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The Chaldean Man CE Translation

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The Chaldean Man

Mankind's memories continue from the past toward the future,building up experience, knowledge, and stories,
maturing along the way into humans.

Small conversations that last for an hour.
Precious friendships felt over a day.
Brilliant growth occurring over a year.

Nevertheless, no-one could ever remember all of that in detail.

What remains is nothing but the outcome.
The route there is always forgotten.

Looking at it from a larger, or perhaps more objective perspective,
the boy was no different from other people in that respect.

At the end of each day, his memories were reset, transforming into a blank canvas.
Among them, the boy retained only that which was needed for him.

His 23 hours and 55 minutes worth of loss.
The radiant experiences that had occurred over the day were bleached without exception.

His 5 minutes worth of conviction.
By his will resisting the reset,
he acquired the memories he would never lose/would never forget

And so the boy became an adult.
He accrued the information that was needed for his human self,
and became the completed form of some certain somebody.

Whether he was real or an impostor were thoughts that never crossed his mind.
What he wished for, believed in, and pledged to do was simple.
"Humans do good deeds".
That, and no more, was what rendered him part of mankind; his one and only Grand Order.

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