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Its quality may not be quite as good but here is my second entry; Charles Darwin.

I stood atop my temple, staring down at the great golden city.

I bathed in its splendor and watched my people mingle and wander the streets. Humans who had families, humans who lived in solitude, humans who were unblessed at birth, humans who were given every gift. I watched as they and the animals that lived with them all met around the streets. The glow of my golden torches illuminated every square inch.

Suddenly, from below, my enhanced ears heard one of my subjects say

We're running out of wine. A shame. I wanted to talk with more people

I did not hesitate. I held aloft my staff and swung it behind me and struck the bell of Paradisus. The symbol of my authority. Instantly from the wall near the man gold formed into a small table, atop which stood a pitcher of wine. I waited for the man to take it before striking the bell again. In response to the bell's chime the table, now lacking a pitcher, turned back into gold and reformed into the wall.

I smiled. Not out of happiness but contentment. My subjects were ending another happy day.

I watched over them some more before turning my eyes upwards to the horizon. Beyond my city's dazzling glow. To the darkened wastes of the earth. I could spot from here the shadowy figures of the Daemones. I knew from their numbers that, as I had planned, many were gathering. An impediment to my enemies. Yet... I knew it would not be enough.


A name that I once welcomed and now could not help but feel a tinge of anger for. I welcomed them with open arms... and now they reject me. I could accept that. I could even, to an extent, accept their distaste for my world... but now they sought to cull it. To end the lives of me and my subjects. Now... now I had the slightest bit of anger. Though it washed away when I reminded myself.

Of course, they seek the path of death. They come from a world of suffering. What other recourse for them is there?

I already knew their story. I had heard it from my 'brother'. A world of death that was unforgiving. I foolishly believed guilt would be enough to stay their hand. I should have known better. I should have known that force was what was required to prevent Chaldea from targeting the Bell.

Hearing the hum of Andromeda behind me, I concurred with its musings.

Yes, tomorrow will be... interesting. I hope Chaldea is prepared. I will not let Paradisus fall. No force on heaven or earth will make its golden sheen lose its luster. I promise God that I will see to it that my golden paradise lasts for eternity.

I heard Andromeda hum pleased with my statement. I felt its presence recede.

I turned back to my utopian city. I watched my people have fun. I watched as eventually they grew tired and retreated to various homes. I, one by one, tapped the bell to put out the torches to let my people sleep. I then stood and retreated to my own bed. I needed to rest before dawn. A battle awaited in the morning.

A battle I dreaded.

After all... my own brother was about to war with me. Over something as silly as wanting change. He was not content to live freely with those who dissented... now he had to storm my paradise and ruin the garden... I refused. I refused to allow this to happen.

I would not let even my brother ruin Paradisus.


Saver of Paradisus, Answering your pleas. I shall save you from whatever crisis avails you.


True Name


(Golden Empire Templum Mundi)

Lawful Evil

Caring for Others, Purity, Peace, Prosperity, Life, Humanity, Animals

Cruelty, Sin, Violence, Chaos, Poverty, Ruin, Humans


Guiding People and Defending His Territory

Natural Enemy


My Capabilities
Strength Endurance Agility



My Story
The first murder. In proper human history, it is Cain who kills Abel. Afterward, Cain lies to god about what happened, invoking god's wrath, and is cursed to forever be an enemy of humanity, to always wander, and to never grow crops again. Yet, in this lost world, history took a drastic turn.

It was Abel who killed Cain... Abel however loved his brother and felt grief and guilt. He prayed to god for aid and god came. Unlike Cain in proper human history Abel did not lie about the events and instead of shirking punishment begged for it.

So punishment was laid upon him. Abel, that day, lost the ability to die. God said that no matter what befell humanity Abel would still stand. Only when all things withered would Abel be allowed to die. God then left Abel to grieve. Abel buried Cain’s body to put their soul at peace. He then considered his next moves and consulted his family. He eventually settled on one idea; creating a city to protect those he cared for. His family and his animals.

While making his city he only made two laws. No citizens shall sin and no citizens are allowed to leave the city though visitors would never be turned away or forced to stay. His idea had been that he would protect ‘family’ but outsiders would not be forced to join the family or kept out.

He eventually named the city Paradisus and utilized his talents to cultivate the city into a true utopia. For over a hundred years his city prospered and accepted more animals and citizens. All worked together to form a city of true paradise. That was until one of his beloved animals died.

A male sheep who had a large family was slain by a citizen, cooked, and then devoured brazenly. He believed it would not be missed amongst the countless sheep. Abel however did. He demanded to know why the man had murdered his friend so viciously and coldly.

The man merely responded he wanted meat. It was then Abel who committed the true first murder. A strike to the man's temple with his crook. Abel was confused for a time but moved quickly. Rather than hide the body he instead used it to fertilize the crops.

