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Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Anime

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explain further
Remember how one of the first things Flat calls Waver is "No. 1 on the ranking of Clock Tower men female students want to bed"? That wasn't a random Flat delusion. There's a whole unofficial Clock Tower event for it, with sort of an urban legend status, even. Like, everyone knows the ranking is managed by the Ouroboros Foundation, but no one knows who is in this organization and what they do other than the ranking.

Every year, the girl students of all departments receive the "what Clock Tower man you want to sleep with the most?" poll sheet from out of nowhere and that gets automatically forwarded the moment it's filled. No one is obliged to answer, and naming both students and lecturers is equally fair game.

Most people view it as a high effort shitpost done by silly mages, but since there's obviously a magecraft aspect to system, some people get curious and try investigate it. Shishigou did it in his student days and that's how met Jean Mario (who still brags about ranking higher than him to this day).

The ranks we know of are:
- Waver: 3rd in 2004, apparently 1st in 2009, if Flat is to be believed.
- Bram: Lower than Waver in 2004.
- Melvin: 8th in 2001, with his rank fluctuating highly every year. He suspects his ranks go up and down according to the state of the US stock market.
- Wills: 2nd in 2003, removed from the list in 2004 because he's gone to the fairy realm.

Anyways, the plot of the drama CD is that the 2004 results get announced soon after Rail Zeppelin and Waver gets annoyed because the students can't shut up about it. Later Bram makes salty remarks about Waver ranking higher than him, causing Waver to find out that the ranking actually existed outside of Flat's head this whole time. He tries to learn more about it and discovers Flat, Svin, Yvette, and Caules gained a lot of money, diamonds, and oil fields by running an online betting poll for the results. Waver gets mad at the kids for doing it online, where the tax office and the MI6 could find out, and orders them to investigate Ouroboros Foundation and find out that this stupid ranking deal is about.

The survey is actually the Policies Department's method of investigating who has clout in each department and Hishiri has been its general supervisor for the past 10 years. The Clock Tower departments hate each other, so it's difficult to hold a fair survey covering all of them, especially if they knew Policies was involved, so they work around that by deliberately making the poll look really stupid and taking the elements of bias into account when analyzing the results.

There's a giant underground space under an abandoned house in London where information from all branches is gathered and the votes are tallied up. Hishiri inherited this place from the previous supervisor when she became in charge of the project.

In the end, Waver deduces that this whole Ouroboros Foundation clout analysis is another layer of cover for a greater form of cursed content being made for Great Mother (no idea what this one is) and gets Hishiri to free his students by agreeing to not pursue this case any further and to not letting his findings go public.
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