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Fate/ Is Dead, Read Revalkyrie Instead

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I know 'I'm announcing my departure' posts can often backfire, but here goes:

I wanted to announce here that I'm leaving Type-Moon behind, as while I'm interested in myth, history, and classic literature, I have to confess that I'm not a Fate/ series fan nor do I want to keep pretending I am

However, since I don't want all those sheets I wrote to go to waste, I will be continuing to write my own stories involving legendary and public domain characters, the first of which is the Animorphs- and Kamen Rider-inspired Revalkyrie (which I first called the 'anti-Fate/Grand Order'), its first version now on Space Battles and Sufficient Velocity

Farewell Fate/, I'm glad to have you gone from my life


  1. Skull's Avatar
    I will be sorry to see you gone, but good luck in your endeavours nonetheless.