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Singularity/Lostbelt Ideas:

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Letting Imagination take over me is a mistake.

Some ideas:
  • Reborn Yōkai Empire of a Second World War: Shōwa
  • Neverending War of God: Neo Romanum
  • Unveiling Apocalypse: Revelation
  • Fall of the Islands: Tsushima
  • Chivalric Tales of the Shang Dynasty: Fengshan Yanyi
  • War of the Falcon and Sha: Set
  • Guerrilla Jungle Warfare: Sức Cản (Resistance)
  • Ruling Empire of Gold: Majapahit
  • Revenge of the Azure Dragon: Cixi
  • Technological Shogunate of Warfare: Mōri
  • Neverending War for God: Neo Romanum
  • Year of Naval Dominance of Korea: Imjin
  • Decisive Tribal Warfare: Zhuolu
  • Technological Tyrannical Dynasty: Renchen

And here's the funny part: I like crossovers, so if there's something that involves alternate history, then I'm probably going to use (read: steal) that idea. It involves another franchise that I like, you bet I'm going to create a singularity or Lostbelt out of this.

Take for example "Soylent Green", I think it would make create Lostbelt material because of how much humanity screwed up, and given that I imagine Gaia is suffering because of her domain being destroyed and that humans are basically eating each other, do I have to explain anything else? Well aside from that, I just so happened to be a man who like Lostbelts which it's just a massive wank for a specific country, people, or person, because hey, it's the Nasuverse.

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