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On Updates, and the Lack of Them.

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All right, short blog post this time.

As all of you have probably noticed, I have not updated much of my written work recently except for my shorts for the drabble dump I maintain. This is (for me, at least) the most glaringly obvious with Fellows, mostly because I had that on some kind of monthly schedule and I am now like... two months behind on that. Gaaaaaaaah.

Anyway, basically, lack of recent updates for Steel, Rain, and Fellows can be contributed to school exams and school projects that are currently killing me dead. Finals are also just around the corner, so I can make no promises about anything, but hopefully next week I'll get some big stuff off my back and have some free time to actually work on updates.

When it gets to that, Fellows will probably be first, because it is behind like whoa. Then Rain, because I've neglected that poor story for the longest damn time. Which, sadly, bumps Steel down to last place for updates, but I have some stuff to smooth out with that anyway.

'Tis all for now. 'Til next time.

- Beams

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  1. Elf's Avatar
    I had figured that school had eaten you.
  2. Aiden's Avatar

    This, I know.

    I know all too well.

    I'm maintaining my drabble updates daily in spite of it, but then, I'm insane and have ADD.

    And I really should hunker down and get more work done.

    This weekend will be a bitch.
  3. Moczo's Avatar

    Oh, honey. Fanfiction is about the lowest tier of your responsibility ladder, so don't worry about it. Keep your life in order; your writing is worth waiting any amount of time for. ^_^
  4. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Hope things work out for those three fics, but don't rush yourself, Beam. ^^
  5. Ruu-tan's Avatar
    Do your best in finals, Beam! (I'm going to face mine next week anyway)