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The Attic

An interesting moment.

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I've kinda fallen off the Japanese learning wagon lately. Its been a bit discouraging because my ability to read katakana is pretty bad and I have gotten pretty rusty at hiragana.

I stopped practicing mainly because I've been having trouble figuring out how to proceed. I had mostly memorized most of the kana (aside from those ones), but I find learning kanji/vocabulary with Anki too frustrating.

But recently I've been trying to get back into it. I've started catching up with Anki and looking into youtube videos.

I was watching a video on japanese pronouns and casually scrolling through videos in the sidebar, when I came to a video titled something like “how to use teiru”. I thought to myself: “Eh, I think that's a verb ending or something? I don’t feel like learning grammar right now,” then started move on.

But then I realized something. The video wasn’t titled “how to use teiru”, it was “how to use ている”. Neither the video's title nor thumbnail contained any romaji.

Maybe I’m not as rusty as I thought.