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Roarin' 20s (Berserker)

Assorted personal Info
Class: Berserker
Species: Servant, Zeitgeist
Gender: female
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 57kg
3 sizes: B90/W74/H98
Blood type: unknown
Place of origin: The West
Birthday: January 1st 1920
Likes: 1920s Memorabilia, Alcohol, and Parties
Dislikes: 1930s, Bubbles, and Talk of Depression (Economic and Psychological)
True Name: Zeitgeist of the 1920s
Type: Wraith
Source: Historical Fact
Region: Americas and Western Europe
Alignment: Chaotic Insane
Hidden Attribute: Beast
Armament: Guns
Qualified Servant Classes: Berserker, Gunner
A Zeitgeist is a spirit of an era. Roarin' 20s is the manifestation of the era between 1920 and 1929 known as the Roaring 20s. However, as this era was killed by the Great Depression and wasn't subsequently maintained in a Lostbelt it is instead noted as a Wraith-like entity.

She has earned the Hidden Attribute: Beast due to the rampant irresponsible behavior that characterized her era and subsequently led into the Great Depression.

Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: D
Mana: A
Luck: EX

Class Skill(s)
Independent Action EX
As long as she is partying she requires no support from a Master.

Madness Enhancement EX
She manifests a fanatic love for parties and celebrations. She can only communicate with roaring noises; however the more inebriated one becomes (either through Alcohol or her Loss of Sanity Skill) the closer her roars sound to intelligible words.

Personal Skill(s)
Golden Rule (Wealth and Body) A
First is a representation of the wealth and decadence that earned the era its name and fame. She gradually accumulates a 24/7 party around her as well as slowly influencing the various economies to resemble that of the Roarin’ 20s (starting with those nearest her). Second is that her body is a physical manifestation of the eras of Beauty, Celebration, and Wealth. Provides her immunity to any effects that cause sleep or poison that are under rank A (thus alcohol can’t get her drunk unless it is highly magical).

Loss of Sanity B
Similar to Charisma A+, she exudes an aura beyond that of popularity and skill. Her natural charm is equivalent to the decadence that defined her era, in which governments recklessly deregulated big businesses and the Mafia blossomed into prominence. To be in her presence is to have entered a Speakeasy. Let the alcohol flow and the party shall never end!!!

Noble Phantasm(s)
Great Depression
Suicide Anti-Treasure
Range: Variable (potentially Limitless)
Targets: Everything in Range
The Great Depression was the end of an era, specifically it was the end of Roarin’ 20s. Thus when the Roarin’ 20s dies this Noble Phantasm activates. This Noble Phantasm is a dramatic reenactment of the onset of the Great Depression (Stock Market crashes, economic Bubbles Burst, loss of hope for the future, massive debt for everyone, etc.). The Range is based on how far her Golden Rule (Wealth and Body) has managed to spread and the percentage of manifestation is based on how closely those economies resemble the Roarin’ 20s. However, as a warning to her Master, it should be noted that her Noble Phantasm’s power extends to more than just money-based economies. In a Holy Grail War it extends to the mana upkeeps for various Servants, the number of Command Seals required for special actions, what wishes the Holy Grail can grant, any debts and favors owed and exchanged between Masters, etc.. If summoned by the Grand Order she affects Prisms (Mana, Rare, Pure, etc.), Saint Quarts, Friend Points, Gacha Rolls, Ascension Items, Skill Reinforcement Items, etc.. If summoned as the Servant of a Beast or as a Servant fighting a Beast, the Noble Phantasm can target any form of resource or investment that the Beast has made (including the Mana that sustains them and any Servants and/or Noble Phantasms they control). The Noble Phantasm will not trigger if she is unsummoned through the use of a Command Seal or if she is defeated in a manner that doesn’t kill her. A Command Seal can be used to guard a specified economy from the fallout of her Noble Phantasm (although this has to be done prior to the Noble Phantasm activating and doesn’t protect from any knock on effects received from the surrounding economies collapsing).

Idea was a servant who is great at parties, but also had an aspect of mutually assured destruction. As a Holy Grail War Summon her appearance demands an answer. Of course she is easily gimped by Servants that can trap her in stasis. She also has a massive weakness of being easily bribed. However as long as she exists she is constantly polluting her surrounding economies such that if she ever does activate her Noble Phantasm it is an even bigger deal.

if she got summoned to F/GO she could probably stay for a party or two and then once her Noble Phantasm is understood she is getting unsummoned and put on the banned list (that or she is kept permanently summoned and locked up in Chaldea so that she'll never activate)