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Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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Wait, which Lostbelt has A-rays again?
LB6 has A-Reis, or "sub-bells" depending on what TL you've read. In LB6 the term used in JP was 亜鈴, where "sub-bell" is the literal reading (and has some relation to fairies at least, cuz of bells), whereas "arei" is the transliteration. They were the "great mother/father" fairies that could reshape the world, and from which the more powerful fairies in LB6 inherited their powers. The reason for using the transliteration (with a dash) as the name was mostly due to the fact that it was a pretty obvious reference to 亜麗, or "a-ray", as it appears in 亜麗百種 (a-ray one hundred species) in Notes. At the time it was more of a guess, but they also explained in story that a-rei were akin to what Chaldea would call "True Ancestors in their world".

Then comes Arc's profile in FGO and literally says arc is an a-ray (亜麗) which is otherwise known as a-rei (亜鈴) in a certain Lostbelt. And then it also adds on 真種 (true species?) afterwards but idk what that's supposed to be really. Maybe some tsuki-re shit I haven't read about yet.