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So I decided to write this here since I'm not sure whether to post this in the womb or the music thread. Figured it's a bit of both.

Have you ever listened to a random song, got it stuck in your head, and thought "Hey, I can make a Servant out of this!"? Well, I have. I listen to a lot of songs, and sometimes that feeling just clicks. They're not necessarily "character songs", since most of them don't 100% fit the character, but they do serve as inspirations all the same. Which brings us here! A page for random song recs which may or may not serve as a sneak peek for my future projects as well! Just note that at least 90% of them are Japanese. And a considerable portion of them are Vocaloid. I never got over that phase, okay? I do listen to jazz, classical, and broadway as well sometimes, but they're just not the same.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get to it!

Royal Scandal: Luz - Bittersweet
- Utaite (Luz) ver. with subs

Honestly I love every entry in this series (this is chapter 5) and I recommend checking them all out when you have the time, but I'll just put two here so I don't clog the list. For the uninitiated, Royal Scandal is a music project with an overarching story, mostly jazz, and inspired by fairytales. This one in particular is inspired by Cinderella. Honestly the art is also so good that I've wanted to use them as fcs several times so far. No character really fits my planned Servants so far, though.

Royal Scandal: Luz - Magic Ring Night
- Utaite (Luz) ver.

Chapter 9 of the series. Something about tragic star-crossed lovers and 1001 nights... Unfortunately the middle east isn't usually my field of expertise. Song is still a banger, though.

Milgram: Kazui - Half
- Kazui (Ryota Takeuchi) ver.

Another series I love. Anyone else following this? Basically, this is an interactive music project where we have eight "prisoners" who had committed vaguely-defined "crimes" (we get hints to it through MVs), and it falls to us to vote them guilty or innocent through an (unfortunately Japan-only) app. Three rounds of voting, a new song after every round, and we've just finished the first round a few months ago. Again, I love almost every song in this series, but I'll just put two here.

For this song specifically... honestly there's just so many different interpretations of what's going on that you just can't be sure which one is true (though I guess that goes for most songs in this series). I do like the angsty feel and his baritone voice, which earned the song a spot on this list.

Milgram: Haruka - Weakness
- Haruka (Shun Horie) ver.

"I wanted to be pitied and loved like a weakling."

A much more chaotic song compared to the other one. Something about untreated mental illness, self-loathing, and a sense of powerlessness.

Associated Servant:
Charles the Fat (Berserker)

Noboru-P - The Snow White Princess
- Hatsune Miku ver. with subs
- Utaite (Madotsuki) 10th anniversary ver.

Mm, fluffy fairytale princess motif with ominously creepy undertones. Peak 2010s Vocaloid. There's also a male version with arguably even darker undertones?

Associated Servant:
Angelica (Lover)

Kanon69 - The Necrophile's Bride
- Bis ver. with subs
- Utaite (Kanon69) 4th anniv ver.

I mean... yeah, it's dark, but for obvious reasons, it's a 100% fit with that guy. I also love the piano and accordion here.

Associated Servant:
Carl Tanzler (Foreigner)

Manbo-P - All Phone Zombies Lead to Rome
- Gumi ver. with subs

Manbo-P is the embodiment of my shitposting spirit, characterized by his absurdly-themed songs with unexpectedly deep messages near the end. For this song specifically... a girl gets reincarnated as a turtle to relive the history of the Roman Empire. Yup, you heard that right.

Doriko - Although My Songs Have No Form
- Utaite (Hanatan) ver. with subs
- Miku Symphony 2017 instrumental ver.

Just... a very wholesome song all around. The symphony version is glorious.

Associated Servant:
St. Richardis (Rider)

Spectacle-P - The Beast
- Hatsune Miku ver. with subs

A "monster" who's so used to living in isolation that she pushes everyone away, only to acknowledge her love after it's too late. That sweet angst.

Associated Servant:
Alcina (Caster)

YurryCannon - I Want to be Your Heart
- Gumi ver. with subs

That desire to save someone is prime wholesome/angst material. I did find a plausible candidate some time ago, but they're fairly modern and... kinda hard to adapt as a Servant. Let's just say it's about becoming someone's "eyes" and allowing them to see the beauty of the world once again.

Hitoshizuku-P - Fantasy Pianist
- Len ver. with subs

A pianist who masks his depression with a smile until he breaks. Pianists are usually Del's thing, but I do wonder if there's any other musician who might fit this song...

Yakuza 6 - Hands
- Takaya Kuroda ver. with subs

Most Yakuza karaoke songs are bangers, but this is one of my favorites. Not counting that one pope, I don't think I've truly made a "wholesome dad" sheet before, or at least not good enough. Still, if I ever find one of those figures, I reckon this song will be a good fit.

Asa - Star-Reading End Lover
- Kasane Teto ver. with subs
- Utaite (Asa) ver.

So you know just how weak I am to romance? And this song involves... going to the moon with the single-minded determination to meet your love. I can imagine a certain someone who might sort of fit this song, but it looks like I'd have to jump through several hoops just to make them feel Servant-worthy. Who knows if I'll ever get around to them. This song still lives rent-free in my head, though.

Asa - Yoshiwara Lament
- Kasane Teto ver. with subs
- Wagakki Band ver.
- Asa/Sachiko Kobayashi ver.

Apparently a pretty old Vocaloid song covered by tons of people. which I only just found recently. Something about the red-light district of Kabukicho during the Edo period. Might possibly work for some angsty Lover(?) from that era.

Asa - Meisho Romance
- Kasane Teto ver. with subs
- Utaite (Asa) ver.

Unofficial sequel to Yoshiwara Lament from the same producer. Something about the uncertain, changing times and the dawn of the Meiji era.

Associated Servant:
Okita Rintaro (Faker)

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