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Class: Caster
Other Classes: Rider, Saber, Watcher
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Place of Origin: Germany, Historical Facts
Attribute: Human


STR: C(B+)
END: B(B+)
AGI: C(C+)
NP: A+

Height: 186cm
Weight: 79kg
Likes: Opera, music, Norse Mythology
Dislikes: Being in exile, being poor, people with no taste in music
Natural Enemy: Kremhild, Siegfried, Sigurd
Attribute: Man
Traits: Human, Male, Weak to Enuma Elish
Armament: Conductor’s stick, Valkyrie familiars
Catalyst: A sheet of the original Der Ring des Nibelungen

Class Skills:
Territory Creation A+:
Caster can create a workshop, where he composes his music. Even more is that he can create an “opera house” which is superior to a “workshop” for his second Noble Phantasm.

Item Construction C+:
In life, Caster was never known for manufacturing items, so his rank in this skill should normally be quite low. But, since Caster was associated highly with music and his opera, he may manufacture musical instruments or lower-quality items from the Nibelungen, such as the Tarnhelm(a helmet which grants a form of the Faker class skill Camouflage at rank C), or other Scandinavian/Norse mythical weapons (like Ridill or Hrotti)

Personal Skills:
Familiar(Walküren) A:
Caster is able to create four small humanoid familiars that he calls his “wonderful mini-orchestra.” They are born from the fused facts of the opera being Caster’s specialty, and his opera Der Ring des Nibelungen. Thus, they look like mechanical automata Valkyries, wielding various brass musical instruments.

Pioneer of the Stars B:
Caster is known as one of the most famous 19th century composers, and one of the most important composers as is. His revolutionary style transformed Western music, specifically opera forever, and for the better.

Gesamtkunstwerk EX:
A “total work of art” or “ideal art form”. A word not made by Caster, but used by him so much that it has been permanently associated with him. This skill allows Caster to observe music related skills, magecraft, and some low-ranked Noble Phantasms and add their abilities to his own.

Noble Phantasm(s):

Ride Of The Valkyries
Trumpeting Charge of The Shield-Maidens

Type: Anti-Team
Rank: B
Range: 10 metres
Max Targets: 22 targets

The sublimation of one of Caster’s most famous compositions, Walkürenritt, also known as ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’. Passively, this Noble Phantasm manifests as Caster’s Valkyrie familiars. On the release of its True Name, ear-piercingly loud drums and horns play, the namesake of Caster’s Noble Phantasm triumphantly playing, weakening the targets’ mental resistance and putting them off balance. Then, as the music reaches its crescendo, Caster’s familiars transform into Odin’s Shield-Maidens, the Valkyries, riding mechanical horses and charge at the targets.

Bayreuther Festspielhaus
Stadium of My Greatest Works

Type: Barrier/Support
Rank: B+
Range: 50 metres
Max Targets: 200 targets

The embodiment of the opera house of the same name, where Caster’s works are played at the Bayreuth festival and celebrated. It is a Bounded Field-type Noble Phantasm, and similarly to Avicebron’s Golem Keter Malkuth, this Noble Phantasm requires raw materials to create. Thus, in a Holy Grail War, Caster would dedicate his time to building this Noble Phantasm. Once the construction is complete, on release of the True Name, the whole building becomes a Bounded Field that both boosts Caster’s MGI and NP parameters, and grants him C rated music-based magecraft. The true purpose of this Noble Phantasm, though, is to activate Caster’s third Noble Phantasm, which is his trump card.