He then announced the truth openly. The man had confessed to the sin of murder. His friend had been the victim. His punishment was to be used to enhance the fields they grew their crops. He also made clear that with this the sin had been forgiven.

Then he announced a new law. He would not kill animals en masse to feed them. Instead, he would only kill animals that wished to be fed to the citizens or animals that died naturally. In turn, he would turn humans who committed grievous sins into fertilizer for the fields or those that wished to simply die.

For thousands of years since Abel ruled Paradisus as its sole leader. He would spread his rule to other cities whose citizens wished for the same lifestyle. He would show his support by creating more crooks similar to his and giving them to individuals he supported that would eventually be named ‘Aurei Pastores’.

Enemies of these groups would attempt invasion but he would prove each time to be too much for invaders. As he lived his power grew and eventually invading Paradisus was all but impossible. Thus the empire of paradise was born.

Abel, who began it all, was pleased. His desire to deliver paradise on earth was achieved.

My Inheritence
Curse of Empathy

A curse that afflicts the servant in a particular way. Similar to some curses he can glean some benefit from it but on the whole it makes existence difficult. It effectively turns him into an unwilling empath. Whatever other living things around him feel he in turn feels. Even physical injuries he feels and due to the curse his body mimics the injuries even if it would be physically impossible. This effect occurs even if he is enemies with an individual.

This works in reverse as well. Should they feel relief, relaxed, or be healed he too will receive these effects. The only effect not shared is Death. He cannot be killed in this manner though the act might bring about unbearable pain. He hides the truth of this curse by claiming it is a curse of immortality as he recognizes the ways it can be utilized against him and thinks so long as no one knows then he isn't in any danger.

Shepherd of the People

An odd skill to be sure. Some other servants may possess this skill as it denotes a servant that guided people in their time. It functions both as a variant of the Charisma skill and also combines the effects of Counter Hero. Becoming a leader through trust and companionship rather than charm and regality, and also diminishing the strength of heroes that would stand against them.

At a high rank, it invokes a feeling of trust and closeness to those listening. As though he has been your friend for a while and truly holds your best interests at heart. Anyone listening feels as though they must take his opinions and words to heart and seriously consider them. Likewise, this skill also serves to demoralize heroes who would oppose him.

Anti-heroes are less affected overall but still face a rank down of parameters when standing against him. On the other hand, they receive a rank up to all parameters. Heroes on the other hand have their parameters ranked down twice, and if they stand with him they receive two additional ranks to all of their parameters.

Civilization Creation

A skill held by those who built entire nations, not merely a city. Technically he only built a single city-state-sized nation. As such, normally he would have Settlement Creation. However, an occurrence in his Lostbelt renders this skill more fitting, even if not entirely possible to be ranked accurately. Others, ordained by him, would leave the city and create their own cities of gold creating other paradises to lessen the burden on him.

As such he has this skill and is at an odd rank. He can definitively mark a territory as 'Paradisus' that is the size of a neighborhood. However, inevitably the surrounding city will slowly shift its own culture and aesthetic to match his own territory and become part of his own territory.

To be clear despite the entire city acting as an extension of the initial territory effects that target such things only apply to that initial territory. For example, the skill Territory Infringement would not count for the surrounding city but would for the initial neighborhood he converted into his stronghold. Likewise, his own skills will only target this stronghold and not the surrounding city.

The initial territory will boast strong defenses on par with a Temple-class workshop and mana production as well as leylines are tweaked for his purposes. Further, his master becomes recognized by civilians within as a leader of sorts. Often this is seen simply as someone the community can rely on in a friendly free manner. He benefits from this status as well but his appearance makes appearing in public difficult... though he can attempt to control outside the view of the public.

My Traits
Golden Rule

A skill tied less to himself and more to his city, Paradisus. A capital of gold where all lived in the lap of luxury and prosperity for thousands of years. As such it is less that Abel will possess vast, untapped wealth but his civilization will receive bountiful prosperity for the duration of his summon. Prosperity he does directly benefit from as does his master.

He can directly control the flow of this prosperity, choosing to spread it outside the initial territory. Once it leaves he cannot further control it but until then he has direct conceptual control of how prosperity flows in his city.

Unified Language

A skill denoting one who speaks the ancient Unified Language. A form of magecraft to some but not to him. Rather it is simply how he speaks. It permits him to communicate with practically all life, even plants. Yet he knows it holds deeper power and only utilizes this facet in specific instances.

He is aware of its hypnotic potential. He knows that any command he gives must be obeyed so for ‘citizens’ he restricts this part of his speech. He only gives commands to those he deems as a threat to his city. These commands tend to be absolute as it is a skill that targets the soul and thus normally it cannot be resisted.

