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Lilim Harlot day 1

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Chaldea is under attack. A Beast appeared inside the base and we need to keep it away from the Rayshift system. Tiamat summoned herself, but she's in Alterego form, so she wasn't the Beast detected by the alarms. An Incarnadine in Demon Pillar disguise attacks Fujimaru but Tiamat protects them (it's using a Flauros skin, so if the disguises are still the same as Arcade, this one should be Superbia). Tiamat explains that the enemy is the Beast VI defeated by Arcade's Chaldea and she's protecting the Fujimaru from another timeline so that her timeline's victory won't be in vain. Fujimaru doesn't get anything, but rolls with it. Tiamat joined.

[Battle against Saber "Demon Pillar?"]

Strong Tiamat beats Superbia. Superbia screams incoherently about not accepting to end things in a lifeless place with no one to attend its deathbed. The other Incarnadines appear, this time in their true dragon head forms, and gang up to capture Fujimaru. Mash joins the fight and exchange greetings with Tiamat. "Surprised by an old enemy becoming an ally?" "No it happens all the time" gag. Mash and Tiamat keep the pressure on the fight, but Superbia manages to sneak behind and take Fujimaru to Lilim Harlot.

Chapter 1: The Present Lies at the Bottom of an Olden Limbo
Fujimaru wakes up in Lilim Harlot. Can't communicate with the base. Draco is there feeling disgusted at the drastic measures she'd take to survive. She introduces herself as the dying larval form of Beast VI/S. She lost the remaining power of the 7 Demon Beast Incarnadines and couldn't as much as kill a baby. All she can do is sit at the bottom of the limbo and wait for death.

Fujimaru hears the voices of familiar Servants and finds Jeanne rallying everyone up to kill the Beast's contractor.

Fujimaru recognizes this scene from Solomon, but Draco explains that's not exactly it. She was defeated by another Fujimaru from a different timeline. Meanwhile, the empty husks of the Incarnadines are all fighting the army of Servants. Fujimaru wants to talk with them but all they do is mindlessly repeat their Arcade Lilim Harlot dialogue. They're not real Servants, they're automated replays of the Lilim Harlot events. Just shadows, because that suffices for a half-dead Beast.

[Battle against the Orleans cast]

Fujimaru doesn't understand why they're being attacked by the beast-hunting pack instead of being attacked by Draco. Draco explains with her version of the classic line.
I answer you. You are this Beast's Master.

Draco forcibly contracted Fujimaru when they were sent to Lilim Harlot. Thanks to this, she now has a tiny chance to survive. Fujimaru needs to help because the Beast hunters would still attack the Beast's Master even after Draco's death. Without Draco, Fujimaru is defenseless. Both need each other alive at all costs. Now the Septem cast is here, greeted with the typical Nero migraine.

[Battle against the Roman soldiers]

They manage to get throw the Roman army and Fujimaru accepts that fighting is the only option. They confront the Septem Servants. Waver recognizes Draco as the power that made Gray lose control of Rhongomyniad in the Arcade Case Files event. Draco gets hurt shielding Fujimaru from an Altera attack because she can't afford Fujimaru dying here, but they put her back in the fight with a Command Spell.

[Battle against the Septem cast]

Septem is defeated and Draco's migraine passes. They exchange thanks and discuss their survival plans. Draco laments how she is in danger against not even Servant when her True Beast form could devour this whole space. Anyways, the duo raids the next area.

Chapter 2: You are the Beast and the battlefield (1/2)
Okeanos area. Draco explains the Incarnadines she's using are without their souls, but they're still physical objects she can slam people with.

[Battle against the Okeanos cast]

Fujimaru is getting tired of the boss rush and starts thinking about what the win condition is. The first idea is "retrieve the Singularity's Grail", but she corrects their terminology. Lilim Harlot isn't a Singularity, it's a Testament World created by Nega-Messiah to feed with Sodom's Beast with the desire to save the world with multiple Chaldeas from parallel worlds. A compiled imitation of Goetia's 7 Singularities copied from FGO mobile's timeline. But the Arcade Chaldea defeated her and now her theater/dining hall became her execution site.