Der Ring des Nibelungen
Saga Of the Dragon-Slayer

Type: Anti-Army/Reality Marble
Rank: A
Range: 50 metres
Max Targets: 200 targets

The trump card Noble Phantasm, and Caster’s zenith of abilities. Passively, it takes the form of a simple gold ring that Caster wears upon his index finger. When Caster is first summoned, this ring only has the use of locating golden objects, truly being able to be active once Bayreuther Festspielhaus is completed. On release of this Noble Phantasm’s True Name, Caster lifts up his index finger to the sky, causing his ring to rapidly expand and shine brightly like a star. The ring expands to its maximum size like a halo above Caster, and shines its brightest. Once fully materialised, Caster stands in the Rhine river, where the Ring was first found, and the main focus of the opera. Surrounding the Rhine river are important locations in the Nibelungen, such as Vosges and Worms. The true purpose of this Noble Phantasm though, is to create Demi-Servants inside the Reality Marble. Caster does this by assigning traits of his characters to his allies: A female Berserker would gain the traits of Kremhild, a male Ruler would gain the traits of King Gunther, etc. Furthermore, Caster’s transformation that he bestows upon himself is the greatest: He gives himself a modified copy of Siegfried’s Balmung, which he calls Götterdämmerung: Twilit Greatsword-Razing of the Gods. This weapon is a ranked down version of Balmung with the Anti-Divine trait attached. There is a severe downside to this Noble Phantasm though: Since Caster is not the original wielder of Balmung, or a Saber, each use of this Noble Phantasm severely injures his Saint Graph.


Caster’s True Name is Richard Wagner(1813-1883), a 19th century German composer, theatre director, polemicist and conductor, creator of the Der Ring des Nibelungen, one of the most important opera works in history.

Prideful, yet not arrogant. A man with only two great loves: creating musical works and Norse mythology. That is who Wagner is. He carries himself like a medieval hero, showing a love of adventure and laughing loudly as he charges into battle. At least, that’s what he wants to be… In reality, Caster is nowhere as fervent as he wants to be. He is but an (extremely) prideful and sincere composer who is not-so secretly a severe fanboy of the Scandinavian mythos.

Wagner also clearly has a love for his own musical works, and loves to play them at any time possible, whether for dramatic entrances or battles, to the point where it’s almost annoying.


Siegfried: “Ah, yes, the main character of my work! Great to be working beside you, Dragon-Slayer!”

Sigurd: “Wow! I’ve always wanted to meet you! You were a great inspiration for my works! You’re even cooler in real life!~”

Kremhild: “I would say I’m sorry for how I made your story, but I’m not. All in the name of a great plot I guess! Wait, why are you jumping at—-!”

Well, this is my first try at a Servant sheet. Feel free to criticize this all you want.



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    First French Lostbelt Sheet posted now.
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    The world was full of tyranny. So, I gave them what they wanted. So, to you, Master of Chaldeas, I’ll tell you the same thing I told the rest of the world----

    Rex mortuum est, vivat rex!
    The world was full of tyranny. So, I gave them what they wanted. So, to you, Master of Chaldeas, I’ll tell you the same thing I told the rest of the world----

    of Fanatic Logic
    Maximilien de Robespierre(Lostbelt)

    Class: Ruler
    Other Classes: -
    Alignment: Chaotic Mad
    Origin: French Lostbelt
    Height/Weight: 210cm/112kg
    Attribute: Beast
    Aliases: “The God Defiler”, “Le Roi Suprême
    Strength: A+
    Endurance: B
    Agility: D+
    Mana: A++
    Luck: A
    NP: A+
    Class Skills

    God’s Resolution -

    A Skill of the Ruler Class. Has been replaced by Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité(False).

    Magic Resistance A+

    A Skill common to many Classes. At this Rank it nullifies spells that are A ranked and below. Since Ruler has become his ideal, the Supreme Being, he can easily nullify most magecraft. The only exception to that statement are magecraft made to be used specifically against Ruler and Divine Spirits.

    True Name Discernment C

    A Class skill of the Ruler class. Allows Ruler to discern a Servant’s True Name after two direct encounters, with a higher chance if the Servant is French in origin.

    Divine Core of Revolutionaries B+
    A Skill which is formed from two skills fused together: Divine Core of Freedom and the Divine Core of Terror[/b]. Normally contradictory, these skills were able to fuse together thanks to Ruler’s Origin of「Dethroning」. This skill allows Ruler to radiate a Bounded Field, that when entered in, creatures are inflicted with a maddening terror(C ranked Mad Enhancement) that forces them to try and “free” themselves in anyway possible, the more violent the better. A secondary effect is what Ruler calls ”I’m showing their true emotions!”, but in reality, is closer to making people’s emotions go haywire.

