is tied to one of his Noble Phantasms. His determination to defeat his opponents keeps him going and his immortality makes him tenacious. He's like a cockroach.
Self Replenishment: A
Because of his connection to the Baghdad Battery and the River Alf, Sun Wukong has a secondary source of mana he can draw from aside from that of his master. This makes him a veritable powerhouse until his rage is satisfied, alas, it also made him a precious meal for the Color out of Space which devoured him in his moment of hubris.
Personal Skills:
Art of the Earthly Multitudes: EX
Upon first gaining immortality, Sun Wukong was warned by his teacher that he would be punished several times by the heavens for his accomplishments. In order to avoid this, he was taught the art of the Earthly Multitudes or the ability to shapeshift and change sizes. Sun can even transform to such a level that he can turn his hairs into clones of himself.
Divine Core (False): B
His many feats of immortality have raised him on a level equal to that of the gods of the Chinese Pantheon and that's just his durability, to the point where only the Buddha was able to seal him. Still, he's not really a god, merely a mortal who achieved a similar condition through training and modification.

Noble Phantasm:
Iron Usurper of Heaven and Earth
Ruyi Jingu Bang

Rank: B+
Classification: Anti-Fortress
Range: 1~100
Max. Targets: 100
Sun Wukong's main weapon, an iron pillar plucked from the Western Ocean Dragon King's palace. It is capable of changing sizes, making it a devastating weapon. But that's not its only function. Due to its original function as a "pillar" supporting the western oceans, it can be considered as an anchor that tethered the ancient oceans of China in place. However, in Sun's hands, this primordial support beam's original function takes considerable magical energy to utilize. Libera planned on using this Noble Phantasm to pierce a whole into the Reverse Side of the World and conquer it.
Rebirth from the Void
Sun Wu Kong

Rank: EX
Classification: Anti-Unit (Self)
Range: N/A
Max. Targets: 1
A Noble Phantasm embodying Sun Wukong's many escapades where he achieved immortality and a play on the meaning of his name, "Awakened unto Void". Since immortality is technically something one can only achieve once, his ingestion of the Peaches of Immortality, his drinking of Lao Tzu's elixir, and his act of erasing his name from Hell's registry have manifested as an incredible durability and an ability that resembles a sort of hibernation. Similar to his incubation in the Stone Egg, upon reaching a near death state, Sun Wukong goes into a catatonic state. Should his master call upon his true name, this Noble Phantasm to activates, causing Sun to rapidly absorb the surrounding magical energy and bring himself back to life. Of course, most sources of magical energy would be unable to return him to his original strength, thus Libera had to use multiple Command Seals to revive Sun to the right amount of strength needed to fulfill their plans after being eaten by the Color Out of Space.

Lee Hervey Oswald

Name: Lee Harvey Oswald
Class: Archer
Source: Real History
Region: United States
Alignment: Lawful Good
Master: Unnamed Journalist
Strength: D Agility: B Luck: C+
Endurance: D Mana: E Noble Phantasm: C
Lee Harvey Oswald is the man charged with assassinating US President John F Kennedy... or did he? He did... right? But this man seems far to hapless and unassuming for such a grim act... is he? Archer is a naive everyman with an idealistic sense of justice... or was he? Due to the contested nature of the crime and the many conspiracies revolving around it, Lee has been summoned as a hapless "average joe" with an uncharacteristic killing intent who seems to surround himself in suspicion, unfortunately. He wants to be "hero" who saves the Earth and is easy to manipulate. Put him in good company however, and he can be a surprisingly reliable ally. What a guy!
Class Skills:
Independent Action: A
The mysterious nature of his crime has affected Lee's Saint Graph in multiple ways. As a result, his skills focus on distancing him from the action as much as possible, at least by association. He can go for very long without any magical energy from his master and can act on his own with ease, allowing him to blend in with normal society.
Presence Concealment: C+
His seemingly unassuming and hapless nature makes people naturally dismiss Lee as a bystander, allowing him to sneak into heavily secured areas and pass himself as nothing more than another part of the background. That is, of course, until he does something worth noticing.
Personal Skills:
Innocent Monster (Conspiracy): A
While Oswald was convicted and arrested for the crime of killing President Kennedy and that fact is widely accepted, there are still many who believe he was framed or tricked. Some who knew him personally claimed he was too "soft" to commit murder, at least knowingly. This has affected his skills and his personality to a degree making him either the perfect scapegoat, or the perfect actor?
Aiming: B
Killing a high security target like a President successfully requires some marksmanship skills, of course, there's also the fact that Oswald was a former US Marine. Impressive.
Master of Conspiracy: D+
As the center of a well known conspiracy theory, and being that this theory seems to be his only other legacy that sets him apart from other political assassins, the universe will have a tendency to bend over to make Oswald's actions and intentions seem ambiguous and mysterious. Putting him into the role of either a master killer and marksman, or an unfortunate scapegoat in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Noble Phantasm:
Innocent Assassination
Paranoid Shot-Fatal

