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Fate\last call - list of characters

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Fate\last call
night, dawn, and the birth of stars

The following is a compendium of relevant names. It will grow in accordance with the number of names etched upon the record.

Further details on the Masters can be found here.

Last updated: Chapter 5.499

Keystine Meluastea Yggdmillennia
Master of Saber
Rank A+

A prodigy among prodigies from the Clock Tower. Rulemaster of the ritual and creator of this iteration of the Holy Grail for her own reasons, she has engineered the events of the war up to her own victory.

to present the completed Holy Grail to Darnic Prestone in exchange for the position of the head of the Yggdmillennia clan

Sofie Huangjing Le-Mei
Master of Saber
Rank B+

A genius amateur Wizard turned heretical Magus. Uses western methods to blend ancient eastern arts with modern technology. Loosely affiliated with Luó-Xuán Guǎn, but functionally independent even by their standards.

accelerating the completion of her work, a synthesis of western and eastern Magecraft for the modern era, so that it can be completed during her lifetime

Sigmund von Drang
Master of Archer
Rank B

Self-styled "alchemy knight" of the Prague Association. Applies the medicinal arts of Mary the Jewess to specially crafted armaments, wielded using revived German swordsmanship techniques.

victory for victory's sake, as proof of his ideals in attempting to restore the dignity and glory of his listless clan

Momiji Musubi
Master of Lancer
Rank C+

Freelancer in hiding from a certain onmyouji organisation. Her constitution is altered by a hereditary curse that exists within her bloodline, transforming her into a modern-day offshoot of the "original Oni-Kind".

destruction of the hereditary curse within herself and her bloodline, allowing them to be free of their exile

Oliphiaelé Wodime
Master of Rider
Rank A

Younger sister to the late Kirschtaria Wodime and the third youngest Magus to ever reach the rank of Brand. Begrudgingly joined the El-Melloi Classroom in order to find a way to repair her family's shattered Magic Crest.


Nils Herydir-Dragilaz
Master of Caster
Rank B+

"Rocks Star" of Clock Tower's Department of Archaeology, a reject Magus from a clan of antiquarians specialising in magic swords. Due to the mechanics of his Servant's Noble Phantasm, he is currently in possession of a Saint Graph.

to bring the Holy Grail back to his clan as a trophy and as an olive branch

Andri Vel Ordos
Master of Assassin
Rank C+

Talented young Atlasian hired by Sigmund von Drang using a Contract of Atlas. Being distantly related to the Eltnam, her alchemy focuses on the heightening of her own sensory abilities in order to artificially induce Psychic Powers within her own brain.

presumably none, as she is currently acting as a mercenary

Trithemius Gloria
Master of Berserker
Rank C

First-generation Magus from Sponheim Abbey. A Daemon summoner whose thaumaturgical skills vastly outclass her actual talent due to her specialisation in fascinating Magecraft, which she uses to steal secrets from greater Magi than herself.

incorporation of the wish-granting attribute of the Holy Grail into her own Magecraft

Kyriake Luxestiva
Gilded Light

Overseer Luxestiva, Sister Kyriake

A ranking member of the Holy Church, and the Sixth Holy Grail War's overseer. A gentle, pious soul, overflowing with virtue and kindness. Privately, a nervous wreck.

Originally, she was intended to act as a mere assistant to the actual overseer, but it seems that person encountered a severe accident before the ritual began. She is currently working hand-in-hand with the Rulemaster to ensure proper proceedings, but she is aware that the Rulemaster is abusing their authority. Unfortunately, she finds herself powerless to do anything about it.
Ren Jikan Metanovae
Devil's Advocate

Jii-chan, Jii-Jii

The Homurahara Culture Club's chief comedic multitool. Oddball enough to need a straight-man on his own, and yet consistently acts as the voice of reason to the more energetic members.

He is a social butterfly who changes his act depending on who he is talking to and doesn't seem to distinguish based on gender, age, or social standing, so it's difficult to get a grip on who he is beneath the facade from the outside. In other words, he's a contrarian so disingenuous that it's impossible to pin him down by force.

A Spellcaster from a ruined clan of Magi whose innards were gouged out years ago. Largely self-taught from the remains of the unusual Magic Crest he inherited and notes from his ancestors that were left behind, with only his "onee-chan" from the Holy Church occasionally stopping by to check in on him.

Due to the knowledge of Mystery he has, the Holy Grail War is causing him significant distress, and he greatly fears for the safety of his hometown.
Yamamoto Hibiki
Certified Chibi-Kaiju

Pres (kaichou), Yama, Yama-chan

President of the Culture Club. She inherited it from a student who graduated two years ago, and despite having done nothing to create this mess, she is credited with the club’s status as a Great Calamity. She doesn’t think it’s actually that bad though.

