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Everything's black?

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I noticed a weird discrepancy between LNs and their illustrations that seems to crop up a lot.

I first noticed it in (cokesakto's) translation of KnK. Art: Red jacket. Description: Black jacket.
This wasn't consistent, so I chalked it up to translator error.

Then I saw the same thing in Boogiepop. Art: Purple cloak. Description: Black cloak.

I've seen this happen a few other times, too. So is this just translation problems? Artists taking creative liberties? A quirk of the language?

I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Cypher Attic's Avatar
    Whoa, what was that weird security check screen I got when posting?
  2. Dullahan's Avatar
    It's a coke-ism I'm afraid. The line you're referring to - I believe, since it's the only one I can find in Coke where he describes Shiki's jacket as black - is in Overlooking View. Coke writes:
    Quote Originally Posted by Overlooking View
    I took a black leather jacket with me when I left the house, and now I wear it atop my light blue kimono.
    The original line is:
    Quote Originally Posted by Fuukan Fuukei, 1/Ryougi Shiki
    Emphasis added. The jacket is clearly described as 'red' by Nasu. Coke just fucked it up.

    I don't know about Boogiepop. That seems more likely to be a different issue, where the colour is actually black but the artist depicts it as a dark shade of colour for stylistic regions. See, notoriously, Ciel's hair in Tsukihime.
  3. Nanashi(kari)'s Avatar
    Maybe I'm a bit late for this but I'm pretty sure the early editions of KnK have her jacket black, I once compared a few parts of the edition included in the cd of Tsukihime Plus Disk with the 2007 edition and the latter changed the description of the characters to match the artwork. I believe the 2004 edition didn't change the text at all and Coke used that edition.