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List of invented and modded Skills

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Aliases and Alibis

Ability to obscure one’s true name through taking on numerous different names, identities, and backgrounds, that one’s original name becomes utterly lost, and one’s identity becomes hard to remember. Works similarly to Information Erasure, but with too much and too contradictory info rather than too little. (Milady)


A flipside of Demonic Defender of the State, this is the capacity to operate in and drain the resources of enemy territory. (Vlad Tepes)

Animal Control (Exotic)

Command over certain kinds of animal, in this case types of animals deemed ‘exotic’. (Casati)

Appreciation as Art

Ability to attract infatuation as an artwork. (Casati)

Attendant of Lightning

A variant of Attendant of Iron, where through proximity alone, the Servant is capable of reinforcing their Master’s mental attributes and mana capacity… if not their reason. (Igor)

Attendant of Iron (Curse)

The reinforcement of a Master’s physical attributes through proximity alone. However, at this point it has been twisted into a curse where said master’s physical attributes decrease whenever the Servant is not in their proximity. (Jeeves)

Auxiliary Territorial Service

Access to the resources of and abilities required for the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the British Army women’s branch during World War II. (Elizabeth Windsor)

Background Character

Status as a 'background character' not considered an important focus by the story's overall plot. This has the advantage of granting them more freedom from story causality or 'fate', thus increasing Luck whenever not interacting with the 'other main characters' (in this case Masters and other Servants). (Rosencrantz & guildenstern)

Burnout and Fadeaway

Almost an inversion of Child of the Sun. Signifies one who had prodigious success in the beginning of their legend but was met with increasingly failures later in life. (Alfonso X)

Camera Shot

Ability to combine handling of firearms with handling of film shooting. (Ed Wood)

Clairvoyance (Art)

Exceptional eyesight that at higher Ranks can turn into precognition and other supernatural forms of perception, as enabled through picture-viewing. (Ozma)

Collector (Jewels)

Accumulation of a high quantity of objects, paired with a keen enough eye to find high quality objects, in this case jewels. (Goethe)

Contagion (Legend)

A case where a legend itself is ‘contaminated’, passing a curse onto those who hear this Servant’s True Name. (Omegarus)

Credit Crunch

Ability to limit others’ means of coming into wealth (Anti-Golden Rule). (Harold Holt)

Desire & Fear

A combination of the Skills Love Spot and Dread Visage, the power to supernaturally infatuate and terrify at the same time. (Ayesha)

Divine Observation

The ability to observe and understand deities. (Arachne)

Double Summon (Imposition)

The ability to grant, if not enforce, a second Class onto a targeted Servant. Can even replace their original Class entirely at higher Ranks. (Frollo)

Dragon of the Earth (Lightning)

The ability to capture local leylines and infuse them with one’s own element, in this case Electricity. (Ginchiyo)

Dread Visage → Frighten the Fearless

An advanced form of intimidation, able to strike fear into the otherwise fearless. (Hook)

Enchant (Instruments)

Endowment of concepts to items, in this case to musical instruments. (Berlioz)

Era Observation (Future)

The observation of the flow of future eras and its incorporation into sci-fi writing. (Heinlein)

Espionage Thoughts and Prayers

The ability to mask one’s presence by appearing normal and unhostile. In this case, the Skill has taken a specific form where one registers as unhostile through sheer luck and the ineptitude of those in authority. (Milady)

Eternal Science Mastery

Mastery of fields of science has reached the point of being unrivalled in one’s era. Prevents degradation of scientific knowledge under the effects of mental hindrance. The makings of a 'mad scientist'. (Marie Curie)

Fairy Monarch

The mystical authority necessary to lead and rule over the Fairy Folk. Like a specialised Imperial Privilege, this allows temporary access to any Fairy Skill regardless of whether the Servant would otherwise possess it. (Ozma)

Familiar (Corgis)

Allows the use of Welsh corgis, who can serve as fairy mounts, as familiars. Each corgi can have Fairy Contract and Protection of the Spirits at lower Ranks. (Elizabeth Windsor)