She’s the same age as Jikan, and was in the same class as him in first year. They never really talked in all that time, but when she was handed the reins of the Culture Club in her third year, she dragged him into it to up their numbers because he looked like he had nothing to do.

She likes romance manga a whole lot, so make sure to only ask her about it when you have around three hours to spare. As an aside, she probably isn’t on drugs, but she somehow managed to fool a cop once into thinking she was... by accident.
Sato Mayu
Reasonably Questionable Fantasist
Sato-san, Sato-chan

A recent addition to the Culture Club. Although she undeniably has the makings of a first-class school idol, she joined the Culture Club in order to try to get over her shyness by sharing a room with “strange people”. Even among the various misfits that the Culture Club has gathered up, she hasn’t really integrated yet because of her timid personality.

Despite being the youngest member of the club, she only calls Jikan, who was friends with one of her brothers in middle school, “senpai”. She somehow relates to him a lot, apparently.

She is the only daughter and beloved youngest child of a big family. Nobody knows how many big brothers she really has, but she has a very wide base of knowledge because of their guidance from their different fields of expertise.

On pain of death, her fabled “eleven diaries of delusions” spoken of only in myths are not to be opened nor mentioned by anyone. It’s expected that she will be starting on her twelfth by the spring.
Meichi Kazue
Club Pet

Mecchin, Mega-chan

Some kind of sleepy genius, it seems. There seems to be no intellectual pursuit where she is challenged, but her eccentricities make it obvious why she ended up in the Culture Club. Eating things that oftentimes make her fellow humans squirm, the Club got their hands on a toaster so she'd eat her favourite food - burned toast - instead of edible paper and warm soy sauce. There's a rotating duty of brushing her long hair at regular intervals every day, and in return, she helps them study (despite the fact that she’s never actually studied herself).

Her sense of humour is infamously peculiar. Owns a whole bunch of school uniforms from schools she doesn’t attend, and will sometimes wear them in public just because she thinks it’s funny. She also is rumoured to be a pretty big deal online, although her handle is unknown.

Incidentally, fluffy things are her catnip. And just like catnip, that means they actually agitate rather than subdue her. It’s a mess.
Shinjirou Kotone
Can’t Survive Without The Internet


One false step away from being a NEET. Socially speaking, she is the lowest of the low, disqualified by default from the high school food chain for refusing to participate. Avid 2chan user and enjoys resource management games. Handles lewd things well, but romance is totally off-limits (excluding princess carrying). She has some serious self-esteem issues, but she’s trying her very best.

She’s never missed a session since joining the club despite her natural lifestyle as a shut-in hermit. She’s quiet, but it seems like she just enjoys being a presence. She’s actually a pretty good conversationalist when it comes to topics that interest her, but she has a pathological inability to actually start a discussion.
Fujou Eri
Evil Doormat

Fujou-san, Fuji

The sinister shadow of “everyone’s friend”. She walks around with a smug smirk on her face like she’s up to something suspicious, but never actually does anything. She’s a big fan of all kinds of candy, and makes a habit of smuggling it into school. As such, she has a minor following among the type to want contraband taken through the gates, but she’s allegedly never taken any commissions in that regard.

She actually has a talent for geography, usually attributed to her good memory, but ironically she has a pretty poor sense of direction. It’s also a bad idea to leave her around small animals, because she tends to show her affection by picking on them.

Took first place in the second years’ category for The Last Person You’d Trust With A Secret, but she seems to know a bunch anyway for some reason. Or maybe that is​ the reason...
Kamiya Ryou
Peak of Average

Kamiya-san, Kamiya-kun

A fourth-year widely recognised to embody the closest thing to ikemen that one could expect from a high school student. It goes without saying that he’s popular, but apparently more so with male students than female. A member of the Kendo Club, he's noted for being stylish, cool and composed, but the prevailing opinion among his female classmates is that he’s something of a walking manga character, so it’s hard to take him seriously as a heartthrob. He scores excellently both athletically and academically, but doesn’t seem to have any particular special skill or talent that would carve him a niche.

Most days, he works after school at the chain convenience store that many other students frequent on their way home, so he’s familiar with and to most people in town at this point. Armed with seemingly boundless determination and no more nor less heat in his blood as the situation demands, few would hesitate to say that he’s a pillar of the community in the making.