    Personal SkillsLiberté, Égalité, Fraternité(False) A

    Liberty, Egality, Fraternity. The supposed motto of Ruler. For Ruler’s Proper Human History version, this Skill would be something on the lines of mental debuff and persuasion resistance. But, in the French Lostbelt, this Skill is Ruler’s method of mind-control, turning his subjects into familiars by bestowing upon them his ideals: Liberté(Gains Independent Action B), Égalité(Removes Class effectivity and resistance) and Fraternité(When a familiar fights with one or more of its comrades, their damage is increased). It is also easy to tell whether someone is controlled by Ruler since the affected wears the Phrygian cap.

    Aptitude for Slaughter(Tools) B+

    A Skill normally possessed by those befitting the Assassin or Berserker classes. Ruler possesses this skill for not only what he did in Proper Human History, but also for one of his titles “The God Defiler”. In the timeline of the French Lostbelt, after absorbing three Divine Spirits, Ruler massacred the remains of the Germanic pantheon, along with some of the Greco-Roman pantheon which were in France. Thus, this Skill gives Ruler not only proficiency against humans when using his guillotine blades, but also against Divine Spirits and monarchs.

    Coup d’État C+

    A Skill named after a method of seizing power, but this Skill is not that. It is Ruler’s chosen name for his Magecraft. It allows him, by using his Origin of 「Dethroning」, to “dethrone” an enemy’s Skill, or Authority, snatching it and using it as his own. This Skill has a few downsides, though; 1: By having a Mental Resistance of B or higher at the time, Ruler cannot steal a skill. 2: The enemy must be inside Ruler’s Bounded Field, and 3: If Ruler is damaged enough, the Skill is given back to its original owner.

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    ”HA! You dare challenge the Supreme Being?! Then, witness your annihilation! Not even dust will be left───Vivre La Révolution!”

    Vivre La Révolution
    True Corpus of the Supreme Deity



    After Ruler had assimilated two of his main Divine Spirit Authorities, he found something interesting, something which would become his Noble Phantasm: The remains of their Aletheias. Using his knowledge on Magecraft, Ruler fused them together with some other materials and made what he declared as the Large-Scale Logic-Imposing Flagship Robespierre. One could say that this summoned Noble Phantasm is Ruler’s true form, and Ruler’s normal form is his terminal. Passively, this Noble Phantasm manifests as Ruler’s main armaments, which are futuristic guillotine-bladed cleavers. On release of the Noble Phantasm’s True Name, a massive robotic entity descends from the skies and unleashes its full wrath in a range the size of France.

    Sealed Form
    Released Form

    Ruler is Maximilien de Robespierre. One of the greatest known faces of the French Revolution and one of the most controversial. He is best known for La Terreur and for creating The Cult of the Supreme Deity. Not too much is known about his personal life though, and for a reason. The same reason why Robespierre could ever become a Lostbelt King. That reason is simple: Robespierre was a mage. But, in order to know more, let’s go back a couple centuries or so, to be specific, three centuries from the French Revolution

    Ah yes, 15th century France. Home of a specific famous alchemist. One of the most famous alchemists of all time: Nicholas Flamel. Flamel was famous for creating a high-quality philosopher’s stone. Supposedly, it was so high-quality that he eventually reached the Swirl of the Root and became immortal. Though, there was one issue. His wife, Perenelle was infertile. Thus, they adopted a son. One Gillaume de Robespierre to be specific. That son became their heir to their Magic Crest, and was Maximilien de Robespierre’s ancestor. Robespierre was a mage practising alchemy with the Origin of 「Dethroning」. Still, Robespierre died by the Guillotine after what he did during La Terreur. Or, at least that’s what happened to him in Panhuman History.

