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Archers & bows? Buddy boy, I'm the whole arsenal.

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I'd like to first thank everyone for the warm welcome.

Moving onto the topic, the Fate franchise is often made fun of for how it handles Servant classes. Archers are the most obvious ones, but you also have the Saber beam meme among others.

There are a lot of things that sort of bug me about the Franchise, but this isn't one of them. Not only are the classes meant to be abstract rather than completely literal (and it has to accommodate people from across very different times and places), the Servant summoning system has always been an imperfect system that takes parts of a whole person and shoves that into a container to temporarily manifest them since ot can'tfully resurrect them. And this was before the reveal that the system is essentially a bootleg version of something else.

Sure, "it has always been this way" and "there is an in universe explanation" are defenses I'm not always keen of since it ignores how something was still a conscious creative decision, but I do think it makes sense on many levels. What also helps is that a good amount of Servants really wouldn't perfectly fit any class if they wete mote literal. I assume it is part of the reason why artists (as in anyone in the humanities) are often Casters, why the Assassin class has become more about general subterfuge over time, and why the Rider class often has monarchs and military leaders.

What I am actually bothered by would be not only the overused "the Archer class is really made up of Archers" meme, but the tendency of the franchise to constantly bring up classes not making sense while also acting like it is the first time they were either in on the joke or the first time shoving a Servant into a class that doesn't make immediate sense.