Familiar (Corvid)

Gifts familiars in the form of jackdaws, crows, ravens, and related birds. (Kafka)

Familiars (Infernal)

Summoning and control of familiars from Hell. (Berlioz)


A philosophy that doubts, if not denies, the existence of free will. Lowers other Servants' Luck through presence. (Harold Holt)

Fate of Sarpedon

The nullification of divine protection when attempting a killing blow. (Patroclus)

Favour of the Four Maidens

The blessing of four spirits said to embody Purity, Chastity, Modesty, and especially Truth. Allows for the Identity of the Servant to be maintained and restored, being protected against falsehoods such as illusions, distortion, and corruption, at the expense of making it easier for other Servants to determine their identity. (Orlando)

Finalised Language

The opposite end equivalent of the Unified Language, this is the last language ever spoken by mankind, thus the language closest to the Apocalypse. It allows one to speak directly to another’s ‘death’ or ‘end’, giving the Target and surrounding land a premonition of doom, sense of growing frailty, and gradually making their Lines visible to even those who don’t have the Eyes. (Omegarus)

For Everybody and Nobody

Status as a Servant who ‘belongs to all’, allowing for the Servant to redistribute their own Command Seals at will. (Octobriana)

Game Development

The construction of games, their win and lose conditions, and the rules and loopholes built into them. While traditional game development remains into modern day, the more current form of this Skill utilises the construction of digital worlds. Allows for the comprehension of rules and victory conditions, and at higher levels advanced Spiritron Hacking. (Roberta Williams, potentially Alfonso X)

Genius Loci

The ability of a location to manifest a personality of its own, qualifying as a Servant. (Egdon Heath)

Good Neighbor Policy

The diplomatic skill to turn a potential enemy into an ally in war. (Carmen Miranda)

Grand Vizier

A ministerial advisor to an Islamic Head of State, such as a Sultan and especially the Caliph. Can give rout advice that increases the Rank of other Servants’ Skills, doubly so if said Skills are related to statecraft.

Great Expectations

The inducement of ‘expectation’ onto a Target to the point of delusion. (Estella)

Hard of Hearing

Deafness that can make communication more difficult, but also nullifies sound-based attacks and magecraft while slightly sharpening other sense. (Goya)

Hard Workers Are Rewarded

A strongly internalised ideal of meritocracy and denial of inheritance. (Heinlein)

Hero Creation (Revision)

The techniques and arts to birth and raise the likes of Kings. In this case, applied retroactively through influential writing. (Luo Guanzhong)

Homunculus (Fake)

Status as a homunculus-like existence, not in body but in mindset. Comes through being raised and trained in a way that one becomes emotionally more like an instrument than a normal human. (Estella, Cesare)

Honour of Pirates Floreat Etona

The personal code of laws and virtues held by pirates, further combined with an upper-class academic sense of pride and image to uphold. Reinforces both physical and intellectual rigidity. (Hook)

Human Observation (Apex & Nadir)

An extreme version of this Skill, the ability to observe and understand humanity’s highest highs and lowest lows. (Pasolini)

Imperial Privilege (Blazing)

Possession of Skills that the Servant wouldn’t have otherwise, through the insistence of Imperial authority, but for a limited time. In this case, Skills associated specifically with the Blazing World. (Cavendish)


More than an ability to adapt, this is a way of thinking that sees opportunity for creativity where others would see a mistake. (Billie Holiday)


Membership in the Oxford Literary Circle that focused on and promoted fantasy fiction. Grants Era Observation towards the Age of Gods. (C.S. Lewis)

Innocent Monster (Self)

One whose existence has a Servant has become altered by their reputation and rumours… that they intentionally engineered themselves. (Berlioz)

Innovation - Guerrilla Warfare

The mark of one who transformed the world, in this case by reinventing guerrilla warfare. (Michael Collins)

Innovation – Kemalism

A conceptual revolution specific to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the six-pronged political philosophy of Kemalism.