    The divergence point arose when Robespierre was at his peak political power, before he created The Cult of the Supreme Deity. During the time when he was part of the Revolutionary Tribunal, he found a hidden relic in one of the churches which had been converted into a Temple of Reason. There, he found a tome, labelled in Old French as “The Magnum Opus.” Astonished that the mumblings of his grandfather were true, Robespierre began to study. He studied so hard that he didn’t realise the truth about the Magecraft he was practising: the Magecraft was labelled forbidden since it had severe side-effects on the user’s ego. It twisted Robespierre’s personality into an arrogant fanatic, but a powerful fanatic. He had fully made his own Magecraft, imbued with his Origin. So, when he reached his limit, creating the Cult of the Supreme Being, something nigh-impossible normally happened. Robespierre used his Magecraft to summon three remnants of Divine Spirits and absorb their Authorities into himself, turning him into his ideal: The Supreme Being, God of Intelligence and Liberty. It was at a cost though, warping his mind beyond belief, turning him into the paragon of arrogance and insanity. He then absorbed the remnants of the Divine Spirits in France, and became France’s one true deity.


    A man who is the zenith of arrogance and contradiction. Someone who both loves himself grandly, but says he loves his people. Regal, yet quick to wrath. The best way to describe Robespierre is a Ruler with the mindset of a Berserker. One who claims that he will remove evil by becoming it. Above all, that which he loves the most is….my country, of course! What else?(Hm? What collapse tag?)Revolution! I love seeing citizens run around like pigs from a gun, defying the feeble, disgusting worthless pig-sow tyrants and their associates! Sometimes I like to rouse them up myself, just for shits and giggles! Hm? What do you mean, I’m a tyrant? Of course not! I liberate people, let their true feelings go wild! What anyone really wants!

    Likes: Revolution, himself, being a god, FranceFrance, but only because the people are so fun to watch like little hamsters~
    Dislikes: Monarchs, dictatorships, people who want to rebel against him in particular
    Natural Enemy: Louis XVI, Napoléon Bonaparte, Charles-Henri Sanson


    Author’s NotesWell, this is part 2 of the French Lostbelt Series so far! This is the Lostbelt King, if you haven’t figured that out already. Also, Robespierre’s Divine Spirit components are Marianne(Goddess of Liberty, and personification of France aka. Libertas/Eleutheria), Deimos(Greco-Roman Personification of Terror)and Menrva(Etruscan goddess of reason, wisdom, art and war).
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    The time is here to unveil my newest masterpiece!

    I call it… summer opera-rock concerts!

    Of Summer Concerts
    Richard Wagner & Walküren
    Stage 1 - 3:

    Final Ascension:

    Class: Summer Rider
    Other Classes: Caster, Saber, Berserker Alter
    Alignment: Neutral Summer
    Origin: Germany, Historical Facts and Rumours
    Attribute: Human
    ~⏴Extra Info⏵~
    Likes: "Warm days, and great performances!" , "Vacations and times when this wacko doesn’t go crazy while performing…for once."
    Dislikes: Rivals, having his work used as propaganda
    Natural Enemy: Charlotte Corday(Summer), Nero Claudius(Summer)
    Catalyst: -

    “Oi! You almost forgot about us!”

    "The Walküren arrive on scene…"

    "Hi…I’m Grimgerde, member of the Walküren at your service…"

    "Who hurt you, Grimgerde? Was it that excuse of a musician Dick again?! Anyways… I’m Helmwige, Master, so don’t be mean to me or my sisters any time soon, alright?"

    "Please calm down, Older Sister…all of this chaos is getting out of hand. Sorry about that, I’m Schwertleite."

    "Well, well, well, looks like I’m the last one. I’m the Eldest Sister, Siegrune. Mmm, I hope our work together goes excellently."

    ~Class Skills~

    Riding B+

    The Class Skill of Riders, Sabers, and Shielder class Servants, representing the ability to ride vehicles and mounts. Rider’s mount is his Mosh Pit Walkürenritt Noble Phantasm and would have had the rank at B, but thanks to the support of his “backing singers”(read: Walküren), the rank’s at B+.

    Magic Resistance C+

    A Skill common to many Classes. At this rank it cancels spells with a chant below two verses, with an increased resistance against Norse rune and music-based magecraft. Rider’s justification why the rank is so high is simply because "I don’t want any enthusiastic fans accidentally mauling me or something. Ha ha ha!"

