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Fate\last call - Servant Compendium

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Fate\last call
night, dawn, and the birth of stars

The following is a compendium of the champions who have answered their summons. For those who bind them, see the compendium of their Masters.

Name:  eHjtp4R.png
Views: 1540
Size:  17.4 KB False Saber
A fairylike, godlike forge incarnate, soaring on wings of swords.
Name:  pasjRFw.png
Views: 1566
Size:  18.5 KB True Saber
The greatest twilight, and the catalyst of a dawn.
Name:  Plii2co.png
Views: 637
Size:  14.8 KB Archer
A hound of war is the mother of romance.
Name:  vIUBy09.png
Views: 640
Size:  17.8 KB Lancer
The river-maiden dances swiftly across the plains of hell.
Name:  lmIRkZ4.png
Views: 637
Size:  18.2 KB Rider
Omnipotent mantle, innumerable sins, incalculable wisdom.
Name:  fFeJcI4.png
Views: 809
Size:  17.0 KB Caster
Sing of what is ordained, O shining sun.
Name:  UD6Q9G2.png
Views: 642
Size:  14.2 KB Assassin
There is no monster lurking in your shadow, only yourself.
Name:  qG7Z0NX.png
Views: 639
Size:  15.6 KB Berserker
I! Destroyer of the weak; degraded, I am meek.

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Fate\last call