He enjoys light novels, but doesn’t much care for manga, which makes it all the more amusing to his peers that he is the way that he is.
Matou Shinji
At Low Tide

Matou-sensei, Wakame-sensei

A history teacher in his mid-thirties who gives off the impression of dried seaweed for some reason. Despite his brash and bossy attitude, he’s still very popular, especially with his female students. A former Magus born into a clan that had already declined, he gave up the path for an ordinary life after finding out the hard way that he couldn’t take it. Magecraft remains something of a trauma for him even now.

Despite his relative youth, he is already a member of the senior faculty, apparently based on his merit. It goes without saying that there was plenty of political finagling on his part behind the scenes. The school staff room seems to be fairly close to his ideal environment, and it would hardly shock anyone if he managed to snag the spot of principal in another ten years or so.

Among the students he teaches, there is a certain failure from a declined Magus clan, surrounded by his female peers all the time. Unsurprisingly, it seems to have given him the impression that “I have to keep an eye on this kid”, and so he was fairly easy to harass into becoming the supervisor for the Culture Club.
Tohsaka Akiko
Many-Coloured Leaves


The six-year-old daughter of Tohsaka Rin, the owner of the land on which Fuyuki City is built on the books of the Mage’s Association. Like her mother, she is set to inherit the family’s Magic Crest, and is studying Jewel Magecraft in preparation.

She’s openly reluctant to talk to Matou Sakura, the Magus her mother trusts most with her, about Magecraft. As such, Ren is trying to act as a kind of older brother figure to her in the same way that his “big sister” once did for him. However, partly because Akiko is incredibly hard-headed, she doesn’t really see him in that way.

Often described as light-years ahead of other kids her age, her obvious intelligence leads her to roughly the expected degree of arrogance. She has gotten into more fistfights in her life than she can count on her fingers, apparently inspired by stories about her superhero father. She has yet to lose any.

Currently out of town on a trip to Tokyo with Aunt Sakura.
Paul Huangjing Tsz
Photon Dust


Sofie's father. A freelance software developer trying to make it day by day, and a hobbyist Wizard by night. Or rather, he used to be, but he’s had little time for that these days after being made redundant recently. He would hesitate to call himself “washed up”, but wouldn’t argue with it as an assessment from someone else. He’s doing his best to adapt to the pressures of freelance work, but since he’s never been a particularly extroverted person, he isn’t doing too well when it comes to marketing himself.

By the way, he was something of a lady-killer a few decades ago. As a young man full of hopes and dreams that roused maternal instincts, it was very little wonder that he was able to meet Sofie's mother. But that romance was too much like a fairytale. His mysterious bride one day retreated into the clouds, never to be seen again.

Although he doesn’t see her much anymore, he’s glad to still be in regular contact with his beloved daughter. He beat himself up at first for his weakness when he was unable to stop Sofie from joining Guǎn, but after talking to her every week and hearing about what she has been doing for a few years, he has come to the conclusion that this was a far better life than anything he could have given her himself, so he has no strong regrets about how things turned out anymore. Of course, he’s also doing his best to hide his own troubles from her.
Yuan Ma
Paradise River Bandit

Soulon of Xanadu

Sofie's mentor in Magecraft, and an antiquarian of the Xuánjiào. Of the members of the order, it is said that he is the closest to becoming a xian in the modern day and only remains a man due to a lack of interest in his own ascension, although nothing can be said for sure due to his notorious asocial tendencies. He is something of a hoarder, brandishing his great power to extort objects of interest from lesser Magi, which has given him the reputation of a pirate and a tyrant. He is very unpopular with lower class Philosophy Magi. It is possible to definitively confirm his activity up to 500 years ago, but due to his claim that "I have to start over every two or three centuries to shake off all these damn wuxia protagonists", his exact age is a mystery.

His temperament is surprisingly laidback, and he has no significant issue with Sofie perverting what he has taught her. In the first place, he picked her up because he was curious about what she would be capable of, so much of what she has produced has been as entertaining as it has been exasperating. "If I ever end up needing an heir to everything I've collected, she might be..." is what he thinks, wondering about what she could achieve with all of the treasures and tools that he has locked away.
Eight Scraps Remain

The wife of Yamato Takeru. During his journey, she was the only member of his party who did not regard him with fear and loathing. Despite his obviously inhuman mentality that drove even his own family to send him away in terror, she greatly admired his strength of will ever since they first met. He came to the conclusion that she had mistaken him for something he wasn't, which led to him considering her a liability.