    ~◂Personal Skills▸~Combination D++

    A Skill representing an enhancement of combat prowess and general abilities when fighting with a specific person or people. At this rank, while Wagner can somewhat collaborate with the Walküren, they still argue most of the time(not to mention Helmwige trying to kill Wagner more than often.) This Skill gets a rank-up to C when Rider performs his concerts, and reaches its maximum rank of B when his Noble Phantasm is used.

    Protection of the Opera House(Summer) A

    A Personal Skill that is similar to a certain Skill possessed by the King of Knight’s Archer form. Unlike that skill, which restores HP in exchange for NP, this Skill does the opposite. Richard Wagner is normally called a “King of Opera”, but on the beach, he becomes the “King of Concerts”. This is likely due to the over-the-top special effects Rider uses though… which also might explain why Rider obtains increased resistance to minor-ranked illusion magecraft. Finally, this Skill also includes the Territory Creation Skill at B rank, allowing for Rider’s allies to be affected by this Skill as well, at the cost of a rank-down.

    Dramatic Summer Entrance! EX

    Originally the Leitmotif Skill, allowing Wagner to associate specific sounds to individuals, and using their "theme song" as either support or a debuff. As a debuff, it is especially effective against Assassin-class Servants, playing the “theme song” every time the individual comes in range, effectively making the Presence Concealment Skill borderline useless. On the other hand, by using it as support, the individual’s morale gets raised and they get increased stats as long as said song plays. This Skill, though, is different, ever since Rider became his Summer form. Now, it functions only as support for Rider, increasing his stats, morale, and instilling his attacks with a rhythmic frequency that always follows the beat. Moreover, Rider can overclock this skill using what he calls "Bass boosting, baby!" The overclocked form allows Rider to create a massive sonic boom that can paralyse or deafen enemies in hearing range.

    Noble Phantasm(s)
    "Let’s do this, girls!" "Do we really have to?" "Let’s get 'em, Dicky!" "Alright then…" "Of course, Wagner!" "Mosh Pit… Walkürenritt!"

    Mosh Pit Walkürenritt
    Symphonic Charge of the Beach Maidens



    Not the embodiment of one of Wagner’s most famous works, the Ride of the Valkyries, but rather an extreme altering of it through the power of Summer festivals, music, and the will of Rider’s fans. Passively, this Noble Phantasm exists as the second component of Rider, the Walküren. On release of the Noble Phantasm’s True Name, Rider summons his stage and begins to play the namesake piece fervently. As the song gets louder and louder, the targets become surrounded by Rider’s fans, shoving the targets back in forth in a frenzied mass which only becomes more passionate as the fans begin to dance, potentially shoving Rider’s foes to the ground and paralysing them. Once the song’s climax hits, the stage launches Rider outwards, transforming the Walküren into a large mechanical horse which replicates the idea of “Odin’s shieldmaidens charging into battle”. Riding this robotic beast, Rider charges through the swarm of fans, dealing heavy damage to the targets. Once this is done, Rider is launched upwards and explodes in a brilliant light only possible through excellent usage of special effects.

    ~Quotes and Relationships~
    "Servant, Rider at your service. My True name is Richard Wagner, so let's get this festival started!" " forgot to introduce us...again."

    "It's time for this musician to Rock and Roll!" *Helmwige punches Wagner in the head.*

    Nero Claudius(Caster): "Kill."

    Charlotte Corday(Caster): "Oi! Get out! Special effects is our stuff, not yours!"

    Sigmund Freud(Summer)(DelRey): "I heard you're the best bartender around... I need your strongest cocktail, now. Hm? The Long Island Chaldea Tea? That sounds... excellent. Why do I need this? It's a long story...a really long story."

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    Thou, sinful humankind. Even if thou vieweth thyselves as guilty, I deem thee worthy of the Father’s light.
    Come, and embrace… Rapture.