Rank: C
Classification: Anti-Unit
Range: 1~50
Max. Targets: 1 Person
Lee Harvey Oswald's Noble Phantasm which embodies the concept of a perfectly concocted conspiracy. Framed? Innocent? Guilty? Once the shot is dealt, the true suspect's identity becomes muddled and shared among those present. The perfect distraction, no? Additionally, it's a shot that is guaranteed to hit the target in their weakest physical point.

Abdul Al Hazred

Name: Abdul Al Hazred
Class: Berzerker
Alternate Class: Caster
Source: Literature
Region: Middle East/United States
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Master: Unnamed Russian Agent
Strength: E Agility: D Luck: E
Endurance: B Mana: A+ Noble Phantasm: EX
"The Mad Arab" Abdul Al Hazred, once a poet from Yemen, who traversed the world and saw many wonders and terrors of the supernatural. He has survived the harsh heat of the Rub Al Khali Desert, seen the ancient secrets and terrifying creatures said to lurk in the Crimson Desert, and even claimed to have visited the ruins of the City of the Pillars, Iram where he gained knowledge of a long lost civilization that predated humanity. Near the end of his life, Abdul recorded his vast knowlege of Eldritch forces and the occult in a book called Al Azif, or as it's now known: The Necromonicon. He was summoned in the Alf Grail War by a Russian Agent tasked with sabotaging the research of the other participants. In the end, he is tasked by Foreigner of the End with growing the Color Out of Space and bringing calamity onto Xanadu.
Class Skills:
Madness Enhancement: A
Due to the many supernatural forces and otherworldly places Abdul has seen and recorded, he has been driven mad by knowledge beyond mankind's comprehension. It can be said that the deeper he delves into the mysteries he has recorded, the more powerful he is, and the more they chip away at his mind.
Personal Skills:
Herald of the Outer Gods: A+
A dedicated worshipper of the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods, specifically Cthulhu and Yog-Sothoth. The knowledge he has within the Necronomicon seems to allow them to whisper small suggestions and bits of chaotic emotion into him, guiding Abdul in fulfilling their unknowable designs. This allows him to retain some semblance of clarity despite his Madness Enhancement, especially when he is operating in direct pursuit of some end goal. Additionally, Abdul has knowledge of ancient curses and spells most would not be able to learn or master, and the ability to summon certain dimensional creatures and can use his abilities even when under mental interference. Abdul is guided and powered by his madness.
Ancient Knowledge: B
Abdul has glimpsed the history of civilizations that have predated humanity by centuries and knows of histories lost and old. All of it recorded in the Necronomicon. It gives him an understanding the nature of magics so old that not even most accomplished modern mages would be able to figure it out. Of course, at the cost of his sanity.
High Speed Incantations: C
As Poet, Abdul is sharp and quick tongued, capable of uttering long winding arias at a moments notice. He has an understanding of the deeper meaning of words and the subtleties of language.
Noble Phantasm:
Travelogue of the Dark Tapestry
Necronomicon: Al Azif

Rank: EX
Classification: Anti-Principle
Range: N/A
Max. Targets: N/A
The original Necronomicon written by Abdul Al Hazred near the end of his life, encompassing all the knowledge he had amassed over his travels. It is the source of his magic and his connection to the Outer Gods, like an instruction book for their will and an encyclopedia of otherwordly forces. Due it being known as the "repository of knowledge for the Cthulhu Mythos", not only does it contain written knowledge, but also allows Abdul to summon choice biological samples, substances, and even small artifacts from exotic lands and other dimensions, giving Abdul access to the materials for his rituals and spells that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
There is a second nature to this Noble Phantasm. While the cause of Abdul's death remains unknown, one theory posits that he was killed by some invisible creature and devoured. While the reason is unknown, it's possible this was a price for some piece of knowledge that Abdul had recorded. Thus, anyone who possesses the Necronomicon for long enough will be stalked and hunted by an invisible beast, detectable only by the maddening noises it emits in the target's head and the faint magical signature it emits.

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