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Servants Workshop

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This is where I'm going to work on servants that aren't on my schedule which is something I've been doing for a year now. Starting with Kali

There exist many gods within the pages of Hindu mythology. Yet one stands above all of them.

One who danced and danced until none remained to dance with

True Name


Hindu Mythology

Chaotic Neutral

Senpai, Modern Culture, Dancing, Freedom

Threats to Senpai, Other Women, Traditions, Warfare, Oppression

Natural Talents
Dancing and Manipulating Shakti

Natural Enemy

Other Classes
Assassin, Avenger

Atherva Veda

Shakti (B-rank)

Strength Endurance Agility
Mana Luck Noble


Kali. A name that is well known to readers of Hindu Myth. A name feared, respected, and adored. Belonging to a figure that invokes all these emotions at the same time. Known also as Adi Shakta or Kali Mata, Kali is a goddess derived from the goddess Parvati. At times in response to danger and other times at the behest of Shiva. Once summoned she is said to be an incredibly destructive force.

Her first mention is by Atherva Veda. She emerges from Vishnu and awakens him to protect Brahma and the world from the Asura named Madhu-Kaitabha. He does so and she transforms further into Mahamaya to render the two invulnerable demons with enchantments so that Vishnu could finally defeat them. After doing so she reverted and returned to Vishnu.

She would later emerges from goddess Durga and immediately defeats the demons forcing them to retreat. She remained as later Durga would encounter the demon Raktabija who was invincible due to his ability to spawn more of himself from a single drop of blood that touched the ground. Kali utilized a particular dance to defeat, slaughter, and consume every single copy of Raktabija that spawn until none remained.

After this, she would reappear when Parvati merged with Shiva to defeat the demon Daruka. Shiva wanted the demon dead and consulted Parvati who suggested a fusion to combine their powers, creating Kali from the union. However, despite defeating the demon and his armies, Kali's bloodlust goes unsated requiring Shiva to defuse Parvati. Parvati, realizing the danger, underwent a ritual to separate herself from Kali not knowing Kali's true nature.

The truth comes from her title Adi Shakti. 'Supreme Goddess' or 'Ultimate Reality'. In other words, she is Shakti, the cosmic energy that Gods and other entities utilize in various Hindu works, made manifest through the body of gods. Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, and Parvati each spawned her through the channeling of Shakti and summons which Kali always responded to.

Naturally, this means to manifest as a servant she needs a host of similar qualities. Not a goddess or god but someone who can channel Shakti and has a desire they want more than anything. This vessel will then manifest or become Adi Shakti, or in other words, Kali. Yet she is quite different than other manifestations. Perhaps it is the Berserker class container, influence from her host, her master's disposition, or perhaps some other factor.

Kali within the Berserker class is, after all, not the destroyer or the bloodletter Kali. Neither is she the conquering or cruel Kali. Rather she is the Moksha Kali. One who represents Moksha and Shakti the most purely. One who does not inherently desire conquest, blood, pain, or destruction. Rather they are the results of her real desires. What she truly pursues. To enjoy life and all it offers.

Class Skills
Mad Enhancement

The class skill of Berserker servants. It imparts madness or steals sanity in exchange for power. It can be as simple as madness, a loss of sanity, or even simply an inability to connect with others. Kali however is, in a way, able to connect with others. However, she is incapable of understanding that one's hidden, dark, or otherwise secret desires are not always known to the individual.

As such she often seems like she's talking to someone else completely.

At her rank, she is capable of communication and receives a large bonus from it. However, as her master understands her viewpoint more and more the enhancement from this skill declines rank by rank. Initially, it starts as A-rank Mad Enhancement simply lacking the caveat of the loss of higher brain function. It declines rank by rank as the understanding deepens eventually dwindling to E-rank where she regains her sanity completely but her extra two ranks to all of her parameters are completely lost, not even plus modifiers remaining.

Divine Core of the Dancing Goddess

This skill belongs to the Dancing Goddess Kali. As dances were common in her myths as a method of defeating her foes so too does her core bear such a title. It also grants her Authority to enable her dances once more while also providing her with the power to make them dangerous. It also grants her an extraordinary level of Divinity.

The core holds within it the personal skills 'Performance Continuation' and 'Yin-Yang' at A-rank. The former is a Personal Skill that allows the servant to continue dancing, or performing, even after a fatal injury is received requiring death to cease such activities. The latter skill is a way of being and a way of living to enhance some aspects of life at the expense of others; in other words, sacrificing some things and gaining others.

Her Authority relates directly to the concept of Shakti or Primordial Cosmic Energy. She cannot control all Shakti as it relates to the entire Universe potentially. She cannot even control it on a global or regional scale. Instead, as she is a servant and thus greatly weakened, she can control all Shakti that she touches. However, this alone is enough as her Authority also permits her to physically see Shakti as well.

