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OC - Ferdinand Magellan image gallery and her history

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Among many OCs I have made, Ferdinand Magellan is my top favorite because of the history behind her.

Long story short, her creation was the entire reason why my fiction idea could be realised in the first place, and she serve as the key character behind my on going Quest: Fate/ConQUEST.

Yeah her and she, I genderbent the historical figure, without any good reason besides that I want him to be a girl.

But in this context, I love her because I designed her appearance by myself.

Like most Servant Contest entry at the time, Ferdinand Magellan simply have an FC found from google. She started looking like this:

She won the third place with two other contestants (which both of them are writers I respected), which for me at the time was a huge confidence boost in my writing. To this day, despite I have farred better in other contests, I still think that particular prompt is the most fun I have with the Contests.

From there, I begin to grow to like her more than most Servants I made, and I begin to daydream fanfic scenarios with her as 'the key' to the setting. Together with the idea, I also begin to doodle how Magellan-kun should looks like instead of borrowing FCs. Like the hat must look like what Magellan wears in the painting, she needs a gun, her hair should be messy, she needs to looks more cocky, etc, Oh I also thought a catchphrase too ('There is no need to worry!'). And then I made this:


But then I still updated her design to have other accessories, giving her a 'golf glove', adding a crossed out Portuguese navy insignia and a Spanish navy insignia to signify her defection, and draw a badly colored ship. Which I made this:


And then Rance X came out I decided to copy the style and made her hair even more messier, makes her look even more mature (I want her to looks like she is in her 20s) and add some expressions for character coins:

Nowadays I rarely draw by myself anymore and comm artists to draw my characters. One of them is Magellan, and I love how this one particular art have similar pose with the first FC. It's completely unintentional, but it ends up making me emotional anyway.

I love how much progress the designs have, and how little it needs to be changed.