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TQG Imaginatorious

List of my fictional crossover servants

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A list of the Servants I have created that's from other works of fiction:
Total #: 6

Saber: 2 total
Tyrion (Alter)
Luke Castellan

Lancer: total

Archer: 1 total
Fa Mulan

Rider: 1 total
Bjorn the Fell-Handed

Caster: total

Assassin: total

Berserker: 1 total
The Death Korps of Krieg

Ruler: total

Avenger: total

Alter Ego: total

Mooncancer: total

Shielder: 1 total

Foreigner: total

Gunner: total

Faker: total

Pretender: total

Updated July 2nd, 2023 at 07:34 PM by TQG Imaginatorious