    The Stone Of Revelations
    Símon-Pétros of Rome
    Stage 1 - 3:

    Final Ascension:

    Class: Saver
    Alternate Classes: Saber, Ruler, Rider
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Origin: Greece, Rome, The New Testament
    Attribute: Heaven
    Strength: B
    Endurance: A
    Agility: D
    Mana: C++
    Luck: B
    NP: EX
    ~⏴Extra Stuff⏵~
    Likes: "Humanity, my Lord, and fishing."
    Dislikes: Rome, people who say they aren’t worth saving, Beasts
    Natural Enemy: Beast VI, failure popes, "Them."
    Catalyst: The Book of Revelations being read in Rome

    ~Class Skills~

    Charisma A

    The class Skill of the Saver class. Known as the first Pope in both the Catholic and Eastern Christian traditions, it is no wonder that Saver’s words carry a charm that could charm not just a whole country, but rather a whole religion. His very breaths seem to inspire hope in those who see him, especially if they are Jewish or Christian. At this rank, Saver can be called "the greatest level of popularity for a human being".

    Counter-Hero C+

    The other class Skill for Savers. At this rank, it reduces all of his opponents’ parameters by one rank, with a certain exception. This exception is that if they are considered a "Threat to Christianity"( ie. a certain Empress of Rome known for persecuting Christians), the bonus applies, lowering the opponent’s parameters by two ranks instead of one.

    "His Chosen people must be protected, and as such I will be their foundation and shield."

    Divinity C+

    The marker of a Heroic Spirit being a demigod or an incarnated Divine Spirit. For Saver, not only is he considered one of the greatest Saints, but he walked alongside the man known as ‘The Son of God’ for most of his life. Finally, as the figure known for "guarding the gates of Heaven", Saver seems to have increased Divinity and obtained certain aspects of hisTeacher, mainly since he is likely an emissary of said Teacher.

    "Since my
    has not arrived yet, it is only fitting that I am his emissary to spread words of the new Paradise."

    ~◂Personal Skills▸~Principis Apostolorum A++

    The Prince of the Apostles, a papal title given specifically to Saver. A Skill that is seemingly an enhanced version of the Protection of the Faith skill, which disables mental interference and other smaller abilities through the absoluteness of the mind and body born through zeal. This Skill is in reality, much more than that. Firstly, symbolising the fact that the Papal States were at a time one of the richest regions of the world, the Golden Rule Skill is included at the B rank. Secondly and finally, this Skill can crystallise into a simple ring on Saver’s hand known simply as "The Ring of the Fisherman". This ring’s main ability is that by allowing an ally to kiss his ring, he can conceptually make them his "Cardinal", granting them two main abilities. Firstly, the ally gains the Golden Rule Skill as well, though at the rank of C. Most importantly though is that by becoming a "Cardinal" they can gain a limited and ranked down usage of Saver’s first Noble Phantasm.

    "Doest thou swear to pray for this world, to hold to truth in every step, and to follow Him even in the shadow of death? If so, then kneel and become my Cardinal."

    Petrine Keys of Heaven and Hell
    Vicarius Iesu Christi

    A Skill relating to Saver’s dominion over Heaven and Earth as stated in Matthew 16:19 that has been enhanced by a certain verse in the Book of Revelations, that being Revelations 1:18. As such, this Skill has various effects. Firstly, Saver can summon the very symbols of the Papacy, the Keys of Providence, in the form of Black Keys, as armaments. Since Saver has dominion over both Heaven and Hell, they are incredibly effective against spiritual entities, and can paralyse weaker ones through the fact that the Pope can "bind on Heaven whatever is bound on Earth". The true form of this Skill however, is actually two tattoos of the Petrine cross located on Saver(one on each hand), where he can store the Black Keys. His hands in particular can "loose on Earth whatever is set loose in Heaven"; in other words, Saver can momentarily summon minor divine phenomena, especially those related to the Book of Revelations. Examples could be a shockwave from the angels with trumpets and summoning beam-like projectiles from the "angel armies in Heaven".

    You of Little Faith… A

    A direct quote to a scene in the Bible where Saver walked on the waters with the Son of God, where the Messiah said "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" to Saver. As such, this Skill functions as a localised version of the Miracle skill, focused around "walking on the impossible". Because of this, by focusing his mana around his feet, Saver can walk on just about everything, whether it be stormy seas, the wind, or a borderline 90 degree angle. There is one limitation though, that being Saver cannot walk on any object for more than ten minutes at a time, as a representation of him doubting and falling into the waters. In a different
    Servant Class
    stage of life
    however, this Skill would reach its high state of usage and power.