Innovation – Manga & Anime

The mark of one who transformed the world, revolutionising manga and anime and using them to revolutionise society. A conceptual revolution specific to Osamu Tezuka.

Le Pur et l’Impur

A denial of the concept of unconditional love, manifested and imposed through force of will. Inflicts corruption and distortion upon those who more strongly feel and are motivated by love. (Colette)

Librarian of Knowledge (Eldritch)

Allows for a clear recall of knowledge through the Luck stat, even for events one wasn’t directly aware of… or that man was not meant to know. (Voltaire)

Magecraft (Volatile)

Proficiency in modern magic, still usable but prone to instability and destruction due to madness. (Frollo)

Magus Killer

Skill and training at assassinating mages while relying little on one’s own, if any, magic. (Dorothy)

Movie Monster

Status as an iconic ‘movie monster’. (Cesare)

Murder on a Sunny Morning

A variant of the Skill ‘Murder on a Misty Night’ but associated with killers in broad daylight. Allows for a pre-emptive strike during the day, but less so at night (when most Servants are active anyway).

No Retreat

Increases sheer fighting power at the cost of retreat becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible. (Patroclus)

Nothing Personal

A ‘just business’ approach to killing, the ideal mindset of a contract killer or mercenary. Increases the effectiveness of killing techniques the less emotion the killer feels towards his target. (Celtchar)

Opposite Reaction

Ability to cancel out or exhaust equal but opposing forces. (Sun Shang Xiang)

Out of Due Season

Allows the Servant to resist the effects of Mystery degradation, as if they had been both in an earlier era. (Ataturk, Chaplin)

Outsider Looking In

The rotted, inhuman form and mind of an ‘outsider’, one incapable of fitting in and relating wherever they go. The Servant’s own Self-Suggestion, gained through knowledge of stories, can be used to appear presentable and suppress their true image. (Ludwig II)

Overshadowed Death

The circumstances to have one’s death go unnoticed due to simultaneous deaths. Lowers other Servants' luck when near death. (C.S. Lewis, Posada)

Power of Friendship

The ability to instinctively sense and be strengthened from friendship. (Yoshitsugu Otani)

Presence Concealment (Author)

Capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. In this case, not being noticed as characters aren't supposed to notice their author. (Goethe)

Preux Chevalier

A non-knight’s ability to achieve and replicate the mindset and fortitude of a chivalric knight. (Wooster)

Projectile (Body Parts)

Ability to detach and reattach one’s own body parts, maintaining consciousness and mobility despite vivisection. (Black Dahlia)

Rebellious Mortal

An ascended form of Rebellious Spirit that defies not just leaders, but the gods themselves. Can negate forms of Divine Authority of an equivalent Rank. (Arachne)

Red Journalism

‘Nota Roja’. A distorted variant of journalism that focuses on violence and bloodshed above all else. Act as a combination of Human Observation and Dread Visage, understanding what most disturbs and terrifies people. (Posada)

Red Tape

The power of bureaucracy to impose limits and restrict access, regardless of whether such limits are needed or not. In practice it is the ability to enforce additional requirements on how enemy Servant Skills, and even Noble Phantasms, can be used. Similar in effect to a Geis, but achieved through non-magical means. (Kafka)

Role Play

The ability to switch between archetypes in a single ‘story’, like actors between stage productions. (Grimm)

Secular Sacraments

Ability to use relics and other objects like Holy Sacraments, despite said objects having no ties to any Church or God. (Pasolini)

Shapeshift (Fatherhood)

An oddly specific variant of Shapeshifting, in which one can assume the appearance and even abilities of their Target’s father (or ‘father figure’, in the case of foster parents). (Hook)

Shapeshift (Self & Others)

Transformation and possession, a common ability of kitsune and related youkai. Extended to also be able to impose shapeshifting on others. (Morrigan-Kafka)

Single-Mindedness (Love & Hate)

Ability to super-focus on a goal when the main motivator is the paradoxical duo of extreme love and hate. (Ayesha)


