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Horizon of Strange Stars: Cosmic Dump

Four Machine Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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So progress on Horizon Gate 2: Indus is going rlly well. The plot's been taken care of so all that's left is the are, and I'm going all out on that department xD. Here's some of the servants I'm planning on using, never expected I'd take it down this direction, but I'm glad I did. I present: The Four Machine Kings. They're machines merged with the Heroic Spirits of famous authors and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Top tier Eidolons if I do say so myself! They will play quite the role in Indus, ahhh I'm so hyped to finish it and post it. Alas, I commited myself to alot of artwork.

First off is Machine King Leo Tolstoy representing the Horseman of War. It was a pretty obvious choice for this one. I based the sword off of some rlly neat Card Art I found online from Cardfight Vangurd. After staring at an image of the Real Tolstoy for long enough, I think this is the closest Machine King to resembling the irl person, and that's already stretching it.

This is Machine King Rudyard Kipling representing the Horseman of Conquest. This one looks nothing like Kipling but I figured I might as well do one genderbend while I'm making servants. After reading his poem Mandalay, I figured Kipling would be a good choice to "genderbend". Technically, this isn't Kipling anyways, it's a robot possessed by Kipling.

The Machine King representing the Horseman of Famine is Charles Dickens. Cause alot of his works held themes of the struggles of the impoverished, a bit of irony to be the Horseman that brings famine. Maybe something is wrong with the Machine Kings. This is the one design I'm not very satisfied with, but oh well.

I was originally gonna go with John Keats or Edgar Allen Poe for this last one, but by some leap in logic, I convinced myself to choose Mary Shelley as the Horseman of Death... because Frankenstein's Monster is a reanimated hodge podge of corpses. I really liked how this designed turned out in the end.