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Fate/strange fake (Free-Range Spoilers)

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OK, here's the afterword. The translation is now caught up to the Japanese release. (Book 6 clocks in at 71,052 words, about 20k more than book 5.)
I'll give people a couple more to catch typos or errors before I turn this one into an EPUB. Thanks again to everyone who's pointed them out already.

Also, is Narita's Jojo reference in this afterword even remotely recognizable in English? Should I add a footnote or something to explain it?

FSF 6, afterword

(Contains major spoilers; reading after finishing the main story is recommended)

Hello, Narita here. It’s been a while.
So, I delivered a new book of Strange Fake for the first New Year’s of the Reiwa era.
I somehow managed to get two books out in fiscal year 2019! I hope I’ll be able to maintain this pace. . . .

I hope that those of you who watched the end-of-year FGO special enjoyed seeing Fake in motion, hearing the beautiful music, and most of all getting to hear Saber speak . . .!
A variety of circumstances led to the decision to produce an animated ad for the novels. As I write this afterword, it’s still in production and waiting for Saber’s voice actor, Ono Yūki, to record his lines . . . but the character designs, storyboards, music, and other information I keep getting already has me convinced that it’s going to turn out great, so I hope you get to enjoy this book before the excitement dies down!

Now, first of all, I’m sure that fans who have read the original Fate and a lot of the other spinoff series were quite surprised by part of this book.
Yes, the “Holy Grail Debate” that was depicted in Urobuchi Gen’s Fate/Zero—The exchange I depicted in this book doesn’t exist in Zero.
I already decided to stage an “encore performance” of the fourth Grail War in front of Saber when I started writing. Mr. Urobuchi graciously gave me permission, but I was worried that writing too much would turn into spoilers for Zero, and I was wondering how to handle the different nuances of the slightly different worldlines that all the spinoffs take place in (except for The Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, which is set in exactly the same worldline as Fate/Stay Night) when I got a heaven-sent blessing from Mr. Nasu.

Mr. Nasu: “Ryōgo, that’s because you’re trying to make all the worldlines consistent. Think about it the other way around. Think, ‘I can write a Holy Grail Debate just for the Fake worldline.’”
Mr. Nasu spoke with the air of an English aristocrat in a horror tale full of crimson secrets.
Me: “What?! An original conversation with the same kings, just for the Fake worldline?!”
I wavered for a little while, and then, without thinking too hard about it, shouted:
Me: “Done!”
I wrote the scene in the heat of the moment, but I originally made it longer before it hit me: “Oh no! Forget Zero; this will spoil a ton of other books.” Then, I shortened it quite a bit. So, it ended up as a conversation with a hint of the King Arthur who sometimes turns into a bunny and so on, but I hope you’ll look at it as one of the elements that makes of the Fake worldline!
There’s also a scene in which a pro-humanity character that I think long-time TYPE-MOON fans will be familiar makes an appearance. It was Mr. Nasu who showed me the guiding principle of “what will he do when he hears about Jester,” and he also supervised all of his lines . . .!
That said, I was extremely nervous! I couldn’t help thinking, “Wait, what? Am I really allowed to write this?”
By the way, the Stay Night and Case Files worldlines don’t have the framework of the Twenty-Seven Ancestors, so he ends up having a slightly different atmosphere . . . but I’m sure TYPE-MOON will show how he’s different when they show his casino one day! (Killer pass.)
On the subject of the Twenty-Seven Ancestors existing or not, the events in Wales that Flat mentions played out essentially the same as in Case Files, except that one particular character might have been replaced by someone else. At this point, I’ll leave that to your imaginations!
Now, with book six, the Holy Grail War in Snowfield has hit its second half. I’ll do my best to keep it going at this pace, so please bear with me . . .!

I’d like to thank the following:
First, Aniplex, TYPE-MOON, and Kadokawa, for planning the animated commercial. Also, A-1 Pictures and all the animators who produced the incredible animation, Ono Yūki who narrated it, Sawano Hiroyuki who created the music, and Yosh who provided the vocals. And everyone involved with the ad as well.
My editor Anan, whose life I made harder by letting this book get so thick. Also, everyone at the publisher and everyone at II V who adjusted their schedules for me.
Mr. Urobuchi, who gave me permission to incorporate the “Holy Grail Debate” and all the other writers and manga artists involved with Fate.
Miwa Kiyomune and Team Barrel Roll, who researched the backgrounds of certain Servants for me.
Sanda Makoto, who checked the Case Files-related characters, looked up setting details, and gave me advice about a lot of things. He really helped me out this time by supervising the dialogue for El-Melloi II’s long “lecture” . . .!
Morii Shizuki, whose comic book adaptation is on its fourth volume and who also provided more incredible illustrations for this book. (The quality of the comic really is incredible. Please check it out!)
And most of all, Nasu Kinoko and everyone at TYPE-MOON, who created Fate and supervised my work, all the Fate/Grand Order staff, who allowed me to be involved in Enkidu’s interludes . . . and all of you who picked up this book and read it.
Thank you very much!
November 2019, while re-watching Kinōbi P’s “Bonnō Jihen”, Narita Ryōgo