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The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
-- Are ya Reeeaaadyyy~ --

Source: American Folklore

True Name: Marie Leveau
Alignment: True Nuetral
Origin: American Folklore



Likes: Jewelry, Money, Celebration and Joy,
Dislikes: Unreliable People, Naysayers, and Narcissists
Armament: Smoke Pipe and Gris-Gris
Catalyst: Gris-Gris charms, Her Grave

Class Skills:

Territory Creation D

Marie is able to create smoke and Voodoo filled Parlors that reflect her own when she was alive. When in these parlors her mystical abilities receive a boost, and those who she holds contempt for will find their Judgement clouded and their Instincts dulled.

Item Construction D

Marie is able to create Gris-Gris charms that can have many effects, such as positively or negatively affecting Fate, or offering means of protection or offense through spirit conjuring. With Gris-Gris charms Marie can practically create and give skills such as Protection from Arrows or Golden Rule, although they will be at their lowest level.

Personal Skills:

Clairvoyance D

If she can come into contact with a person, she can near perfectly predict certain generic paths their future will take. The more willing the target is of having their future read, the more details Marie can glean.

Gris-Gris and Voodoo A

Marie has the power to create mystical charms and perform rituals that use spirits of the afterlife and nature to directly affect souls, spirit cores, etc. The more powerful the spirit of the target, or the more magic resistance they have, these charms and rituals are less effective. However, by using parts of the target, from a pocket of mana, to a hair, to some leftover spiritrons, she can peirce through magic resistance, or unussually strong souls.

Friends on the Other Side B

Marie has a powerful link to afterlife spirits and is able to summon and command them, as well as use them as very versatile mystical tools. While she is capable of this with any afterlife spirit, Marie is most effective with Ginen, and can utilize them any time, any place.

Noble Phantasm(s):

Lespri ki fè ak kraze
The Spirits that Make and Break

Type: (Anti-Unit(self) - (Anti-Army)
Rank: B
Range: 100 Meters
Max Targets: 300

This Noble Phantasm is a grand commanding and binding of spirits, whether to allies, enemies and even herself, she can heal, strengthen and harm anyone she succesfully binds to a spirit.

The Bastard Daughter of an French Politician and a Black Woman, Marie Laveau was born a free Woman of color. Over the course of her seemingly normal life she made a career of two things, Hairdressing and Mysticism.
Marie Laveua was a practitioner of Voodoo and other mystic arts of healing and spirits. During her life she was Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, a witch-doctor that would tell futures, and either make or break fortune, for a price of course. She practiced in spirits, life and death, and peddled Gris-Gris charms that would protect paying customers from all three. Her mysterious and mystic ways created the fear of Voodoo and spiritualism across the world, for even in death at her grave, you can still buy fortune and misfortune, at a price of course.

A vibrant and jovial woman, she is sweet and quick to friendliness, a friendliness and sweetness that never leaves, even if you've wronged her and dying violently and painfully as she watches you perish from her own work.
She is capable of reveling and having fun at all times, weddings and funerals, parades and dungeons. She serves herself first, and the highest bidder second.