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Fate/Scarlet Sky - Akemi Nakamura Character Sheet

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Will update with more info as more chapters are released.



NAME (Kanji): 仲村, 緋見
NAME (Romanji) Nakamura, Akemi

SPECIES: Master, Human

AGE: 23

BIRTHDAY: October, 2nd

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 154cm (5'1")

WEIGHT: 42kg (93lb)

Akemi Nakamura is the main protagonist of the FATE fan work, Fate/Scarlet Sky. She is the master of Avenger in the altered timeline of Fate/Stay Night.

Akemi is a survivor of The Great Fire of Fuyuki, her arm was touched by the mud of the corrupted grail, leaving behind a curse mark. Before the shattering of the Grail in Fate/Zero, Akemi had lived with her mother who had raised Akemi on her own. While not much is known of her father or his side of the family, her mother's parents have been implied to not want any part in Akemi's life. It's speculated it is due to them not approving of Akemi's father or Akemi's birth, disowning her mother as a result.
However, Akemi does have Magi lineage from either her mother or father's side and as such, processes mana. Though it is notably weak and due to the fact Akemi was not raised a magus, she lacks the basic training on how to use her magic.

Akemi is a young woman with vinaceous-colored eyes and disheveled brown hair worn down with messy fringe that drapes over her forehead. Akemi appears rather sickly, having clammy, pallid, skin; severely bloodshot eyes; noticeable bags; and badly chapped lips.
Akemi's arm having been touched by the mud of the corrupted grail, has left her with cursed marks that appear as purplish and black rings. The patterns of the mark are not too dissimilar from the curse mark that Prince Ashitaka from the Ghibli film Princess Mononoke has.
She is rather skinny, weighing 42kg, which is below the weight a woman of her height and age should be. Due to this, the majority of her clothing is rather baggy. When out in public tends to wear an oversized sweatshirt with jeans and a pair of beat-up tenner shoes. When at home, her clothing mostly consists of one of her various stained Graphic T-Shirts and sweatpants with socks.

Appearing cynical and jaded, the events of The Great Fire of Fuyuki have deeply impacted Akemi. She can be sarcastic and snidey, but she genuinely cares about the few people she is close to. Akemi, even before The Fire, was never an outgoing person, the only friend she ever mentions is Taiga Fujimura, a friendship Taiga had very much initiated.


Taiga Fujjimura:
Taiga is one of Akemi's only friends. Originally just classmates, Taiga had befriended the socially awkward Akemi and the two have been friends ever since. Taiga often pushes for Akemi to be more outgoing and actively tries to get her to go on dates to little avail. Often taking Akemi to bars to try and chat up guys, but Akemi seems to take no interest in romance, or at least at that current point in her life.

Ms. Nakamura/Mother:
Not much is known about Akemi's mother but it's implied that her mother was far more outgoing and humorous than Akemi, and she cared very deeply for her daughter. It's also inferred that her mother struggled to support them financially, making do with what they had. Apparently, Akemi's mother was not a good baker nor really knew how to properly cook.

The Director:
The Director, who Akemi originally saw as a surrogate father figure, was one of the few important people in Akemi's life. He had helped support Akemi both medically and financially. However, it is later revealed this wasn't out of kindness to ensure The Director could constantly monitor Akemi's condition and the spread of the curse. Not much is known of the Director now other than the fact he was a mage studying the effects of the Grail's corruption, Akemi and her mother being his most vital subjects.

Avenger, Angra Mainyu:
While their initial meeting wasn't the best, the two have a strange compatibility with one another. This is translated well through their banter with one another, both being rather snarky, going back and forth with sarcastic remarks, and jabs at one another. Additionally, Avenger takes delight in getting reactions out of Akemi, almost all being negative. Doing and saying things simply to fluster or enrage her.

Shirou Emiya:
Akemi and Shirou do not have much of a relationship, only knowing one another through their connection to Taiga and the fact they are both survivors of The Fire. Akemi admits that when she first met Shirou, she envied him for managing to be happy despite the traumatic experience. Though now she regrets having done so, realizing he has also been deeply affected by The Fire.

Akemi doesn't have any prominent hobbies besides drinking with Taiga and lounging around her house watching TV. Though it's implied that Akemi does enjoy MMORPHs, manga, and other entertainment media.

Due to having a normal human upbringing, Akemi does not process any knowledge of magic, nor would it really be of any real significance due to how weak her mana is. On top of that, physical strength is also not her strong suit, being rather sickly and not knowing any basic defense techniques. Though the skills she does have is that she is rather crafty, cautious, and well-versed in her surroundings as well as being able to blend in with the crowd better than most. One of the few times her wallflower nature comes in handy.

  • Akemi's name means, "Beautiful Sunrise/Dawn"

  • Akemi's birthday falls on one of the days a festival for the Red Spider Lilies takes place.

  • Akemi's favorite music genre is experimental rock and grunge.

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