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Fate\last call - Caster Saint Graph

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"Honestly, I think I prefer this over a normal Servant anyway."

Basic InformationBasic Information

Alias: Mock King Morholt Classes: Caster
True Name: Nils Herydir-Dragilaz Source: none
Gender: Male Region: Sweden
Height/Weight: 178cm/70kg Attribute: Star
Image colour: Tarnished silver Armament: Sword







King: Due to the influence of his Noble Phantasm, Nils is considered a king for the purposes of Magecraft.

Class SkillsClass Skills

Item Construction C+

The Caster class skill that allows the creation of magical tools and implements such as Mystic Codes. Thanks to Nils's Noble Phantasm, he is capable of generating a number of magical armaments, but he is limited by very specific parameters.
Territory Creation D

The capacity to create spaces specifically for the purposes of Magecraft. Nils possesses this skill as a formal codification of ability he already possessed as a matter of course due to his class container, but it does not speak to any particular talent for the art.

Personal SkillsPersonal Skills

Magic Resistance D

A skill allowing the nullification and reduction of Magecraft. At Rank D, it is possible to entirely cancel Single-Action spells - a feat on par with an anti-magical amulet. In Nils's case, it literally is such an amulet - the presence of this skill is simply an acknowledgement of a defensive measure that he already made use of before his sublimation as a Servant.
Clairvoyance C+

Enhanced visual acuity and perception. Gained through the long-range observation of battles between Servants, as well as the insight to seek out a certain fateful individual. Generally, his limit is keeping track of a moving target at approximately four kilometres, but with sharp focus and the steadying of the mind, it is possible to extrapolate even further than that by tuning into "channels" that usually go unseen by human eyes.
Knowledge of Melee B

Methods of combat pertaining to situations where allies and enemies are mixed together in the chaos of the battlefield, and the ability to act as one of the combatants in such a conflict in an effective manner. Obtained during the battle at Ryuudou Temple on March 16. Despite his middling performance at the time, the rank is reasonably high due to the inherited combat experience of the military drawn from within his sword.

Noble PhantasmNoble Phantasm

Withdrawing the Succeeded Quarter

Anti-Army Class
Rank C

Range: 0~70
Max targets: 100 people

Nils's unique power, so innate to him that it's almost erroneous to call it Magecraft at this point. Although he lacks an elemental affinity, he is able to easily actualise miracles far beyond the realms of most Magi of his standing - especially for one who lacks a Magic Crest such as himself - using the power of the decayed Noble Phantasm that he has taken into his body. Indeed, calling the swords used by the clan's Scabbard Magecraft "Noble Phantasms" is not strictly correct, but they are still effectively treated as such through the structure of a Foundation that is derived from the reverence of sacred objects. One could say that Scabbard Magecraft is specifically an art used to artificially restore the Mystery of great things that have lost their strength in the modern era.

The Sword of Mercy, Curtana, was a prominent item among the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom as a ceremonial implement. Among the various swords of the monarchy, Curtana is arguably of the highest ranking - an honour bestowed upon it due to its storied history that starts with its ownership by Sir Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table. As such, it was a lynchpin of the state's authority as the regulator that mediated the powers of the
Church of England and British Armed Forces
Swords of Spiritual and Temporal Justice
. In this role, it had the right to restrain both the military and the clergy, but it was lost during the English Civil War. Therefore, in the early 18th Century, a new Curtana had to be fashioned - much like the original's broken tip, this sword too had its tip removed to symbolise its merciful nature. Despite being only a facsimile of the original, this replica maintains its ceremonial role as royal regalia in the present day, and is even the Noble Phantasm of British monarchs such as Queen Victoria, so it does still have legitimacy as a crystallised Mystery.

