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Vididii's Servant Compendium

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Eyyy, welcome to my compendium! Still don't have a lot of servants for being here half a year, but we're slowly fixing that! Anyways, things are divided below in two ways- individual servant classes, and my state of progress with them. Most are going to be under the Completed Servant category, but the other categories are going to be there for a reason. And who knows, I may revamp this whole thing with a magus OC telling you all this, but for now, enjoy!~

Completed Servants


Gotz von Berlichingen

Sir Safir



Hassan of The Blessed Fists

The Morrigan


Hua Mulan



Niel Armstrong


Sasaki Kojirou



Simo Hayha


Sir Jack


Albert Fish

Jaguar Man


Jeanne d'Arc Alter

St. Pelagia


John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Moon Cancer




Mars Thingsus




Sir Sanford Fleming

Servants Awaiting New FC Art
A category for Servants I want to do new art of- reasons listed alongside servant!

Caster/Faker Jay Gatsby
Just didn't like how it turned out. Simple as- I like him too much to keep him looking that poorly

Caster Melissa
Part of the Walpurgisnacht Project party, I was always iffy on her FC results, and as pre-tablet era art, it doesn't look good next to the three in the partially completed category

Servants Awaiting Total Overhaul
A slot for servants I am not happy with, in both form and content- this category will probably not exist after I redo the servant it's for.

Pretender Bradamante-Myrddin
Don't like the FC design at all, the servant sheet was unfinished by my own admission- and she CERTAINLY doesn't measure up with the rest of the Walpurgisnacht party.

Servants That Are Partially Completed
A list of servants that I have partially completed, and are in the current drafting phase. Percentages of completion are supplied.

Saber JFK 40%

Lancer Sir Gornemant 60%

(Publicly) Scheduled Servants to Be Made
A spot for servant concepts I want to remind myself that I'm making- both to hold myself to do it, and to potentially tickle the interest for anyone who look at this thing. Reasons are of course supplied.

Archer Laevatinn -Walpurgisnacht Project Party Roster

Rider NARNIA- Walpurgisnacht Project Party Roster

Berserker Mother of Grendel- Replacement for Albert Fish in the fighting game roster- I had too many American servants, and he was the weakest sheet in my eyes. I think Grendel's mom gets me closer to what I want, while also being easier to program/sprite.

Walpurgisnacht 13- Solidified the roster, but there's one or two slots that I feel are a touch iffy, so they're not gonna be listed yet

Craft Essences
If I ever do any extra drawings of my buggers, It'll be thrown here- same for old designs post revamp

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