Ability to alter one’s size. (Adolphe Sax)

Skilful Star (Fake)

Denotes the 108 Stars of Destiny, the reincarnated heroes of The Water Margin. Or rather, one closely linked with them. (Luo Guanzhong)


One who has become a self-mummified monk, having undertaken a difficult fasting process before death, for the purpose of their being sacrifice and asceticism bringing salvation to others. Grants allies the Skill Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig at one Rank lower. (Yoshitsugu Otani)

Soothe the Savage Beast

The ability to pacify and get through to otherwise unruly and antisocial people and creatures. (Patroclus)

Spark of Rebellion

Capacity of a rebel leader, combining the effects of Charisma and Rebellious Spirit.

Speaker of the Sunken City

Role as the human 'ambassador' to R’lyeh, allowing access to that Sunken City. (Harold Holt)


Skill at combining both physical and magical offence into a single fighting style, becoming in essence a 'magic knight'.


An archetype of hero to brash and theatrical to be a stealth killer, yet too cunning and roguish for a chivalric knight. Both a flamboyant and oddly conversational style of sword-fighting and a personality type that combines style and passion with heroism. (Maid Marian)

Swirling Vortex of Terror

The mark of the Outer God Zushakon, vortex of death and darkness. (Black Dahlia)


The affinity for symbols, the abstract made physical, allowing one to unlock and utilise the metaphorical attributes of objects and people (e.g. a scythe as a symbol of Death, a rose as a symbol of Love, a cross as a symbol of sacrifice). This is a skill similar to what the Clock Tower would call 'sympathetic magic', though Baudelaire would scoff at that term. (Baudelaire)

Threshold Dweller

Symbolises one who stands between two distinct ages with a foot in both. (Goya, Maid Marian)

Throwing (Seeds)

Ability to use seeds and their fruits as projectiles. (Carmen Miranda)

Torture Techniques (Puzzles)

The implementation of torture tools to deal damage. As it strengthens bloodshed and agony, further damage is continuously added. An unusual variant of this Skill where the torture is inflicted through use of puzzles. (Roberta Williams)


The ability to inspire mimicry in others; what the servant does, others copy. (Goethe)


The argument from belief that there can be no morally good or sane pretenders to Divinity. Inflicts Mad Enhancement on an opponent equal to their Divinity Rank. (C.S. Lewis)

Ultimate One (Fake)

An imitation of the Ultimate One Skill in which one's Parameters are always higher than one's opponent, but through other means than receiving reinforcement from the Planet. ('Videogame Boss')

Uncrowned Knowledge Mastery

Mastery of the sciences and humanities that went unrecognised in the Servant's lifetime. (Ngunaitponi)

Unknown Homeland

Debate and uncertainly around where a Servant was born. (Gardel)

Unstainable Name

Prevents the Servant’s legend itself from being tarnished and degraded, increasing resistance to blackening and preventing the application of Skills like Innocent Monster. (Ataturk)

Vampirism (Living)

Absorbing another’s blood to replenish physical and magical strength, without technically being a vampire. (Yoshitsugu Otani)


An umbrella category of either Sacraments (according to practitioners), Magecraft (according to other mages), or both, originating from West Africa but since having spread to the Caribbean and mainland Americas. Rituals focus on honouring and then being ‘ridden’, or voluntarily possessed, by the loa, spirits equivalent to Angels or Saints. (Marinette)

Wooden Heart

Denotes not only a physical but also mental constitution of wood. (Pinocchio)

World Conquest (Internal)

The construction of a world entirely within one’s mind, conquering and ruling a cognitive world rather than a physical one. (Cavendish)

Zeitgeist – Eighteenth Century

Going beyond simply observing an era, the Servant can instead be said to have defined and embodied the spirit of the era, thus can call upon any Skill associated with the time. Covers the eighteenth century specifically. (Voltaire)

Zenko (Messenger of Inari)

Status as a servant and messenger of the deity Inari, thus one of the ‘good' kitsune. (Kuzunoha)

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