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Heh, guess I kinda forgot about my own blog

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I seem to remember stating that I would try to post in this daily, and yet, this will only be my third entry in this blog. I mean, it's not like it's a particularly hard goal for me to accomplish, and yet I somehow always manage to forget about things like this.

I'm starting to wonder if allow myself to forget this stuff just because I'm a bit lazy, which would make sense, although it wouldn't make me feel any better about my work ethic.

Always putting things off until the last minute seems to be something I can't help but consistently do, although it's a style of working that has never actually harmed my academics in any way. (Math being math is the only thing that ever seems to harm my grade, which is why I basically hate the subject. I have all A's in my other classes, and then it has the NERVE to combo break it ;_; )

Anyway, today is my last day of Spring Break, and like every other day of break, I basically used it to accomplish nothing except two hours of exercise and video games. I'm kinda sad that it was only a one-week long break, but the end of school is close at hand anyway, so I suppose I won't have to wait much longer to escape the boring cycle of my senior year. (College and my job will take the place of that particular motion soon enough, but I'm just going to pretend like that's not the case.)

Of course, these last few weeks of school are going to be suffering for me to attend, for a variety of reasons that I probably could have avoided if I had acted earlier on in the year, but I'm used to suffering because of school, so it's not something I'm going to let drag me down! (I'm lying, this is going to suck so bad. Procrastination is a terrible trait when it comes to a time limit. You keep convincing yourself that you have more time, and then, you realize you only have about a month left >_>)

Ah well, I deal with things as they come, and I'll probably have my work done by this next week if I really work at it, so I'm not really that worried about it. /overlyhopeful.jpeg

Alright, I'll just end this pointless rant here, and see if I remember to post again tomorrow.

inb4 Ruca spots a grammar error.


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  1. Lianru's Avatar
  2. Airen's Avatar
    No Lian, Math is a very evil subject. English is much better.
  3. Lianru's Avatar
    Well, I could always help you with math, because math is the best school subject ever. >:3
  4. Airen's Avatar
    I may actually have to ask for your help pretty soon, but it all depends on how this next week goes. >_>

    Why did math betray me? ;_;
  5. Lianru's Avatar
    Math <3
  6. Airen's Avatar
    Math </3
  7. Lianru's Avatar

    We can't be friends anymore.
  8. Airen's Avatar
    That's okay, you're still my waifu, which is better than friendship! :3
  9. Lianru's Avatar
  10. Airen's Avatar
    Nothing Lian~ /dere
  11. Lianru's Avatar
    . . .

    (you do realize that if we're not friends, I'm not your waifu, right?)
  12. Airen's Avatar
    Friend - A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.
    If you're my wife, then that would be a family relation, thus nulling our 'friend' status by the literal definition of the word.

    So yes, you can be my waifu without being my friend. (Although I'd prefer both)
  13. Lianru's Avatar
    That is true, but waifu status with a real person requires consent.
  14. Airen's Avatar

    *gets down on one knee*

    Lian, will you be my waifu? /superawkward
  15. Lianru's Avatar
    Do I have to answer that?
  16. Airen's Avatar
    No. xD
  17. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    To hop on the bandwagon: Math sucks, and as I talked about with one of our floor supervisors, I still have not found a use for Algebra in daily life.

    Neither has he, and he's considerably older than I am.
  18. Mike1984's Avatar
    Hey, what's wrong with Maths?
  19. Lianru's Avatar
    Nothing, they're just bashing it for no reason. Math is awesome.
  20. Spinach's Avatar
    Nope, math is awful. It's a proven fact.
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