    Noble Phantasm(s)

    Πέτρος ναός- אני הגוף-י אבן
    My Body is His Foundation - Upon Me is the Church
    Pétros Naós - Ani Haguf-yi Even

    Rank: A

    Type: Anti-Unit(Self) / Anti-Team(Self)

    A constantly active Noble Phantasm which exists in all of Saver’s different
    Servant Classes
    , although under different True Names representing which stage of life Saver has been summoned as. They can be collectively called
    Rock of the Word
    , with each version focusing on specific types of defensive prowess. In Saver’s case, his defence against attacks with the Demonic attribute or that are caused by enemies with the Evil alignment has been increased to the point where said attacks will only do two thirds as much damage at the maximum, with attacks of C+ rank or lower will only do one third as much damage. On release of the True Name, Saver effectively gains the Territory Creation Skill, although it is closer to a Bounded Field centred around Saver. In a 12 metre radius(coincidentally, 12 is the number of apostles Yeshua had), all individuals included are given the same passive effects as Saver through this Noble Phantasm, but increased threefold. In exchange though, throughout the whole usage of this Noble Phantasm, he is pinned down to the ground in a kneeling position to keep this technique active. This is because, according to Saver, “I have become their foundation, their solid ground, their Rock. While this is Saver’s main Noble Phantasm, there seems to be another which is sealed away, only to be used in the most dire of circumstances.

    "The end is now, the One embraces All. In nomine Patris, et Filis, et Spiritu Sancti…spare your children, O’ Father—Gloria Sponsae Agni Dei."

    Incarnation of the New Paradise
    Gloria Sponsae Agni Dei

    Rank: EX
    Type: Anti-Purge

    A Noble Phantasm which only exists in St. Peter’s Saver incarnation, the summoning of the New Jerusalem, as seen in the book of Revelations. While this would seem impossible especially for a figure of Saver’s qualities, the reason why is actually shown in his name,and the meaning of the Church. St. Peter is seen as the first Pope, leader of the Catholic Church. The Church can technically be seen as the ‘New Jerusalem’ through the fact that it became a theoretical ‘paradise’ for Christians all around. Moreover, St. Peter received his name as the solid foundation for Yeshua’s teachings, and his spiritual Church. As such, he can be conceptually considered as ‘the foundation for New Jerusalem’. On release of the True Name, Saver places his Black Keys against his chest in the shape of a Petrine cross, causing a shockwave of golden mana before the City of God manifests. As a Noble Phantasm, it has high-ranking Anti-Purge and Anti-Divine defences. Moreover, anyone inside the city is affected with the same defences, with a bonus to their attack power if they are Christian. Finally, as a Broken Phantasm, this Noble Phantasm can momentarily convert its defensive prowess into an attack stat, dealing a crucifix-shaped beam with the Anti-Evil effect that scales with the amount of people inhabiting Gloria Sponsae Agni Dei. Saver calls this ability
    O’ Ave Crux
    Incarnating Heaven’s Will
    . However, while this may be an incredibly strong Noble Phantasm, it is not without weaknesses, there being two. Said weaknesses are that A. this Noble Phantasm in an instance where Human Order is considered to be on its last stretch, and B. As long as this technique is active, Saver is paralyzed in the centre of the city, acting as its foundation.

    Summoned Appearance

    ~Quotes and Relationships~

    Grigori Rasputin
    Kirei Kotomine
    (Alter Ego)
    : "Thine honeyed tongue does not deceive me, serpent. I see the
    Angra Mainyu
    within thy soul. Still,
    Yorokobe, Gi no Shisai
    rejoice, false priest
    , for you shall meet God today.

    Johannes Kepler(MoonCancer) "While he may practise
    Astromancy Magecraft
    the art of the Arabic pagans
    , he is still a devout follower."

    ???(???): *Saver does not speak, but rather gives a glare filled with rage that a Saint should not have.*

    Craft Essence

    At the End of a Journey

    "Though I am now viewed as a great man, and the Founder of the Church... O' Father, I feel like I am still unworthy of your might. An upside down cross is better for a fool like me."

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