During his studies in the Department of Archaeology, Nils was able to locate the tip of this replica, which had apparently been kept by the smith tasked with creating it. Taking it into himself as the core of his Scabbard Magecraft, his own body is now the scabbard that holds Curtana Replica, allowing him to utilise its abilities for himself. As the Sword of Mercy, it is primarily defensive, and the proper Noble Phantasm would normally reflect this. However, the interaction between the mechanics of Scabbard Magecraft and this particular shard is unusual. Due to the tip being deliberately removed to give the sword the quality of mercy, the use of that very tip is to wield the brutal lethality that was cast away. As Nils has become the tip of the sword itself, so too has he become tyranny itself.

With will alone, Nils has the right to summon forth the brutality of Theocracy and of Stratocracy.

Morholt Theocracy is the spiritual tyranny of holy institutions, which in turn grants him spiritual power. As well as being able to directly affect spiritual beings, Nils is capable of spiritually affecting people as well. Theoretically, this can go as far as outright mind control as he takes ahold of the very souls of those around him - with the exception of those with sufficient strength in their Magic Circuits to resist - but he finds this particular application repulsive in concept. However, this is not the extent of its powers: it grants Nils a conceptually heightened spiritual standing superior to that of a proper human soul, allowing him high resistance to psychic and spiritual effects. In addition, it allows tremendously strong anti-spiritual effects akin to the Baptism Rite of the Holy Church.

Morholt Stratocracy, however, is Nils's literal primary weapon. With authority pertaining to the military, he can summon Projection-like simulacra of the weaponry used by any branch of the British Armed Forces, which act as magical constructs with a conceptual advantage against "the masses". Given the scope of modern armaments, this naturally allows him access to an absurd degree of firepower, theoretically speaking. However, in practice, there is still a limit to what his Magic Circuits are able to handle - even just the summoning of a small boat is outside of his ability. As such, Nils largely relies on the weapons of individual soldiers, albeit in significant numbers. It goes without saying that he is also equipped with the skills to use these arms, as well as being able to amplify his physical parameters to suitably act as "war itself".

Rather than two "modes" to switch between, they are the two arms of the tyrant king, and thus can be combined in various ways by using their powers in tandem. The most common combination Nils favours is the sanctification of his generated weapons. Naturally, a bonus is gained while on British soil; however, because the essence of his powers is tyranny, it is somewhat reduced in effectiveness when targeting another who could claim the title of "king".
Eight-Span Crow

Hero Creation Class
Rank EX

Range: ━
Max targets: Master

The three-legged crow of the sun who guides the hero in the form of a crystallised existence. Manifestations of Yatagarasu can behave unconventionally when summoned as Servants, and Mishima herself has materialised as a being closer to a Noble Phantasm than a proper Caster. A Continuously-Active type that represents her status as the bridge between the heavens and the earth, it is an existence that fosters and cultivates one's own Master. Rather, as a result of their contract, her Master themselves has become Caster on the basis of their feat of successfully manifesting a sign of providence. Accordingly, the Master gains a blank Caster-class Saint Graph akin to a Servant, with this Noble Phantasm included. It is a kind of special contract-induced ability, mechanically identical to the normal effects that some Servants have on their contractors, such as the Poison Resistance granted to the Master of a certain Knight of the Round Table.

However, this particular effect is abnormally potent, able to scale in power and breadth according to both the Servant and the Master. When faced with challenges, Yatagarasu will observe how they approach them, and if difficult enough, such a challenge can become a Journey. For Masters undergoing a Journey, their performance will be put to the test accordingly, and depending on the results, their spiritual standing is elevated. In this way, for each Journey, it is possible to increase their abilities, similar to "gaining experience points". For particularly strong performance, it is even possible to gain the likes of Personal Skills to reflect their solution to each hurdle. For those with a passing familiarity with the Watcher class, one might note that this is an exceptionally compatible ability for such a manifestation.

Furthermore, upon Mishima's death, her body will transform into one last final Noble Phantasm that reflects the Journeys of the Master as a way of marking the completion of their legend. With the death of the mentor, the creation of the hero is complete, and all that is necessary is to end the story by overcoming the final challenge with everything they have gained.

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