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Canda's images gallery

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Candis 'Canda' Etherauletta is a supporting character of my Quest Fate/ConQUEST and one of the protagonists to its fanfic spin-offs. She is one of my most favorite OCs. Here is a gallery of her edits and comms.

Canda-chan daisuki

Faceclaim and Edit:
Shiraishi from Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (faceclaim)

Mystic Code reference:

Canda design by @koyoimitsuki

Canda and Lestari by @koyoimitsuki

Canda and Lestari by @kurottari

Armored Canda (Akyast Seraph) design by @Castor212 (a fellow BL user!)

Armored Canda by @naokimineta

This one is a bit NSFW so I seperate it to be safe.
Canda and Lestari by @benevolels

For context to those that only knows Canda through Create-a-Magus, Lestari is the main character of Fate/ConQUEST that I currently run.

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