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Etherlite Heart, Wandering Tower. Do you see them dancing? the future is indeterminate. 314 Eschatologies Corrected. 1.5 Remaining.


Julienn Fallenflue


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Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 20
Likes: Plant Breeding, Horror Movies
Dislikes: Politics
Talents: Speculative Horticulture
Natural Enemy: Rufus Fallenflue
Image Colour: Red & White
Origin: Appeasement
Element: Water
Day of Decisive Battle: Green Man//I See You


Like many magus families to have arisen in the latter half of the last millenium, the fortunes of the Fallenflue family were fundamentally rooted in colonialism. Even as the waking world subjugated, brutalized and pillaged countless nations and peoples, many magi descended on these newly discovered lands in search of new Mystery, hoping to snatch it from the people who had minded it for millenia and add it to their amassed hoards of knowledge, or to pass it off as their own creation, their own path to the Root. The Fallenflue were examples of the second case, a off-shoot of one of Botany's more powerful families with a half-made branch Crest and no Foundation to call their own, no ideas or idealogy. Desperate to justify their own existence, they searched the rest of the world beyond Europe, and eventually found what they wanted in the jungles of Madagascar.

From the beginning, the famiily's founder had held a fascination with legends of man-eating plants, lifeforms that transcended standard taxonomical classification, lifeforms that supposedly defied the logic of the Root itself. The details of the theory he assembled are too well-guarded for you to understand from this contact alone, it is clear to you that whatever idea he eventually settled upon had some thaumaturgical merit, enough that he needed only a example of such an aberration to base his Foundation upon. Of course, the loss of Mystery had already set in across the world, and finding a example in the wild was a difficult proposition. It was in Madagascar that he found what he needed, coming with the trading companies, the missionaries and the coastal settlers, long before colonialism officially came to the island in the forms of a flag and a war. The Europeans exerted their terrible will on the country all the same, in a slower, more insidious manner, and the Fallenflue found the seeds they need.

Ever since, the Fallenflue have focused on breeding the Madagascar Tree, generation after generation. The exact secrets of their methods are lost to you, but the Tree is a mutable, warping thing, changing entirely in shape with each new generation of seeds, each new source of genetics. If the path to the Swirl of the Origin is any clearer to you, that knowledge is closely guarded, as it is with all Magi, but they persist in their study, so it cannot be entirely a failure.

Amongst them, Julienn Fallenflue might be something of an oddity. He possesses an unusual sensitivity for a Magus, a discomfort with both his family's past and the current state of their craft. Even still, he is a prodigy in their arts, and some of the cross-breeding techniques for plants that carry Mystery he's developed have been significant enough to deserve patenting and a place in several Botany classrooms-- enough to qualify him for the rank of Cause. Still, his nascent sense of morality is a weakness for a Magus, one his father despises and his classmates plan to exploit one day.

--He clashes often with his father, and in his darkest moments he thinks of speeding up his accession to the position of head. But, he loves him too. He loves the more mundane elements of his work, but he certainly doesn't neglect the mystical parts, either.

He fears the Tree.

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