During a sea crossing, the party encountered the primordial dragon god Watatsumi, who fostered a great anger against her husband and intended to kill him. Realising that he would be unable to defeat Watatsumi without destroying the ship with his tremendous destructive power, Ototachibana sacrificed herself to Watatsumi in his place. His anguish at this was written into the annals of legend, and Azuma was named after his cries of mourning. Due to this episode, she can be summoned in the Faker class under the name "Yamato Takeru". However, because she is part of the same Heroic Spirit as her husband, and because her separation from him forms the very core of her story, they will never meet again.
Asahi Shiho
If I Say So

A 27-year-old office lady who recently got a new job in Fuyuki City. She works as a line manager dealing with financial logistics and accountancy for the municipal government. Her daily commute is half an hour on the bus.

Yeah, right.

Assassin determined well in advance the false identity that she would be assuming for operations where she would need one, with some help from her Master. Disguise is also an important tool in the arsenal of a shinobi, after all.

She doesn't really know many details in terms of how government work is done, and in hindsight, it's not actually that useful a disguise to manipulate people on its own. Fortunately, so long as she's forceful enough, her skill Nature of a Rebellious Spirit that nullifies the commanding aura of authority figures is also good at giving the impression that one shouldn't really argue with her, so it works out in the end.

In a slightly different version of the Sixth Holy Grail War, it'd be a huge twist that such an everyday busybody actually turned out to be a Servant the whole time... probably. But since everyone is too competent or too headstrong for the battle to proceed straightforwardly like that, such an obvious development ended up being completely off the table, and the scheme that nobody would have fallen for went unused. Assassin is strong enough for head-on confrontations and specialises in ambushes, so it's fine from a tactical point of view, but she's a little disappointed about it.
Kirschtaria Wodime
Fallen Constellation

Oliphiaelé's late elder brother, assassinated by their father a decade prior. Although he had a great deal of promise - even to the point of attracting the interest of Lord Animusphere - his potential was never actualised, and so the position of the clan's heir fell to his younger sister.

Oliphiaelé's feelings on this matter are complicated, to say the least, as he was an incredibly influential figure for her throughout her childhood.
Zia Almajest Metashalakh
The Spheres Turn

Astraea, Miss Lightning

A genius of the Department of Astromancy. The heir to the Metashalakh clan, a family of Magi who originally came from Turkey, but moved to Sweden in the wake of the Young Turk movement out of fear of what it would bring. The action is, in hindsight, generally thought of as an ill-considered impulse that led the clan itself into decline over the past century. In that regard, Zia is considered to be perhaps the last chance for the Metashalakh to right its course and maintain its standing as prestigious gatekeepers of Islamic Sabaeanism.

Zia herself is composed, haughty, and takes her own great intellect and skill for granted. This means that, as she sticks by Keystine's side, she is often considered at first glance to be the higher of the two. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that even the promising, arrogant heiress to the Metashalakh is practically the lackey-in-chief for the unmatched Fairy Princess of London.
Attilac Icecolle
Neoclassic is in Session

V-2, Schrödinger's Prat, the Professor

The successor to the noted Great Big Ben London☆Star, in the sense that he was specifically selected by the man to take over the role of head lecturer for the El-Melloi Classroom after his retirement. Although his innate talent isn't anything to write home about, he did manage to earn the rank of Pride through legitimate accolades that he was able to perform thanks to studying under Lord El-Melloi II. Magecraft is not his foremost talent, of course, and so he was handpicked almost as soon as he became a proper professor at the relatively young age of 30. Since then, he has spent the past four years in this politically delicate position with a number of monsters from the upper echelons of Clock Tower breathing down his neck.

The view of him by his students is that of a competent teacher who understands well the individual circumstances and progress of his students. However, they also agree that he is only somewhat of an adult, and while he is considered a levelheaded, intelligent, humane and generally respectable guy and an insightful mentor, he cannot control his class even slightly. The consensus is that he would die if he were left alone too long, and that he broadly should not be emulated by anyone.
Dark Against Surface

The Ghost Girl

A wry, derisive figure who feels more like a mirage than a person, lurking within Ren's nightmares. She wears a school uniform from Homurahara Academy, but not the same one in use today.

Ren is unsure if she is real or imaginary, but she waits all the same at the end of the labyrinthine library. She seems to dislike him quite a bit for some reason, but also has a kind of morbid curiosity about his “innards”, as though he were roadkill.

Caster refers to her presence as a "dire karma" and notes that "no human being could ever accumulate such a vile mass on their own power". She urges Ren to avoid coming into contact with the Holy Grail War while he continues to be haunted by her, foreseeing terrible consequences.

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    Going by Shinji's age, is the story set in 2022?
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    Going by Shinji's age, is the story set in 2022?
    Pretty much. I'm going for a nebulous "present day", so effectively 2020-2024 sort of range. I'll lock in a specific year at some point down the line.