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Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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I'm reminded of some of the constructivist literature I've read in my psych classes, but that's more generally applicable to stories and the sort of...imagined possibility space of them in general and so it just tends to go really well with stories that are metatextual.

Might need to break out the textbooks again.
It does seem that way but a lot more literal when both Nasu and Honkai use, as in treating worlds as "stories".

In Honkai they refer to the human ways of "making what is imaginary become real" as "narratives" and "reason" (理), how humans constantly define and redefine the human world by changing the "narrative" of what is possible and what is not. And civilization grows from such "fiction" but transcends reality. This is very similar to what we know about the Human Order 人理 in TM. The new narrative (理) created by advancement of human civilization ends up erasing the Age of Gods "narrative". The pruning system also functions with the meta reason of keeping worlds (stories, ideas, narratives) with a lot of potential while eliminating those that is deemed "bad". Worlds where humanity are doomed are "too bad" and worlds where humanity became way too advanced are "ideas" deemed to be "too good to be true" so they must become "impossibilities" and "fictional".

And since the relationship between the two concepts are of equal importance (Honkai explains it with quantum's Qubit and "nothingness = infinity" from Taoism ideas which had my mind spinning), fiction and reality are interchangeable. Honkai uses this for the Herrscher of Reason. She usually fights by conjuring any constructs that mankind can understand and create. But by using the idea of "transcending reality with new fiction" she can create scifi futuristic constructs way beyond the capabilities of 21st century humans.

That is what caught my attention. Marisbilly was able to create a new planet, bringing the Lostbelts back, and plans to expand the sphere of human awareness to way beyond the solar system. In Honkai's terms, he is redefining and expanding mankind's narrative/reason (理). In TM's terms, he is ensuring the Human Order (人理).