Using what she can see, her instincts, her knowledge, her existence, and her Authority she can manipulate not merely Shakti but can alter and manipulate its flow. This, in essence, grants her not only protections against attacks that seem like Bent Space but also a weapon to turn another power on itself or be a spear itself with little way to defend against it.

Not an almighty skill but an incredibly potent one that makes fighting her very difficult. However, as mentioned she can only alter the flow by interacting with Shakti she can directly touch; She cannot entirely defend against immensely powerful attacks or wide-ranging attacks. Further while sneaking up on her is hard some servants are more than capable of doing so...

Personal Skills

Samsara. The cycle of reincarnation is held within the Hindu faith. Adherents believe that people undergo Samsara and that the only escape from endless reincarnation is through Purusartha. Moksha. Dharma. Kama. Artha. These four principles are required for one to escape it. Even Kali, who represents Moksha, cannot escape it. Yet as Moksha she is guaranteed a free, fulfilling, life in every cycle.

As the Kali that dances and celebrates she is most connected to the concept of Moksha and best represents its principles. Self-Actualization, Self-Realization, and Self-Knowledge culminate ultimately into being liberated. Not from Samsara but from anything that would impede her path to Purusartha. Rather by being Moksha incarnate, she is assured to someday reach Purusartha but it is up to her to walk it correctly and only she, herself, can impede her journey down the path to Purusartha.

It is a skill that allows her to move freely and as she pleases. Even in a tight space, she will find a way to dance as she wishes. This skill, in essence, allows for total freedom of movement and thought. Invasive effects that would alter her mind, aside from Mad Enhancement, do nothing to her sliding off like water off a duck's back and she will always find a way to escape capture or do as she pleases. Even command spells are worthless against her to an extent as they cannot bind her but can still empower her.

Kalika Purana

A skill derived from the mythological appearance of Kali. At times terrifying, horrific, and yet at times beautiful. Despite being definitely female peoples, demons, gods, and all forms of life regarded Kali, regardless of sex or gender, as 'Beautiful'. This skill represents all of these aspects at once. However, as she is inhabiting a, while beautiful, host it is not her natural body and so it is degraded somewhat.

Even so, this skill allows the servant to switch their body's appearance at a whim. Not a total transformation but alterations to fit their emotional and mental state. A thin-bodied cold-faced woman to represent her murderous intent, a bulky physique matched by a demonic scowl to embody her anger, and a beautiful body paired with a soft smile to show her charm.

In essence, she can trigger a physical change and invoke an emotional response immediately all around her. These generally match her emotional or mental mood as stated above. The emotional response she triggers in others is dependent on her own mood but boils down to three emotions; To flee, to fight, or to aid. Mental Interference or Charm protections aid in resisting the effects but small though resistible compulsions remain regardless.

Tantric Yoga

First, one prepares for Yoga. They prepare a space ripe for the practice. Next is practice. A few routines to make the body Limber. Then the build-up. Meditations, breathing exercises, and movements to build up Mana and Shakti. Then, finally, the release. Letting go of all of one's stress, energy, and pent-up emotions. This, in essence, is Tantric Yoga. At least to her current iteration.

There is some extra nuance such as physical enjoyment, while important, not being paramount. The point of Tantric Yoga, to Kali, is the purification of both her body and chakra but also her divine patternsmagical circuits. While she does not believe physical pleasure will ruin this and does believe in some instances assures it, she does not always partake. She simply goes with whatever flow she senses in Shakti for Tantric Yoga to best cleanse herself.

This act of cleansing is, in some ways, really cleansing as debilitating effects such as poison or paralysis can wash away after a mere few seconds of invoking Yoga. It is potent enough that she can even recover from otherwise permanent injuries. Further, she can pass this effect on to anyone she does Tantric Yoga with.


Despite her legends or perhaps because of her host, she is quite an innocent soul. While she will revel in destruction at times it is less due to enjoying destruction and more due to simply enjoying life and dancing. Under her current host, she has become more innocent and this is reflected in her skills and outlook on life. A time and war goddess that does indeed love dancing and causes destruction by sheer coincidence similar to how it was in her old life.

Perhaps a sole difference was reveling in the carnage as well.

Additionally, she is a helpful and friendly soul. While she will not actively seek to help people she will aid whoever seems to need help in front of her or that asks. From running errands to giving a blessing. Kali in this incarnation is indeed quite generous and willing to help her friends. If she is in an especially good mood she may grant someone a long happy life.

The only problem with her relates to her sole desire. To have a 'Senpai'. Whether it is her master or someone she meets and bonds with she will become attached to and want 'Senpai'. It will start slow but if not curtailed will grow into an obsession. She will abandon her duties one by one to make time for whomever she has deemed is 'Senpai'.

