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Mayo Chiki (Volume 6 Summary, 2nd Half)

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Here's the rest of Vol6:

Volume 6, 2nd half
Vol6 Ch4
Special event started. It’s ‘mortal combat on the water’, with floats in the school pool and contestants fight on them until one of them fall off or admits defeat.
First round, Shure VS Subaru. Shure’s in a school swimsuit and has a backpack with 10kg on her for a handicap.

Flashback to meeting at lunchtime. Shure told Jiro Nakuru has a crush on him. Jiro doesn’t believe it, as he thinks he’s never raised a flag with her ever (Flere821: typical dense harem genre protagonist…). Usami who’s in the first aid station as well seems shocked by the revelation. Shure came to this conclusion by trailing her when Nakuru’s trailing Jiro.

Jiro finally remembered his ‘date’ with Nakuru and wondered if that’s the reason for the crush. Shure told Jiro he needs to be faked into being beaten up by her in the special event, to see if Nakuru will finally let slip she cares for Jiro. Since any normal person would make some sort of fuss if the person they like is getting beaten up. Jiro agreed to Shure’s plan eventually.

Back to the event. Shure’s wondering what’s taking Subaru so long, and wonders if the swimming trunks she gave Subaru is the source of the problem. Kanade told Jiro to check up on Subaru. Subaru had nothing except the trunks on, and since she’s a girl she can’t go out like this so Subaru had to forfeit.

Shure came to check up on Subaru as well. Jiro told her Subaru forfeited. Shure said that’s a shame, she wanted a good fight with Subaru even though her main goal here is to figure out Nakuru. Shure told Jiro who his opponent is: It’s Kureha, one of the main causes of his gynophobia and had a history of sending other people into the hospital.

Nakuru is cheering Jiro on. She also says it’s a shame that Subaru won’t be facing Jiro in the finals, as she wants a glasses BL scene with Jiro and Subaru who loves each other but has to fight each other. Jiro kicked her into the pool for thinking that, sure Shure must be mistaken and this girl has nothing except glasses and BL in mind for him. Nakuru says she almost drowned and Jiro replied that’s not possible, the pool is only 150cm deep.

Fight with Kureha started. Apart from attacking the eyes or the groin, anything’s allowed. After more snarking and fanservice dialogue, Jiro used a ‘low blow’ after he got stuck in a hold and tickled Kureha into submission. Jiro won for the first time against Kureha in ten years. The spectators began to think Jiro’s both a sis-con and a lolicon as from where they were they saw him holding her down and did something to her. Jiro hastily woke Kureha up and told her to clear up the misunderstanding.

Kureha said she can’t get married now. Jiro said don’t say things like that which will end up with misunderstandings. It turns out Kureha was referring to her perfect ‘no loss’ score and not her purity.

Before the next fight Nakuru visited Jiro and asked him not to fight Shure. Nakuru took Jiro’s place in the finals. Jiro won against his sister who he had feared all this time, so Nakuru wants to see if she can do the same thing as well.

Final fight started. Shure broke a part of the floating island off with a kick, and told Nakuru she’s allowed to give up is she want. That bet with Jiro doesn’t matter, since that was just bait to see how much Nakuru has grown. Seeing her sister willing to stand up against her satisfied Shure, and says it’s alright for them to end it now since everybody already knew Shure was stronger and the coming storm is getting stronger. Nakuru says she’ll still fight, since Shure is considering going overseas on a exchange trip and this might be her last chance to challenge her older sister. Nakuru pulled out a can of soda from her cleavage, drank it and used the drunken stripping fist against Shure.

Before the final blow the island split completely in two, from both the increase in severity of the weather and Shure’s kick earlier. Nakuru saved Shure from falling in but fell in herself, so technically she lost. Shure asked why did Nakuru save her and take the loss, and Nakuru said Shure’s so short (not even 140cm tall) she’d drown if she falls in. And that Shure still had some weight on her for the handicap.
The storm got smaller and the event ended.

Vol6 Ch5
Closing ceremony of the festival. Jiro’s tired. Shure’s giving a speech. After she’s done she got Nakuru to come up on stage and handed her the mike. Nakuru confessed to Jiro in front of everyone.

Everyone’s shocked, and Jiro’s pushed up front to give her a reply right now. Jiro said no, and asked if her confessing is alright when she is writing BL doujin of him and Subaru. She says she’s satisfied with being the mistress and doesn’t planning on getting between Jiro and Subaru’s BL. It turns out she’s doing this solely for a better vantage point to write her BL doujin. Jiro asks what does Shure think of this, and she says she don’t mind and hopes those two end up with a big family. Shure also called Jiro ‘Onii-chan’ like she promised to after their bet, which gave him more trauma. He thinks having Kureha is probably the better choice, as Shure’s more violent that Kureha is.

Jiro rejected Nakuru’s confession 100% after that. Nakuru doesn’t give up, and says she’ll confess to him in the future too. The festivals ends with clear skies, but Jiro felt his life is getting more and more clouds over it.

Vol6 Ch6
Kanade’s enjoying Jiro’s discomfort over that incident. Subaru asked is it really alright for Jiro to not go out with Nakuru (since she’s well developed), and he says he won’t do that when she only wants to observe him. Usami said Jiro’s a siscon as he seems happy when Shure called him ‘onii-chan’, and when he was fighting Kureha. He said he was just taking revenge against Kureha and has nothing to do with that.

Jiro confirmed with his talk with Kanade that the special event went ahead despite the storm was due to her influence (only daughter of the school’s Director and all). Kanade asked again why doesn’t he go out with Nakuru, since she has a good figure and is a nice girl at heart. If he tries going out with her he might be able to cure his gynophobia. Jiro says he doesn’t plan on going out with anyone before he cures his gynophobia. Subaru and Usami heard him said that as well.

Kureha, who got home before he did, went up to him when he was still 5 mins from home. A lightning strike occurred near his house and struck a power line, their neighbour’s house burned down and their own house was damaged from the flames. His and Kureha’s room are fine, but the other half of the house was destroyed. They can’t contact their mother (don’t know where she is), and all the other relatives they have don’t live nearby.

Kanade says they can come over and live with her. But it’s not free and they have to be her servants while doing so. Kureha’s a maid but Jiro’s called a dog. Jiro has a bad feeling about all of this.

*end Vol6*