However, those with connections to the root can. Servants, by their very nature, are somewhat tied to it and so have a small amount of innate resistance. Magic Resistance of an equal rank can nullify this skill's hypnotic effects. Additionally, any skills that denote a connection to the swirl of the root (such as the skill ‘Connection to the Root’) cause the servant to resist as though their Magic Resistance was 2 ranks higher.

So long as a servant attempting to resist has at least C-rank magic resistance the worst they suffer is a rank down to parameters for resisting if they do not outright nullify it. If they are connected to the root further than simply being a servant then this simply becomes having Magic Resistance at all.

He Who Conquered Death

A skill related to those who conquered death. Either denying it or overcoming it. Lostbelt Abel properly qualifies for the skill, unlike PHH Cain. In secret he sought out the Angel of Death and called upon the ancient vow all angels made in antiquity; forcing the angel to swear to obey him. He, to symbolize this, fashioned the crook to act as the symbol of authority that the angel would follow. Then Abel withheld death from humanity for the lifespan of the lostbelt.

Due to withholding death his rank in the skill is lower than Cain's own rank. Yet it functions similarly. Each attack he makes is infused with the concept of death, dealing it out with each strike. Further, the skill protects him from death, preventing instant death attacks or attacks utilizing the concept of death from functioning against him. Unlike Cain however, this feature lies solely in the crook he holds.

My Way of Life

His personality depends heavily on if he acts as King or if he acts as Servant. When he is a king he is kind, merciful, stern, wise, thoughtful, and empathetic. As a servant, however, he is fair, observant, kind, empathetic, loyal, and merciful. However, one trait is shared between both states of mind that he hides.

Pity. Not for himself but for all else. He does not view death as entirely a bad thing but he views unwanted death as abhorrent. That it can even happen is antithetical to him. As such he pities life itself in proper human history. Though he will never say such outright. He’ll merely hint at it in speech. It is why he withheld death from all humanity in his lostbelt.

Even after his defeat as Lostbelt King, he seeks to undermine death in proper human history. However, perhaps unlike a certain demon god, he seeks only to make death a choice and not an inevitability. To him, it is mercy granted to kin that too long have suffered rather than an evil he’d inflict onto humanity.

My Meetings
Bond 0

I am servant Saver. I stand before you with the aim of helping you achieve your grand ambitions... you... do have grand ambitions, right? That's why you summoned me, yes?

Bond 5

You've been hard at work master. You deserve a break. Take a day off, let me handle things. No need to worry, it is not my first time managing such a vital role... and besides. It's only a day.

Bond 10

Mmmm. As always I am disagreed with... not that I understand. Not that it matters. Like this, we are servant and master. My loyalty... yes it is present. I have my aims but I have been forthright. I seek to eliminate unjust death. That is to say... any death that is unwanted. Worry not though... I'll not be a fool like a certain demon god. After all... he saw no value in what existed in front of him. I do.

Adam Kadmon
This feeling... you, you feel like my father! Oh how long it is since I've felt his presence! heard his voice! I was always so busy, but I made sure he was taken care of! It's been so long... yet... yet... you are not him, are you? A vestige... you are a vestige... a shame... if only... hmmm... excuse me.


Master. Never let us meet. I still hold a grudge against my brother. If not for him my paradise would have lasted all of time. He... he acts without thinking. Does as he pleases... and never thinks of anyone but himself. Wholly selfish through and through... even like this, I doubt he'd lift a finger for others unless it directly benefitted him. The worst sort of louse. The kind that is better thrown out before others take to their bad habits.

My Treasure
Campanam Dystopia
Bell That Rings Forth Paradise



A remnant of his history. The symbol of authority he wielded as a Lostbelt King. The bell rang to announce any number of things he determined important. The passing of an animal. The sin of a human. The feast of the new year. The birth of new life. If he deemed something important he would ring it to gather his people and inform them of what he found important.

It normally appears as a cowbell attached to his staff and he can enlarge it and turn it into a golden church bell supported by a golden platform and supports. In either form, he can utilize the sound it makes to launch ranged attacks with it. The cowbell can only fire projectile attacks while the church bell form can only unleash a wide-ranging attack centered on itself.

Additionally within his territory and transformed into a church bell he can not only utilize it to make precise strikes regardless of distance or obstacles, he can also make these strikes explode with the same power as its church-bell form. Its true capability however is in exerting its control over 'Paradisus'. As when he was a Lostbelt King he could physically control the shape, form, and contents of Paradisus by simply ringing the Bell of Paradisus.

As a noble phantasm, this effect remains. He can control 'Paradisus' physically. He has some limitations that he did not have in life. He cannot create new structures nor may he break structures. So long as these two rules are followed the manipulation of 'Paradisus' can be carried out without issues. Structures will be swapped, streets will be realigned, and aesthetics will alter. Even the composition of things can change if he has enough mana to work with.

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