Likewise, this makes her dangerous. Once she has labeled someone 'Senpai' she will grow jealous of other women that are not explicitly caretakers. While killing isn't her immediate option she will attempt to drive them away only resorting to murder when either subtle or direct confrontation doesn't work. Even within a human host whose personality could quell the bloodlust and destructive nature of Kali this fact of Kali cannot be diminished.

Bond Level 0
Hi hi Master! Servant Berserker answering your summons! Mmmm. Mmmm... Ah yes, I see how you survived my summoning. Clever, mortal. Let's see how far your cleverness goes! I expect a good time~

Bond Level 5
Mmm. Mmm... Mmmmm~! Svaadisht, Master! I love modern cuisine! I won't say food back then was bad but I'm such happy humanity has invested too much into food culture! Oh! Is the next thing ready yet!?... Oh! I'm sorry you're tired, aren't you? It's fine, master, I'll just go bother Emiya-kun!

Bond Level 10
Hehe! Senpai, Senpai! Let's dance! To celebrate our union in friendship! Ahhhh the Shakti flows around us...~! I feel like dancing~! Ohhh but I'd like a partner~! So, please... Senpai... won't you dance with me...~?

E-eeehhh? She looks a lot like me... yet I wasn't summoned by her!... 'Pseudo-Servant' you say...? Oh! I get it!... Yes, yes. The Shakti outside is definitely similar to mine but the contents... I see. Thank you, Senpai!

She seems so stressed... it's almost like... hmmm! Well if she's forgotten about Tantric Yoga then I'll have to teach it to her again! Hey, Kama! Hold on a second! I have something to teach you!... Why are you running? Why are you running!?

Ohhh! Son god of Surya! The hero of charity himself! I'm a big fan! I'm so glad you summoned me Senpai, I finally get to meet someone I was a fan of while he was alive! Thank you!

Oh! The Endowed Hero? Well, he was certainly endowed many times in life. Yet... isn't he weak in this class...? Oh don't get me wrong, senpai, he is strong! Though... I guess I expected more from the man who bested Karna?

Arjuna Alter
... That... That... THAT BEVAKOOPH! What is he thinking, absorbing gods! The nerve! The audacity! Sure it's impressive but still! He's lucky he didn't explode from all the power he condensed inside of himself! Never mind what he did with it!

How interesting. I'd have thought he'd be a Berserker... but Archer? Fascinating. The Shakti around him is quite agreeable despite his anger. I wonder why...

Noble Phantasm

Mahakali Shakti

The Bharatanatyam That Celebrates the Cosmos



A crystallization of her most famous legend. Her fight against the army of the demon Raktabija and a general truth of Kali's power. Despite authorities over Time, Death, Reincarnation, Destruction, and even the World she lacks these here. While they are important they are subservient to her most consistent and subtle authority; that being over Shakti. A primordial cosmic force that Hindu gods utilized to invoke their own Authority. Even she used Shakti to invoke her Authority over Time, Death, Reincarnation, Destruction, the World, and Shakti.

The divine core allows her to directly interface and manipulate Shakti through her body. She normally limits it merely to her hands to keep her true strength a surprise but she can truly manipulate Shakti with her whole body. While she can do this in a crude way she prefers to utilize dance and rhythm to fully utilize her control of Shakti.

This noble phantasm is essentially her fully utilizing every capacity of Shakti. From forming energy weapons to enacting phenomena, she utilizes the cosmic force of Shakti in many different ways as she did in legend. She does this by manipulating Shakti around their enemy directly or manipulating a flow to directly influence an enemy. While Magic Resistance can somewhat hinder this effect even EX-Ranked Magic Resistance cannot provide full or even great protection.

As she can physically see the flow of Shakti in the world and she can physically interact with it she can also, through her cosmic dance, physically alter its flow. Taking power away from an enemy, taking away blessings transmitted through Shakti, and even blocking whatever alternative method is being used to grant those blessings. Only blessings inherent to the body, such as Natural Body, cannot be altered by Mahakali Shakti.

The greatest utilization of this power is her utilizing Bharatanatyam. Not to celebrate one of her battles, one of her victories, or herself. When she performs Bharatanatyam to celebrate all life. When she performs she will dance to the melody of life and the song of the cosmos. While it can be an attack at points it is mostly a blessing to all for merely existing.

Enemies, allies, animals, and even plants are given blessings. Kali is at her happiest when performing this noble phantasm and celebrates by spreading her blessing of Shakti to all living things young and old. Even that which was dead might live briefly to share in the Shakti she gives. Not a noble phantasm of destruction like in other classes but a noble phantasm of celebration.

Perhaps the only limitation is that while the upkeep is fairly low, only equaling to an E-rank noble phantasm after ten minutes of being used, she enters a sort of trance while using it. A flow of sorts that only stops when she wants to. Normally a command spell could be used to forcefully end this noble phantasm but this form has the highest form of Moksha and so such a tactic will not work.

One can only hope her dance will end before her master's reserves do...

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