Draco wholly agrees with Fujimaru's unstated sentiment that she deserves to be hunted, but she won't let herself end like this. She will rebloom into her True Beast form before she feasts on Fujimaru, out of respect for her adaptation's source material. Anyways, the Testament World's win condition is the same as the Singularity. Finding whoever has the Grail fueling it and steal it back. As long as Sodom's Beast can rebloom, Draco doesn't mind Fujimaru keeping the Grail after their contract is over.

The London, E Pluribus Unum, and Camelot sections happen as untitled chapters you can do out of order.

London has Draco lamenting how, much like Nero, Mordred also died alone with no one attending their deathbed. Nothing can be sadder than that, so Draco is an evil born in response to this fear. As the one who feeds on cities at the peak of civilization, she is the one who can keep the world company on its deathbed.

E Pluribus Unum is just the shadows repeating their Arcade dialogue with no additional commentary.

Camelot only has Draco noting that Ozymandias preventing Ira from imitating Amon was the first thing that threw her imitation off-rails.


Chapter 2: You are the Beast and the battlefield (2/2)
Fujimaru is exhausted. Draco taunts them with a "now you finally know what a Raid looks like from the other side". There's little left before they can escape this area, but suddenly a real Servant appears before them. Setanta, a Servant summoned by the other Chaldea. The connection between that Chaldea and Lilim Harlot was already severed but he's here because Tiamat dragged him along. Tiamat and Setanta get ready to slay Draco, but Fujimaru tells them that won't solve the problem. Fujimaru will still be targeted for their contract. While Tiamat and Setanta can protect them, they don't fully agree. Before the discussion can continue, Draco puts her claw to Fujimaru's neck. Setanta is still a kid, so he can't Gae Bolg his way out of this hostage situation.

The stalemate goes on until the Babylon cast arrives. The automated shadows attack both sides indiscriminately so Tiamat and Setanta can't really capitalize on this opportunity. Setanta notices Draco shielding Fujimaru from Kintoki's attacks and figures out what's going on.

[Battle with Draco, Setanta, and Tiamat against Kintoki and Lancelot]

With the enemies defeated, the argument resumes, with both sides hurried to take Fujimaru before the respawned Orleans and Septem casts get there. They're interrupted by the Last Encore elevator (still named Twilight Ladder here). Locusta comes out and showers toxic mushrooms on the enemies. The poison-maker was always at Nero's service, so she's immediately trusted. Draco and Fujimaru run to the Ladder. Tiamat has a stunned shock moment because Fujimaru is siding with the other Beast, but Setanta wasn't expecting anything different, so he dashes at them, and while dodging some mushrooms, manages to cling to the elevator before it takes off.

Now we start our upside-down Last Encore. The Twilight Ladder this time starts at the bottom and will climb up through all the 7 Imitation Singularities until it reaches the top where Beast VI/S will rebloom.

Unnamed solitude, transient scenery
Unnumbered side-chapter with a short narration of Nero/Draco's backstory.

No one is applauding.
Because your deathbed has no audience.
The people die one by one, burned by the flames of war. The soldiers on the battlefield collapse one by one.
Some drowned swallowed by the stormy sea. Some died like dogs amidst the trash in a back alley.
Rotting lives on dirty sickbeds.
Lives reaped in the name of justice.
Mankind prospers through the consumption of lives. Civilization, cities, are built upon piles of corpses.
---Atop many nameless deaths with no one present to watch their deathbeds.
The city-eating Beast asks one question: "When all of creation disappears, who will be there to witness that end?"
The city-eating Beast delivers one answer: "It is I, who feeds on civilization, the one capable of attending the world's deathbed."
And at the very end, in a barren, lifeless void, I shall proclaim to myself, "What a wonderful meal."
This is surely evil, but also surely love.
But in that event---
Who will be there to attend the deathbed of the one girl left alone after the end of the world?