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A correspondence on Amazons

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The following is an excerpt from a letter sent by a certain expeditionary to the Arctic Circle in March 1942.

Quote Originally Posted by Lexel Cindere
You really are set on this extra-terrestrial business, aren't you? If you had only been born a hundred years earlier, I'm sure Eltruse Verda Arthwhake would have been a founding name of Theosophy or whatever such poppycock Norwich deals in. I always felt that Magisfair's lockdown just because of a few bombings was excessive, but it's also probably the worst thing that could have happened to that conspiracy generator you call a brain, just because it drove you to join Brishisan.

I can assure you that the Amazons are almost certainly not of another planet. I doubt they have any relation to the Olympians. They are fundamentally attached to the Earth, so it would not make a lot of sense, would it? From my understanding, the Amazons stand on the border of mankind and nature. They are those who have elected to attune themselves to Earth and exist solely at the furthest reaches of Greater Human History. It is probably that there are civilisations that their people merged with in the past, and I except that is precisely what happened with the Scythians, but even Strabo notes that the Amazons retreat from the advancement of the human civilisation which marches on regardless of the Earth's wishes.

But I do not mean to imply by this explanation that they are an uncivilised people. They are human, after all, albeit humans who seem to be set on maintaining what little vestiges of ancient mankind they can. From what I have learned in preparation for this voyage, I daresay that their civilisation is a step beyond ours. While we have transitioned to consumption civilisation where they have not, they appear to have adopted a way of life not unlike the Atlasians. They demonstrate technologies of a similar complexity to our own nations, but in a way that draws from natural systems like geology and atmospheric cycles. For example, I am aware that they have mastered electrical energy by drawing from the aurora borealis. I have no doubt that they have all kinds of unusual Magecraft at their disposal as well, but I dread to see what weapons they have developed from their ever-warlike culture. Perhaps I will draft a full comparison against the United States once I am done here for your amusement?

That all aside, it seems the Mystery on which they rely cannot coexist within the blind spots of our common sense, only at its periphery. Columbus and Raleigh proved that they survived the dissolution of the Hellenic mythological system and its Texture, but this only means that the borders of what we would call "western civilisation" are now what they retreat from. You recall the reason that South America has an "Amazon rainforest", I hope. With the war approaching its height, I expect that the isles of ultima Thule will not remain unmapped, especially with the interest that Germany's leadership seems to be taking in them. This is why I am certain that this expedition is certain to be the last contact that we are likely to have with the Amazons for a long time. I challenge anyone to tell me with any measure of rightly-earned confidence where the Amazons will flee to next once their current dwelling is no longer at the border of the world map.

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