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Etherlite Heart, Wandering Tower. Do you see them dancing? the future is indeterminate. 314 Eschatologies Corrected. 1.5 Remaining.


Ysaos Sycorax Archelot
Lord of Botany

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Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 364
Likes: Study, Performance
Dislikes: Defeatism
Talents: Witchcraft
Natural Enemy: Alice Kuonji
Image Colour: ???
Origin: Longing
Element: Imaginary Numbers, Earth
Day of Decisive Battle: Witch on the Holy Night


--So much of her is hidden to you. If you try to access the information the Etherlite recorded, you see her eyes, and your head starts trying to tear itself apart. You suppose it's only natural-- a Lord must be well-equipped to protect themselves from all kinds of attacks, and the Etherlite's recording could certainly be considered a kind of attack. Still, even if you received very little in the way of personal information, her history is open to you.

Though the Witches have long since abandoned the Clock Tower, the Archelot family represent the last vestige of their influence over the department they founded. They were the first to partake in the teachings of the eternal fairies, and much of the work in codifying their inherent magic as a replicable Thaumaturgical Foundation is theirs, and so in the absence of their masters it was only natural that an Archelot would take up the mantle of Lord of Botany. Whilst the mantle of Lord might pass between different families in other departments, the Archelot have maintained more or less uncontested control over Yumina ever since its founding, either out a respect for the great founder the department is named after or simply unusually effective management of the department as a political and academic entity.

Ysaos has been the head of the Archelot family for over three hundred years thanks to the brews taught to her line by their former masters, and so too has she been Lord for as long. Deeply entrenched in the political machinery of the Clock Tower and a staunch supporter of the Aristocratic tradition favored by the Barthomelois, Ysaos has maintained effective political domination over the entirety of Botany in the centuries since she came to power-- avoiding even the soul rot that usually affects particularly long-lived magi, though no one knows precisely how she's done so. Her obsession with Witches is well-known-- indeed, it's something of a topic of mockery for those who dislike the eccentric Lord-- though, never to her face. Botany remains the only department of the Clock Tower where magi from the lines of Witches are able to find a place within the Association's political structure, and Ysaos is ever on the hunt for anything that might bring her closer to her family's masters.

--Although, you think. The Witches vanished long before she was born. She is chasing the ghost of someone she never knew. The thought makes you a little sad.